• Staying Alive and Thriving in a Toxic World l Full Body Detoxification & Heavy Metal Support with Katrine Volynsky

    We are thrilled to bring you this conversation with our good friend and fellow biohacker, Katrine Volynsky. She has an incredible healing journey, which has taught her invaluable information in the holistic health space and she is now on a mission to help others achieve optimal health. We discuss the potential dangers of solar radiation, the toxins lurking in our environment, practical strategies to protect ourselves and the next generation, as well as insight into NAD+ therapy as a next-level biohack.

    Katrine Volynsky is an author, health researcher, sports nutritionist, wellness coach, and heavy metals detoxification specialist with training in nutrigenomics, peptide therapy, NAD+ therapy , Ozone therapy and various mobility and movement practices who helps individuals achieve their health goals through a combination of state-of-the-art technology, nutrition, stress management and holistic healing.

    After being negatively affected by radiation fallout from Chernobyl, she had to find her path to health and gained a vast knowledge of natural methods for detoxifying and rebuilding the body. She co-founded the Institute of Advanced Natural Health Sciences with Wade Lightheart, CEO of Bioptimizers, to continue alternative health research and to promote preventative health care. She has authored several books and regularly lectures on the topics of detox, radiation protection, enzyme therapy, nutrigenomics, fasting, women's biohacking, and nervous system regulation.


    0:51 Welcome to the show!

    3:05 Katrine Volynsky’s bio

    4:14 Welcome her to the podcast!

    5:15 Her history & childhood in Chernobyl

    9:23 Medications weren’t fixing the problem

    11:50 Her experience with Veganism & Raw food

    15:04 All about solar radiation

    25:02 The uptick in mold exposure

    27:57 How to support the shift in consciousness

    30:08 Supporting our children

    33:02 *Magnesium Breakthrough*

    35:06 Decreased longevity in children today

    36:10 How to support heavy metal detoxification

    38:18 Nutrigenomics and methylation pathways

    42:13 Accessibility of Continuous Glucose Monitors 

    44:01 Detoxing Water & Air in the home

    49:42 *LightPath LED*

    53:00 Kitchen & Personal Cleaning Products

    54:14 Organic mattresses

    56:10 Clean-sourced seafood & meats

    1:00:42 What supplements are helpful?

    1:04:31 Whole Body Detox support

    1:10:01 Habit stacking for detox

    1:12:17 NAD IVs

    1:16:20 About VSELS

    1:19:53 Her final piece of advice

    1:20:40 Where to find her

    1:22:58 Her metals-free chocolate

    1:22:29 Thanks for tuning in!


    Her website: www.katrinevolynsky.com


    IG: Katrine Volynsky

    Space Weather

    Levels CGM

    IG: Detox Doc - Dr. Steph Young

    Koniver Wellness - Dr. Craig Koniver

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    Clean, Sustainable Food:

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    Detox Supplements:

    Citrus Pectin 

    Spirulina & Chlorella


    *available on FullScript

    Whole-Body Detox:

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  • Biohacker Roundtable: How to Get the Most Out of Your Wearable Data l Best Practices and Our Favorite Devices with Dr. Jay Wiles & Mollie Eastman

    Welcome back for our 4th roundtable episode with Dr. Jay Wiles and Mollie Eastman! In this episode, we discuss everything related to data... our personal approaches, our top biohacks, advice for clients, data sovereignty, and more.

    Dr. Jay T. Wiles is a clinical health psychologist, currently working as the Health Behavior Coordinator at WJB Dorn VA Medical Center in Columbia, SC and the Greenville Outpatient VA Clinic. He has specialized training in health behavior coaching, health assessment, nutritional interventions for mental and physical health, Motivational Interviewing, applied psychophysiology, and consultation. Dr. Wiles works as a consultant for companies/organizations, practitioners, and individual patients on nutritional psychology, health behavior change, applied psychophysiology, and health promotion/disease prevention via complementary and integrative practices. He is also Board Certified in Tai Chi for Rehabilitation. 

    Mollie Eastman (McGlocklin) is the creator of Sleep Is A Skill, and the host of The Sleep Is A Skill Podcast. Sleep Is A Skill is a company that optimizes people’s sleep through a unique blend of technology, accountability, and behavioral change. After navigating insomnia while traveling internationally, she created what she couldn’t find - a place to go to learn the skill set of sleep. With a background in behavioral change from The Nonverbal Group, she became fascinated with chronobiology and its practical application to sleep and our overall experience of life. Knowing the difference between a life with sleep and without, she’s now dedicated her life to sharing the forgotten skill set of sleep. In the spirit of that goal, she has created the #2 sleep podcast, written a popular weekly sleep newsletter for over four years, partnered with luxury hotels & lifestyle brands, and has appeared on over 150 podcasts.


    0:51 Welcome to the Biohacker Babes

    1:33 About today’s episode

    2:57 Welcome to the Roundtable!

    4:54 Dr. Jay’s approach to data

    6:34 Fitness for Longevity & VO2Max

    7:48 The wearables he predominantly uses

    9:58 How to increase Max Oxygen Consumption

    15:17 The psychology of hard work

    16:30 Limitless on Disney+

    18:21 Testing Biomarkers before and after VO2max training

    22:01 Renee on the Natural Cycle wearables

    24:25 Lauren on Continuous Glucose Monitor

    25:49 Lauren’s new Microdosing Protocol

    27:30 Dr Jay on values-driven goals

    30:24 *LightPathLED*

    33:38 Micro vs Macro Goals

    34:21 Mollie’s view on the “why” of data

    26:05 Mollie’s new walking goals

    38:03 The new Smart Toilet

    39:40 *Sleep Breakthrough*

    41:31 Renee on stress and longevity

    43:26 Dr. Jay on stress as the “red-headed step child”

    46:45 Hanu HRV biometrics & emotional health

    50:29 Lauren on the over-destigmatization of mental health

    53:23 Renee on data sovereignty

    55:05 Hanu’s protected data & Dr. Jay’s opinion of access

    59:22 Renee’s opinion on data advertising

    1:00:05 Mollie on being an informed consumer

    1:03:11 Dr. Jay’s policy on checking data

    1:06:15 Lauren’s on training for the “off-season”

    1:08:20 Renee’s advice on knowing yourself

    1:11:23 Mollie’s nighttime iPad

    1:15:01 Thanks for tuning in!


