Sin Vs Mistake

22m | Sep 4, 2023

Welcome to this week's episode of the Unapologetic Faith podcast, where Sonya talks about sin versus mistake. In a world where people often think that being a Christian means that you do not make mistakes, this episode addresses this misconception.

In this episode, Sonya passionately discusses the difference between sin and mistake. If you are struggling with sin, Sonya provides an insightful approach to illustrating this concept. She offers scriptures that explain sin and how struggling with sin is not a new thing. You will leave this episode with a better understanding of how to turn your sin into a lesson and be encouraged to turn to Jesus when you find yourself struggling with sin.

Throughout this eye-opening episode, you'll be encouraged to believe, confess, and trust in God's favor in your life. Sonya's message emphasizes the importance of acknowledging your sins and turning to God.

Don't miss this episode that will shift your perspective about sin, and remember that when in doubt, go to your Bible and continue to seek God's grace. Sonya's powerful message will uplift and inspire you as you continue your journey of personal growth, deepened faith, and a more profound sense of purpose.

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