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Two 90’s babies, Caitlin Bea and Sarah Belle, conquering the 20something world in the roaring 20’s. Every week the besties dive into a different topic where nothing is off limits. From past relationships to the moments you didn’t see growing up on YouTube, these besties of 10+ years have a lot to dish. We’re basically the big sisters you never asked for. Now THAT’S loaded. 


The CRAZIEST Psychic Predictions for 2022 (& 2021 Review)
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Goal Setting for 2022! The TEA on Our FAILED Goals for 2021
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OUR ONE YEAR OF PODCASTING! A Carah Catchup + And Just Like That Reaction
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The Strange Things We *AS KIDS* Identified as "Rich"
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THE ULTIMATE HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: Original Ideas to Gift Anyone in Your Life!
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SAGITTARIUS! Everything You Need to Know About the *MOST EXTROVERTED* Sign
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The Celeb Tea You’ve NEVER HEARD Before (PT 2)
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Preparing for the Holiday Season: Tips, Great Reads, Good Movies & MORE!
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Our Favorite Celebrity Conspiracy Theories
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How We Survived Our Breakups: Our Tips + How to Get Over Someone You NEVER Dated
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The Salem Witch Trials & What REALLY Happened
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Reading YOUR Paranormal Stories!
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LIBRAS! Everything You Need to Know About the *Most INDECISIVE Sign* in the Zodiac
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A Very Drunk Q&A
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Our NYFW Recap: What a Revolve Trip is ACTUALLY Like, Celebrity Spotting & TEA!
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An Awkward Run In w/ Ex + Heading to NYFW! A Carah Catch-Up
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Reacting to Celeb Tea You’ve NEVER HEARD Before!
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OUR CURRENT FAVORITES & Farting in Birkins... wait what?
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FALL TREND REPORT! Hot or Not?! *According to Us*
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LEO SZN! Everything You Need to Know About the Most POWERFUL Zodiac Sign
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Haunted Stories of Hollywood: The Hollywood Sign, Haunted Hotels & More!
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LA Travel Guide: Only The BEST Places in Los Angeles
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F*ck, Marry, Kill: The Episode
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Spooky Stories with Sarah: Waverly Hills Sanatorium
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HOT GIRL SUMMER! Trends, Book Reads & All Our Favorite Things for a Successful Hot Girl Summer
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The 5 Love Languages & Our Tips for Better Understanding Your Relationships!
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GEMINIS! Everything You Need to Know About the LEAST Popular Zodiac Sign
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What It’s Really Like Moving In With Your Partner + Our Tips
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#AskCarah Advice: Is OnlyFans Cheating? + Best Friend Betrayals
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Sarah Renee | Spiritual Medium + Connecting with the Other Side
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24: This week we have the stunning human, Sarah Renee, on That's Loaded. Sarah Renee is the world renowned spiritual medium who has done multiple readings for the Dyer family after Dr. Wayne Dyer passed. Sarah Renee has been given the gift from God to connect with the other side. She brings through messages from people's loved ones in the afterlife, as well as from the Angels and Guides so that others can experience a profound and deeply healing connection with Spirit. As the Founder and CEO of Sarah Renee Inc, Sarah not only offers private and group sessions, but she also provides one of a kind spiritual advisement and mentorship, teaches online classes, offers guided meditations, and continues to expand her operations and expertise. She is an Ordained Minister and the best selling author of The Blessings Book as well as a co-author of the best selling book: The Better Business Book Vol. 3. She has channeled celebrity and high profile readings for women like Julianne Wainstein from Real Housewives of New York and Serena Dyer, best-selling author and daughter of Wayne Dyer.

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Published May 18, 2021 at 10:00am
Sexual Awakenings & Childhood Crushes
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True Crime Stories You HAVE NOT Heard Before: Pearl Bryan + Linda Lee Couch
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Making Friends in a New City!
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We Watched THE Sex Tape: A Carah Catch Up
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The Real Reason Caitlin Didn't Come to Nashville
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Spring Trend Report: Hot or Not?! *According to Us*
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Our Nightmare Neighbor Story: The Scariest Night of Our Lives!!!
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Megan & Liz | All the Life Lessons We Learned from Sex & the City + THEIR NEW SINGLE!!!!
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Carole Baskin & All the Horrible Trends of Lockdown: a Year Reflection
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The Burnout, The Funk & How We Get Out of It
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#AskCarah Advice: Having Opposite Sex Drives, Spicing up a LDR & MORE!
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Getting Cheated On: an Ode to All the Red Flags We Ignored
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The CRAZIEST True Crime Stories You Haven’t Heard Yet!
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JUICY Confessions!
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Sean O’Donnell Pt. 2 | Selling Feet Pics, Making $ on OnlyFans & Being a (Self-Proclaimed) Sex Addict
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Sean O’Donnell Pt. 1 | Growing An Online Presence, Balancing Businesses & Trusting Your Gut
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The Reality of the BFF Breakup
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Bridgette Feuerstein | Enneagrams 101: Everything You Need to Know
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Celebrity Psychic Predictions for 2021: Babies, Divorce & More!
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Goal-Setting Tips That *ACTUALLY* Work, Our Resolutions + Saying Bye to 2020
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The Carah Christmas Special!!
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Welcome to That's Loaded, Why We're Your New BFFs, and #LoadedQuestions
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Sarah's Proposal: Epic or Absolute Disaster?!
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That's Loaded Trailer
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