    Dr. Jay Wiles Website

    Hanu Health HRV Tracker - code: BABES40

    Mollie Eastman Website

    Sleep Is a Skill Podcast

    Limitless TV Series

    Natural Cycles

    Levels CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor)

    Smart Toilet

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  • Lengthen Your Healthspan & Do Not Age with Behavioral, Nutritional and Supplement Strategies

    Today we are talking about extending our healthspan & longevity with Alan Graves, the CEO of Do Not Age! He shares his thoughts on the Longevity Escape Velocity theory, which is the idea that one's remaining life expectancy will be extended longer than the time that is passing. Some experts claim we will be there by 2036, although Alan disagrees! We dive into some of the top anti-aging nutrients on the market such as NMN, Resveratrol, Apigenin, and SIRT-6, as well as the important lifestyle factors that will support a long healthy life.

    Alan Graves is the CEO of DoNotAge.org, a global health research organization and the largest NMN supplier in the world.


    0:51 Welcome to the show!

    1:55 Pop Quiz of the Day

    4:15 Today’s interview topic

    6:56 Alan Graves’ Bio

    7:18 Welcome him to the podcast

    8:15 His goal for longevity & definition of health

    9:54 Thoughts on “Longevity Escape Velocity Theory”

    11:53 What behavioral choices are the most powerful?

    12:47 Advice on diet, macros & micronutrients

    14:19 Hormetic Stressors, ie: Resveratrol

    15:14 Supplements vs Diet

    17:01 Offsetting jet lag with Creatine & NMN

    19:35 Stem Cells

    20:52 Testing with Do Not Age

    21:33 NAD Explained

    23:10 Lauren & Renee’s experience with NAD

    24:19 NAD vs NMN vs NR

    26:36 Do we need to supplement forever?

    28:11 *Magnesium Breakthrough*

    30:15 The importance of supplement routines

    33:05 Benefits & Dosing for Resveratrol

    35:05 What are Sirloins?

    38:24 Sirt-6 & Cancer [see video for study]

    42:05 What one supplement will help us live forever?

    42:31 *LightPath LED*

    45:46 Avoiding medical advice

    46:49 Long-term need for support

    47:17 Supplementing with TMG

    49:02 Starter Pack & Quercitin

    51:18 DoNotAge Quality & Sourcing

    55:50 How to get started

    58:33 His final piece of advice

    59:24 Thanks for tuning in!


    Website: DoNotAge.org - Discount code: BIOHACKERBABES

    Instagram: Do.Not.Age

    Facebook: Do Not Age

    Twitter: Do Not Age

    L-Baiba - the magic exercise pill?

    Magnesium Breakthrough - Discount code: biohackerbabes10

    LightPathLed - Save 5% with discount code: BIOHACKERBABES

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  • Optimizing Your Epigenetic Triggers - Your DNA, Your Life with Cee McDermott, Functional Genomics Coach

    We are joined by Cee McDermott, a Precision Wellness Practitioner, who leads high achievers to wellness and enhanced cognition through epigenetic and lifestyle modifications. In this episode, we discuss the biggest variables for turning our genes off and on, specific genes for fat metabolism, the impact cold & heat therapy can have on our genes, psychedelics & genetic variants, tips for raising healthy children, the newest longevity research, the importance of mindset for overall health, and more!

    Cee McDermott is a Precision Wellness Practitioner based in New Jersey. Cee focuses on preventing disease and optimizing lifestyle through nutrition, behavior change, mindset, and stress management. Cee is a Cognitive Health Specialist, a Behavior Change Expert, a Certified Personal Trainer, a certified Genomics coach, Kundalini Yoga teacher, the founder of Cee McDermott Genomics, and the author of the International Bestselling book Your DNA, Your LIfe. Cee currently runs the operations of Apeiron Genomics LLC and is continually expanding her genomic and epigenetic knowledge through education and personal experience.


    0:51 Welcome to the show!

    2:01 Pop Quiz of the Day

    3:20 About today’s episode

    6:12 Cee McDermott’s bio

    6:56 Welcome her to the podcast!

    7:37 What are the biggest variables for turning our genes off or on?

    9:30 How to optimize Sleep Chronotypes

    11:34 The CLOCK gene

    13:30 FTO & APOE-3/4 genes & fat

    16:15 How to get started with genetics?

    19:51 Cold & Heat Therapy

    23:21 Additional triggers of epigenetics

    24:42 Exposure to dental amalgams

    28:02 *Paleo Valley*

    30:25 What early-childhood variables are important?

    35:26 Psychedelics & Genetics

    38:32 Renee’s story about THC

    40:35 Apeiron’s genetic panels

    42:01 New Longevity research

    46:48 How will social isolation affect our children?

    49:25 Renee’s story about kids in our family

    50:25 Advice on supporting our children with tech

    54:18 Renee’s story about the Blue Zones

    56:45 Mindset advice in her book

    1:01:55 How we share microbiomes

    1:02:57 Her final piece of advice

    1:03:43 Where to find her

    1:04:14 Thanks for tuning in


    Website: www.ceemcdermott.com

    IG: Cee_McDermott

    Book: Your DNA, Your Life

    Apeiron Genetic Testing

    PaleoValley - Save 15% with this link!

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  • Zenchronicities & Plant Medicines as Divine Teachers & Healers with Megan & Nicole of Zenchronicity

    We are thrilled to share this sister-sister conversation with Nicole and Megan Michelena, the "Zenchronicity Sisters"! They share their personal discoveries of plant medicines, how Human Design can provide guidance in life, the inspiration behind their mission, where they see the future of psychedelics, the importance of supporting the body first, and more.

    Megan and Nicole Michelena are Microdosing Institute certified mental health experts specializing in psychedelic medicine. They are sisters and the founders of Zenchronicity, a plant medicine microdosing mentorship program that supports healing through psilocybin. Megan is also a certified holistic nutritionist, health coach, and both are trauma-informed yoga teachers and experts in psychedelic medicine. They are also precious stone jewelry makers, crystal experts and Megan is a gifted astrologer. They have been featured in Forbes, Authority Magazine, Psychedelic Spotlight, Microdose.buzz, Yahoo!, Bustle, Best Life Online, and together they host the Zenchronicity Podcast.


    0:51 Welcome to the show!

    1:23 Pop Quiz of the Day

    2:50 Today’s “sister-sister” episode

    4:16 About Megan & Nicole of Zenchronicity

    5:03 Welcome them to the podcast

    6:15 What is “Zenchronicity”?

    7:11 Childhood history

    9:53 Megan’s experience with Rapé

    13:12 “Don’t should on me”

    14:25 Their relationship with medicine then vs now

    16:02 The inspiration for their company

    17:16 Where should most people start?

    20:58 Human Design Types 

    28:12 Understanding Self

    32:10 Night-capping with Microdosing 

    33:07 Renee’s experience with burnout

    33:35 Advice for Burnout

    34:43 Hedonism vs Stoicism & Yin vs Yang

    36:44 Stop people-pleasing

    40:29 *Sleep Breakthrough*

    42:13 Protocols are different for everyone

    44:28 Neuroplasticity & rewiring the brain

    47:00 The Third Wave & God’s plan

    49:35 Lauren’s experience with choice

    50:35 What they foresee for the future

    54:52 The First & Second Waves

    57:55 Macrodosing studies

    1:00:18 Vicious cycle of neuroinflammation

    1:01:41 Supporting healthy bodies

    1:06:19 Sugar addictions

    1:07:32 The Body Keeps the Score

    1:14:36 A little bit of sister love

    1:18:02 Their final piece of advice

    1:19:46 Where to find them

    1:21:45 Thanks for tuning in!


    Website: Zenchronicity

    Instagram: Zenchronicity Sisters

    Human Design

    Sleep Breakthrough - code: BIOHACKERBABES

    Biohacker Babes 7-Day Challenge

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    1h 23m | Apr 24, 2023
  • Functional Genomics to Predict & Control For Better Health Outcomes with DNA Company’s Kashif Khan

    You didn't get to choose your DNA, but you can do what's best for your unique makeup! Join us for this interview with Kashif Khan, the CEO and Founder of The DNA Company, where he shares the science behind genetics and the impact our lifestyle choices have on DNA. We discuss the biggest environmental factors, functional genomics & epigenetic expression, his thoughts on the genetic link to obesity, insight into our personal results, and what we need to know about methylation.

    Kashif Khan is Chief Executive Officer and Founder of The DNA Company, where personalized medicine is being pioneered through unique insights into the human genome. With the largest study of its kind globally, The DNA Company has developed a functional approach to genomic interpretation overlaying environment, nutrition, and lifestyle on the genetic blueprint to create personalized and deterministic health outcomes.


    0:51 Welcome to the show!

    1:09 Pop Quiz of the Day

    3:13 Today’s interview topic

    5:24 DNA Privacy Protection

    6:39 About Kashif Khan

    8:21 Welcome, Kashif!

    9:19 Why should we test genetics?

    10:44 What are the biggest environmental factors?

    12:46 Renee’s experience with Bulletproof coffee

    12:49 APOE-2 Gene

    14:15 The difference with Functional Genomics

    16:47 Lauren’s experience with Bojangles

    19:02 What is Epigenetic expression?

    21:01 What is Functional Genomics?

    22:32 How do we know a gene will express?

    25:08 Is Obesity genetic?

    28:03 When to bring in supplements

    30:17 Personalizing women’s hormones

    31:43 *Sleep Breakthrough*

    33:28 What about hormone testing?

    35:10 Our ApoE-3/4 Genes & Cholesterol

    37:05 Our similarities & differences as sisters

    47:56 How does behavior affect BDNF levels?

    49:05 Why Finnish people are the happiest!

    51:45 How to support motivation

    54:48 What do we need to know about Methylation?

    56:59 Nutrient Co-factors & delivery formats

    1:03:23 His final piece of advice

    1:05:09 Where to find more information

    1:06:38 Thanks for tuning in!


    Website: The DNA Company - discount code: BIOHACKERBABES



    Sleep Breakthrough - discount code: BIOHACKERBABES

    Biohacker Babes 7-Day Challenge

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    1h 8m | Apr 17, 2023
  • Q&A: NAD Patches, Oxytocin, Calibrating Your CGM, Pulsed Red Light Therapy, Regenerative Meat, Poor Motility, and Supporting the Gut on Antidepressants

    Welcome back for a Q&A episode with the Biohacker Babes! In this episode, we share all of the biohacks we've been experimenting with lately (including NAD patches & high-dose melatonin), what we've learned about wearing a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) at higher altitudes, paraxanthine as the new energy molecule on the block, gut motility support, and more.


    0:51 Welcome to the show!

    1:43 Pop Quiz Question of the show

    4:34 Biohack we’re trying

    4:56 NAD Patches

    6:15 Renee’s experience

    7:05 Lauren’s experience

    12:20 Mitozen: Sandman Melatonin

    14:22 What we need to know about melatonin

    16:56 Mitozen Nasal Spray: Oxytocin & Amazonion Hape

    19:33 Vagal nerve stimulation & HRV

    19:55 CGMs at altitude

    24:08 Calibrating your Dexcom CGM

    26:33 Freestyle Libre vs Dexcom

    27:05 What are Continuous Glucose Monitors?

    28:01 *Silverbiotics*

    31:11 Castor Oil Packs

    32:18 LightPathLED Red Light Device

    33:02 Benefits of Pulsed vs Continuous Waves

    35:05 Parker Pastures Regenerative Beef

    37:16 *Sleep breakthrough*

    38:59 Paraxanthine

    42:25 Half life of caffeine & deep sleep

    44:21 Book: Your DNA, Your Life

    45:20 Organic Acid Testing

    47:43 Terrain vs Germ Theory

    52:35 Renee’s client story

    55:43 Lauren’s client story about EWG

    1:00:19 Q&A: Why would motility slow down when cleaning up your diet?

    1:06:00 Q&A: How can we support the gut when on antidepressants

    1:10:57 Thanks for tuning in!


    NAD Ion Patch - $100 off with discount code: BIOHACKERBABES

    Mitozen - discount code: BIOHACKERBABES

    Levels CGM

    Silverbiotics SilverSol - code: BIOHACKERBABES

    Castor Oil Packs: Queen of the Thrones - use this link for 10% off

    LightPathLED Red Light - code: BIOHACKERBABES

    Parker Pastures Regenerative Meat

    Sleep Breakthrough - code: BIOHACKERBABES

    Paraxanthine Update Energy Drink

    Your DNA, Your Life by Cee McDermott

    Water filter options:

    Clearly Filtered

    Synergy Science - Save 10% with discount code: BIOHACKERBABES


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    1h 13m | Apr 10, 2023
  • Balancing Hormones & Detoxing with Queen of Thrones Castor Oil Packs

    We absolutely loved our conversation with Dr. Marisol Teijeiro where she shared everything you need to know about castor oil packs. The journey that led her to discover the power of castor oil packs is an incredible one and she can speak first hand how this tool changed her life. This simple biohack, made easier by Queen of the Thrones, can support better sleep, improve digestion, and balance hormones naturally.

    Dr. Marisol Teijeiro N.D. (Inactive) is an award-winning author and founder of Queen of the Thrones® line of products including the original heatless, less-mess, reusable Castor Oil Pack that supports better sleep, better bowel movements and feeling better hormonally. She went from the director of a brick and mortar detox and cleanse clinic treating mainly cancer, autoimmunity, and hormones for over a decade to CEO by taking the traumas in her life and transforming them into gold.

    She helps people all over the world stress less and take dominion of their lives. She’s been featured on various TV programs such as nationally syndicated NBC shows Bloom and Daytime. Her life's mission is to help people unfold and understand their inner journey towards full expression of self by connecting the body, mind, and soul for infinite health.


    0:51 Welcome to the show!

    1:26 Today’s Pop Quiz

    3:08 About today’s episode

    6:58 Dr. Marisol Teijeiro’s Bio

    7:54 Welcome Marisol to the show!

    8:44 The history of Castor Oil Packs

    11:27 How she got into castor oil

    16:15 Improvements in her health

    20:50 Renee’s experience with her packs

    21:38 Using heat with castor oil

    23:44 Risk vs Benefit

    25:50 Benefits of Castor Oil to the body

    28:05 Castor Oil Pulling

    29:08 *Magnesium Breakthrough*

    30:51 Benefits to Lymphatic & Circulatory system

    32:33 How it works with our biggest organ: the skin

    38:30 What’s coming soon!

    39:04 *SilverBiotics*

    42:17 Differences between all the packs

    43:35 Protocols for Pregnant vs not

    46:32 Symptoms of Liver Congestion

    50:33 When should we be using the pack?

    56:25 Lauren’s experience with castor oil

    57:10 Blend of science & woo-woo

    58:48 Lauren & Renee on Dr. Oz

    1:00:05 Best Practices for the packs

    1:03:22 Why quality matters

    1:10:06 Her final piece of advice


    SHOP Queen of the Thrones

    IG: @bewellqueen

    IG: @queenofthethrones

    Hormone Balance & Detox Kit

    Hormonal Cycling with the Moon & Castor Oil Packs

    Magnesium Breakthrough: code - BIOHACKERBABES

    Silverbiotics: code: BIOHACKERBABES

    Biohacker Babes 7-Day Challenge

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    1h 14m | Apr 3, 2023
  • Becoming Psychedelic-Informed, Optimizing Integration & Addressing the Spectrum of Trauma with Tah & Kole Whitty

    We are so excited to share this powerful conversation with our friends and special guests, Tah and Kole Whitty. They host the Psychedelic Coach podcast and are co-creators of The Condor Approach, which is a psychedelic-informed certification for therapists, physicians, life coaches, and health experts. In this episode you'll hear their journeys that got them into the psychedelic space, how you can personally explore psychedelics, the importance of how we integrate, tuning into your intuition, and more!

    Tah and Kole Whitty are leading experts in the field of integration and psychedelics, known for their work in guiding individuals toward lasting transformation. Tah has over 30 years of nursing experience, particularly in emergency rooms all over New York City. Kole is a former Miss Utah Teen USA, international substance abuse educator turned psychedelic enthusiast. Together, they co-host The Psychedelic Coach Podcast and have co-created The Condor Coach Certification, a psychedelic-informed training that provides practitioners with a unique perspective on the integration process. The Whittys helped thousands improve their health in the fitness space before shifting full-time into transformational work. They have led hundreds of events worldwide and are now certifying coaches of all kinds to be psychedelic-informed to meet the growing demand need for support. 

    With tens of thousands flocking to places like Costa Rica and Peru, many are returning home with little to know idea what to do next. Between their personal journeys, expertise, and mission to certify 10,000 coaches by 2027, they predetermined to set a new standard for coaching.

    This Austin power couple has been seen in documentaries like Psychedelics Revealed, a Hays Film, and featured at events like Paleo fx and Aubrey Marcus' Fit For Service, and countless top podcasts like Mindset Mentor with Rob Dial, The Mike Dillard Podcast, The Plant Medicine Podcast, Lifestylist Podcast - Luke Storey and countless others.

    Integration is not optional, but how you integrate is.


    0:55 Welcome to the show!

    3:06 Pop Quiz Question of the Day

    6:16 Today’s topic and guests

    7:00 Renee’s retreat in Costa Rica

    11:16 Tah & Kole’s bio

    12:50 Welcome them to the podcast!

    13:48 Kole’s story

    17:54 Tah’s story

    23:36 His first experience with Ceremony

    25:01 Tah’s run with insomnia

    26:44 The beginning of their facilitation journey

    27:29 Working with Biohackers & Functional Med Practitioners

    30:37 ACE Scores vs Symptomology

    31:39 Threats to our “mental constructs”

    32:49 The spectrum of trauma & diminishing emotions

    35:54 Visualizing contraction/dissociation vs openness

    37:10 *Nootopia*

    39:14 The internalization of shame & guilt

    42:54 Psychedelics as an opportunity for curiosity

    44:34 How does someone get started?

    49:44 What you need to know about Psilocybin strains

    50:21 Importance of being “psychedelic-informed”

    5220 The Expansion Equation

    54:12 Exposing yourself to other narratives & Indigenous practices

    57:56 *Silverbiotics*

    59:36 Why you need to get over yourself

    1:02:03 Listening to your body’s cues

    1:05:59 Why Lauren biohacks

    1:05:45 ‘Integration Is Not Optional’

    1:09:22 Renee’s experience with intuition on retreat

    1:10:23 When your body says NO

    1:14:59 Bypassing micro-traumas

    1:18:22 Listening to our bugs & biome

    1:21:54 Educating psychedelic-informed coaches

    1:23:09 Where to learn more

    1:27:26 Their final piece of advice

    1:31:56 Thanks for tuning in with us!




    IG: thecondorapproach

    Condor Coaching Certification

    The Psychedelic Coach Podcast

    Kole’s IG: @mystikole

    Tah’s IG: @psychedelicnurse

    Book: The Mind Body Code

    The Condor Approach 7-Day Integration Guide


    Nootopia.com - discount code: BIOHACKERBABES10

    Silverbiotics.com - discount code: BIOHACKERBABES

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    1h 33m | Mar 27, 2023
  • Healing PCOS & Endometriosis and Optimizing Perimenopause with Dr. Suzanne Fenske

    In this episode, Dr. Suzanne Fenske shares her integrative approach for treating numerous women's health conditions including hormonal imbalances, endometriosis and PCOS. She is a big proponent of using a healthy lifestyle to overcome these health issues, including an anti-inflammatory diet, high quality sleep, stress management and the right exercise. She also shares what symptoms are normal vs common, what peri-menopausal women need to know, the importance of gut and liver health, when to use Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), and more!

    Board-certified gynecologist and integrative health expert Suzanne Fenske, MD, FACOG, provides holistic medical care to optimize patients’ health at TārāMD in Lenox Hill, Manhattan, in New York City. Dr. Fenske applies her broad medical expertise to treat a range of complex conditions, including hormone imbalances, endometriosis, and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), using a functional approach. Dr. Fenske entered an accelerated medical program at age 17 before starting her undergraduate education at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. She then attended medical school at Drexel College of Medicine in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she discovered her passion for women’s health. She continued her training with a residency in obstetrics and gynecology at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City. Dr. Fenske continued to advance her education and training with a highly renowned minimally invasive gynecologic surgery fellowship at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, also in New York City. Even after all this training, she felt her patients deserved more comprehensive care. This led her to pursue additional training in whole-body health care at the University of Arizona Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine in Tucson, Arizona. Today, Dr. Fenske uses her unique combination of advanced training to provide unmatched care in hormone therapy for perimenopause and menopause, SoLā for pelvic pain, and functional medicine for a range of gynecological conditions. She also contributes to peer-reviewed studies, news articles, and national conferences. Outside her office, Dr. Fenske lives a rich life with her supportive husband, two daughters, and their pet, Lola. She enjoys cooking, meditation, reading, and yoga. 


    0:51 Welcome to the show!

    1:36 Pop Quiz Question

    2:39 Chatting about women’s hormones

    5:39 About Dr. Suzanne Fenske

    7:26 Welcome Suzanne to the podcast!

    11:01 Getting started with hormone optimization

    14:23 Why does lifestyle matter for PCOS?

    16:20 Why are PCOS & Endometriosis overlooked?

    18:26 Symptoms that are not normal

    20:37 What is ideal/optimal for the menstrual cycle

    22:04 Her approach to PCOS

    23:34 Addressing insulin & glucose

    25:05 *Magnesium Breakthrough*

    26:53 Optimizing over-active androgens

    27:46 Birth control options & alternatives

    29:52 Endometriosis: causes & solutions

    32:15 Lab testing estrogen & progesterone

    35:19 *Silverbiotics*

    26:53 Lifestyle modifications for Endometriosis

    38:57 Pelvic Floor pain

    41:37 SoLa Pelvic Therapy

    43:25 Perimenopause & hormonal fluctuations

    47:15 When to start Bioidentical Hormones & 

    48:47 Gut Microbiome health

    50:15 Liver function & alcohol consumption

    51:50 Sleep support with Sensate

    53:34 How to supper increased hunger & cravings

    54:35 Her final piece of advice

    55:25 The inspiration for TaraMD

    56:14 Thanks for tuning in!


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    About Suzanne Fenske


    IG: taramd4women

    TikTok: taramd4women

    YouTube: TaraMD


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    57m | Mar 20, 2023
  • Restoring Fertility, Pregnancy and Healthy Hormones with Holistic, Root-Cause Solutions

    We're thrilled to bring you this conversation with Dr. Aumatma Shah on restoring fertility, pregnancy and healthy hormones. She shares the biggest misconceptions with fertility, her thoughts on egg freezing and "unexplained infertility", top lab tests to run, benefits of charting basal body temperature, the importance of male fertility testing, and more.

    Dr. Aumatma Shah, is a Licensed Naturopathic Doctor of 15 years, with a board certification in Naturopathic Endocrinology, and the Host of Egg Meets Sperm Podcast. Dr. Aumatma is a 2x Best-selling author: Fertility Secrets and (in)Fertility: Struggles, Secrets, & Successes. She has been awarded: Best Naturopathic Medicine Doctor (2015, 2020) and Top Women in Medicine Doctor (2020, 2021), Berkeley Hall of Fame (2022), interviewed on 100s of podcasts, and is a frequent Contributor for Best Holistic Life Magazine. Dr Aumatma has been recognized as The Holistic Fertility Expert on ABC, FOX, CBS, KTLA, MindBodyGreen, The Bump, has trained hundreds of practitioners around the world in holistic approaches to fertility, and has certified top doctors in Fertile Foundations™ system. She is the Creator of Fertile Foundations™ supplements, a line of research-driven nutrients to support your fertility journey.


    0:51 Welcome to the show!

    1:53 Today’s pop question

    2:42 Addressing infertility

    4:55 Dr. Aumatma’s Bio

    6:05 Welcome her to the show

    6:55 Renee’s experience with infertility

    7:38 What are the biggest misconceptions?

    9:00 Why egg freezing isn’t always a good idea

    12:40 What are the biggest variables for fertility?

    15:15 Is it really unexplainable?

    15:56 Her client with 9 years of infertility

    17:23 The magic of Estrogen

    24:17 Education around environmental toxins

    25:00 Cut out the plastics

    26:38 *Silverbiotics*

    28:32 Lab testing steroid hormones

    34:21 Day 3 hormones vs Progesterone

    37:20 Asking the right questions

    38:26 *Collagenius*

    40:26 Charting Basal Body Temperature

    44:05 Tracking compliancy with temp fluctuations

    45:55 Fluctuations in Perimenopause

    47:52 What drives FSH higher?

    53:16 Causes of FSH depletion

    54:52 Hormones don’t act alone

    58:00 Male fertility & testing

    1:02:20 Miscarriages, homocysteine & insulin resistance

    1:08:10 Addressing sperm quality

    1:12:48 Her final piece of advice


    Holistic Fertility Institute

    IG/TikTok: @holisticfertilitydoctor

    Podcast: Egg Meets Sperm

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  • Real vs Fake Meat, Regenerative Farming & Soil Health, Artificial Sweeteners & Gut Health, Food Allergies, Intuitive Eating, Genetic Testing, and Nutrition for Mental Health

    Join us for this fun episode where we breakdown many nutrition topics! We discuss the dangers of fake meat, why regenerative farming is important, different fasting practices, the best foods for mental health, intuitive eating, top tips for personalizing your diet and more.


    0:51 Welcome to the show!

    5:13 Whole Foods vs Fake Meats

    7:42 Debatable arguments over plant-based meats

    9:35 Addressing sustainability & soil health

    11:12 Advocating for Regenerative Farming

    13:08 Costa Rica & Organic produce

    15:53 STUDY: Absorption rate of real vs fake meat

    18:45 STUDY: Commercial animal feed & chronic disease 

    21:31 Water consumption in farming

    22:28 Artificial sweeteners

    26:19 The HCG Diet

    30:42 Fulfilling our sweet desires

    32:37 *Silverbiotics*

    34:14 Alcohol & taste buds

    35:15 How to support the gut microbiome

    36:01 Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) & Fasting

    38:26 Allergies, sensitivies & intolerances

    40:36 *Magnesium Breakthrough*

    42:24 Address HOW we are eating

    48:35 Nutrition needs for mental health

    53:43 Particular foods for mental health

    55:47 Zinc vs Magnesium

    58:07 Portlandia chicken episode

    1:02:02 A word about genetic testing

    1:04:12 Recap on building a personalized eating plan

    1:06:08 Thanks for tuning in!


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    1h 7m | Mar 6, 2023
  • The Truths & Secrets about Silverbiotics SilverSol Technology l Biohacking Quality of Life and Immune Function with Bioavailable, Nano-Silver Solutions

    We are so relieved to finally put the myths about silver to rest! If you've heard about the dangers of silver, or the scary blue man, SilverSol technology may be nature's best medicine, in a sea of low quality contenders. In this episode, we chat with Steve Revelli, Chief Scientifc Officer of Silverbiotics.

    In addition to being head of Research and Development, Quality Control, and Formulator of American Biotech Labs/Manufacturing, Steve Revelli is a Retired Educator, Adjunct Professor, Olympic Bobsled and Skeleton Official.

    He joined American Biotech Labs/Manufacturing after retiring from 30 years in science and health education. During his tenure at ABL, he has helped the company develop antimicrobial cosmetics and would care products. His passion has always been to educate people about their health and wellness.

    Outside of ABL you can find him officiating track and field meets as a USATF master’s level official or somewhere in the world officiating World Cup Bobsled and skeleton races for the International Bobsled and Skeleton Federation!


    0:51 Welcome to the show!

    1:38 Today’s pop question

    7:09 Steve Revelli’s Bio

    8:10 Welcome Steve

    9:04 How Steve became interested in silver

    12:10 The story behind the “blue man”

    12:30 Different types of silver

    14:36 What parts per million (ppm) is best for silver?

    16:14 *Sleep Breakthrough

    18:11 Using silver for immune support

    20:20 Antibiotic-resistant bacteria

    22:28 Best uses for silver

    25:41 Silver for dental/oral health

    29:09 SilverBiotics tooth gel with xylitol

    31:27 Wound care & cosmetic creams 

    35:49 Why more skincare companies aren’t using silver

    40:24 Why biohackers are using silver

    41:32 Steve’s personal story

    42:36 Can silver be used as a nasal spray?

    44:45 Could it be classified as a drug?

    45:27 Are there any possible side effects?

    45:54 What is colloidal silver?

    48:09 More on SilverBiotics

    49:06 His final advice

    49:51 Thanks for tuning in!



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    51m | Feb 27, 2023
  • A Deep Dive On Mental Health l What It Means To Be Mentally Healthy and Using Diagnostic Testing to Identify Root Cause Opportunities

    We are thrilled to have our good friend and Mental & Metabolic Health Scientist, Brendan Vermeire, back on the podcast this week! If you missed our first interview with him, make sure you go back and listen to episode #84. In today's episode we discuss what it really means to be mentally healthy, the importance of nutrition for mental health, whether genetic testing is really worth it, the Mental M.A.P. test, and more!

    Brendan Vermeire is a Mental and Metabolic Health Scientist & Researcher, Functional Medicine Educator, Writer, and Speaker. He is a Board-Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Master Nutrition Coach, Master Personal Trainer, USAW Sports Performance Coach, and Crossfit Trainer.

    He began his career as a personal trainer and nutrition coach at the age of 18 after disappointingly being medically discharged from the United States Navy Seal training pipeline due to an injury. After being exposed to the power of functional lab testing in the start of his career, he began intensely pursuing that as a career path which has led him to be widely regarded as one of the top leading experts in Metabolic Health and Functional Education.

    He is the proud owner and founder of the Metabolic Solutions Institute for Functional Health and Fitness Practitioners and the creator of the Functional Mental Health Practitioner Certificate Course. He is also the founder of the Metabolic Solutions Research & Education Foundation, a not-for-profit foundation dedicated to ‘changing the way the world views mental health’ through advancing the science of Mental Health Dysfunction. He is also the creator of The Mental M.A.P.™, a cutting-edge Lab Panel for Mental Health.

    When he’s not educating doctors/practitioners/professionals, helping clients overcome their most severe health struggles, or producing cutting edge scientific education, Brendan enjoys all things fitness and is probably working out. He also enjoys anything in nature and any activities that expand his heart, mind, and soul.


    0:59 Welcome to the show!

    2:03 Daily Pop Quiz

    9:46 Brendan Vermeire’s bio

    10:51 Welcome Brendan to the show!

    13:08 What does it mean to be mentally healthy?

    18:04 What percentage is physiological?

    20:44 The wrong approach to mental health

    23:49 Standard American Diet & Metabolism

    26:43 *Sleep Breakthrough*

    28:39 Eudamonia & “meaning-making”

    31:28 Why is Blood Chemistry so valuable?

    34:04 The Mental M.A.P.

    36:40 How to begin healing mental illness

    41:40 *Silverbiotics*

    43:18 Why we need critical thinking

    47:22 Renee’s experience with Chronic Fatigue

    49:38 Nutrition for Mental Health

    53:50 Applying conventional methods to the functional world

    54:14 GLP-1 Agonists medications

    59:12 The change in mindset against propaganda

    1:02:59 Supplements vs Behaviors

    1:04:30 Is genetic testing helpful?

    1:12:59 Using data to motivate or scare

    1:15:03 The biggest levers for his mental health

    1:19:57 Experiencing both light & darkness 

    1:20:43 The FMHP Course

    1:23:53 His final piece of advice

    1:25:53 Thanks for tuning in!


    Website: Metabolic Solutions

    IG: The Holistic Savage

    Facebook: Metabolic Solutions

    Linkedin: Brendan Vermeire

    Functional Mental Health Practitioner (FMHP) Course

    The Mental M.A.P. Lab Test - email us for more info!

    Episode #84 - Our first interview with Brendan

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    1h 27m | Feb 20, 2023
  • Sleep Breakthrough Optimization l Everything You Didn't Already Know About Sleep Optimization

    Our guest this week, Matt Gallant, spent $45,000 to optimize his sleep and is sharing what he learned with us. 67% of Americans report frequent sleep issues and 43% say that these sleep issues impact their daily activities. Sleep deprivation and poor quality sleep are major issues today, primarily due to the 7 sleep disruptors Matt has discovered. He shares his top biohacks to overcome these disruptors, the pros and cons of sleep trackers, what you need to know about melatonin, and a deep dive into the top sleep nutrients that went into his latest sleep formula.

    Matt Gallant is the CEO and Co-Founder of BiOptimizers and has a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. He’s been a strength and conditioning coach for multiple pro athletes, and a self-defense instructor, and has over 15 years of experience formulating supplements. He's also a serial entrepreneur that's built over 13 profitable companies. 


    0:51 Welcome to the show!

    5:02 Matt Gallant’s Bio

    5:25 Welcome Matt

    6:28 Why is sleep so important?

    9:22 Sleep Disruptor #1: Light & Darkness

    13:19 The dangers of light at night

    15:32 More on light & melatonin

    18:19 Sleep Disruptor #2: Temperature

    24:33 *SilverBiotics*

    26:08 Sleep Disruptor #3: Eating late at night

    30:58 His thoughts on sleep trackers

    35:18 *Sleep Breakthrough*

    37:12 Sleep Disruptor #4: Blood flow constriction

    40:15 How did our ancestors sleep?

    42:00 Sleep Disruptor #5: Oxygen & Hypoxia 

    45:35 Sleep Disruptor #6: Consistency & early sleep

    48:25 The science behind different sleep molecules & ingredients

    56:57 GABA, Glutamate & Genetics

    58:46 How they create new supplement formulas

    1:01:52 New Dream Optimizer sleep spray 

    1:05:38 His final piece of advice

    1:09:52 What’s coming soon from BiOptimizers

    1:12:21 Thanks for tuning in!



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  • Optimizing Superhuman with Peptides & Bioregulators with Nathalie Niddam

    Nathalie Niddam joins our podcast this week for a deep dive on the hot topic of peptides and bioregulators. She breaks down the difference between peptides & bioregulators, the importance of quality sourcing, top peptides for longevity, skincare & pain, plus her thoughts on biohacking and the future of peptides.

    Nathalie Niddam is a Holistic Nutritionist, a Human Potential Coach and Epigenetic Coach who is immersed in the world of health optimization and longevity. A few years ago she stumbled upon peptides and bioregulator peptides at a health optimization conference and has been immersed in the study and application of these as health optimization and longevity tools ever since.

    Nathalie runs a large and growing Biohacking Community on Facebook (the Optimizing Superhuman Performance Group), is the host of the Biohacking Superhuman Performance Podcast, and she speaks at health conferences on longevity and…what else Bioregulator Peptides.

    As of today Nathalie’s Biological Age is a full 14 years younger than her Chronological age with Telomeres matching someone 22 years younger…her goal is to keep that clock moving back and to make sure that people learn that this is possible for them if they are willing to take charge of their health! 


    0:51 Welcome to the show!

    3:10 Nathalie Niddam’s bio

    4:13 Welcome her to the podcast

    4:58 What got her into Peptides?

    7:55 Do exogenous peptides shut down endogenous production?

    10:31 What is step one?

    15:14 How are bioregulators sourced?

    16:39 Delivery mechanisms & formats

    17:40 Difference between Peptides & Bioregulators

    18:30 Copper Peptides for skin

    19:28 Epitalon for Circadian health

    22:21 *Sleep Breakthrough Ad*

    26:20 What root cause pathways do we need to address?

    30:07 Issues she sees with access to Peptides

    31:11 BPC-157 & Gut Health

    32:07 *Silverbiotics Ad*

    33:42 Systemic benefits of BPC-157

    36:12 What else for skin health?

    38:38 Dr. Loren Pickart & GHK

    41:56 Why it’s important to read the studies!

    42:55 What she’s excited about & why we need to be cautious

    45:58 Issues with quality sourcing

    47:29 How do we make them bioavailable?

    52:08 Peptides, Bodybuilding & Biohacking

    52:52 Her definition of Biohacking!

    54:18 New OURA Ring Sleep Staging

    56:27 Who are Peptides & Bioregulators for?

    58:35 Her Facebook Community

    59:29 Her private community on Mighty Networks

    1:00:22 Her final piece of advice

    1:01:27 Thanks for tuning in!


    Website: Nathalieniddam.com

    Facebook: Biohacking Superhuman Performance

    IG: @nathalieniddam

    MightyNetworks: BSP Community


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    1h 2m | Feb 6, 2023
  • How to Stay Healthy While Traveling l Prepping For Travel Challenges with Our Favorite Biohacks, Movement Practices, Snacks vs Fasting Protocols, and Curating the Perfect Sleep Environment

    Today we're sharing our top biohacks to stay healthy while traveling! We know that certain challenges can come up when traveling like eating out at more restaurants, less than optimal sleeping situations, and exposure to more microbes, but that shouldn't stop you from traveling. We'll breakdown what you need to know when flying across time zones, what to look for in your hotel or Airbnb, the best stretches when traveling, and more!


    0:50 Welcome to the show!

    4:38 How to stay healthy while traveling

    5:23 Statistics on how travel makes you healthy!

    9:05 The biggest struggles when traveling

    11:29 The “First Night Effect”

    15:00 Top biohacks when flying

    24:03 *Silverbiotics Ad

    27:10 What to avoid while flying

    31:17 Nutrition hacks & fasting

    37:28 *Nootopia Ad

    39:44 Our favorite travel snacks

    41:50 What we look for in accommodations

    51:09 Recap of our top travel biohacks

    52:05 Exercise, mindful movement & stretching

    1:01:58 Our top supplements

    1:10:25 More on circadian rhythm & social jet lag

    1:15:35 Thanks for tuning in!



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  • Reigniting Your Spark Factor l A Women's Guide to Biohacking & Mitochondrial Health with Dr. Molly Maloof

    We are thrilled to have Dr. Molly Maloof back on the podcast to share how we can all get our spark back! We dive into the biggest drivers of disease, the role of mitochondrial dysfunction, her personal approach to biohacking, how we can boost our energy levels, as well as the importance of love and social connection for overall health.

    As a physician and Stanford lecturer, Dr. Molly Maloof has spent her career providing personalized medicine services to high-performing technology executives, billionaire investors, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, and Academy Award winning actors. What she noticed is that women, specifically, were feeling the spark that once energized their lives beginning to dim. Not just metaphorically but in a measurable reduction in the energy output from their cells. In response, Dr. Molly developed a science-backed program focused on mitochondrial health, used successfully by her patients, which offered lifestyle changes that target the unique biology of women and provide immediate and long-term benefits--now available in her book The Spark Factor“The idea is steady gradual improvement, not perfection. The goal is to help get your spark back, so you can spend the rest of your life empowered, alive, mobile, and resilient,” she writes.


    0:51 Welcome to the show!

    3:37 Dr. Molly Malloof’s bio

    4:25 Welcome, Molly!

    5:06 The biggest drivers of disease

    5:49 Her approach to biohacking

    7:53 What is HEALTH?

    8:43 Mitochondrial Health & Dysfunction

    10:15 How can we increase energy levels?

    12:51 Importance of connectivity

    16:25 Course-correcting with biohacking

    17:55 The biggest mistake she sees

    20:45 Renee’s experience with HPA dysfunction

    22:13 *Nootopia ad*

    24:32 Her thoughts on Uric Acid

    27:07 Getting away from “Diet Dogma”

    28:59 How to listen to our body

    33:42 Leaning on friends to balance social time vs isolation

    34:13 Lauren’s story about not listening!

    35:25 Honesty as a leading principle

    36:52 Biohacking Mental Health

    43:15 Working on our relationships

    43:51 *Silverbiotics Ad*

    47:01 The role of love & spirituality in health

    50:11 Where to start with nutrition

    52:20 Why you’re not losing weight

    58:11 Kristin Neff’s Self-Compassion questionnaire

    1:02:01 Her final piece of advice

    1:02:28 Thanks for tuning in!


    Website: www.drmolly.co

    IG: drmolly.co

    Book: The Spark Factor

    Online Course: Your Healthspan Journey

    Episode #103: Sexual Trauma, Psychedelics & Consciousness

    Nootopia.com - discount code: biohackerbabes10

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    1h 3m | Jan 23, 2023
  • Healing With Color & Plant Melatonin l How The Rainbow Diet & Phytonutrients Are Connected to Mood, Sleep & Intuition With Dr. Deanna Minich

    We absolutely loved our conversation with Dr. Deanna Minich all about the connection between food, color, mood, gut microbiome diversity and overall health! She dives into the importance of gut health and why we need prebiotics, probiotics and polyphenols, as well as the role color plays in the foods we eat. We also got to learn about the incredible anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects from melatonin, as she busts some myths around melatonin being just the "sleep hormone."

    Deanna Minich, MS, PhD, CNS, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner (IFMCP), is a nutrition scientist, international lecturer, teacher, and author, with over twenty years of experience in academia and in the food and dietary supplement industries.

    Throughout the years, she has been active as a functional medicine clinician in clinical trials and in her own practice (Food & Spirit™), which has now become oriented towards groups, workshops, and retreats. She is the author of six books on wellness topics, four book chapters, and fifty scientific publications. Her academic background is in nutrition science, including a Master of Science (M.S.) degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Illinois at Chicago (1995) and a Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Medical Sciences (nutrition focus) from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands (1999). For a decade, she was part of the research team led by the “father of Functional Medicine,” Dr. Jeffrey Bland, and has served on the Nutrition Advisory Board for The Institute of Functional Medicine, as well as on the Board of Directors for the American Nutrition Association. 

    Since 2013, she has been part of the faculty for the Advanced Practice Module in Environmental Health offered by the Institute for Functional Medicine and has been teaching a graduate level course in metabolic detoxification at the University of Western States. Over the decades, she has taught thousands of nutrition classes for health coaches, fitness trainers, and healthcare professionals, including for programs offered by the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. In conjunction with her academic degrees and extensive teaching experience at the university level, she is both a Fellow (FACN) and a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) through the American College of Nutrition. She is Chief Science Officer at Symphony Natural Health, where she leads the medical advisory team, oversees scientific communication, and provide educational leadership for the company’s plant-derived nutraceuticals. 

    She is passionate about helping others to live well using therapeutic lifestyle changes that impact their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.


    0:51 Welcome to the show!

    4:34 Dr. Deanna Minich’s Bio

    5:49 Welcome Dr. Minich

    6:30 Intro to eating the rainbow

    9:59 Can we use our intuition?

    10:50 Color connections in the body

    12:40 Food & Mood tracker

    15:19 Chakras & the endocrine system

    17:55 Benefits of using data quantification

    19:37 *SilverBiotics Ad

    22:48 Are our cravings tied to our intuition?

    24:20 The color white & the pineal gland

    25:59 Yellow and the fire element

    27:05 Red & the link to inflammation

    29:50 Every color has its own spectrum

    32:40 Food diversity & the gut microbiome

    38:08 *Nootopia Ad

    40:22 Bioindividuality for blood glucose response 

    43:05 Anti-nutrients found in food

    45:43 Melatonin production in the body

    48:13 The precursors of melatonin

    50:27 Carb consumption & amino acids

    52:04 Should we supplement with melatonin?

    56:54 More uses for melatonin

    1:01:20 Her final piece of advice

    1:01:54 Thanks for tuning in!








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    1h 2m | Jan 16, 2023
  • Optimizing Hunger, Cravings & Satiety with Temper Mints & Fasting Coaching

    To kick off the new year, we wanted to dive into the science behind building new healthy habits and creating long-term goals. Our guest, Dr. T. Dalton Comb, is passionate about understanding the causes and consequences of human behavior. He shares valuable insights based on his research including the role of dopamine, the difference between hunger and cravings, and his approach to fasting.

    CEO and Founder of Temper; Dr. T. Dalton Comb’s passion is understanding the causes and consequences of human behavior. First as a neuroeconomics PhD researcher at University of Southern California, and author of “Digital Behavioral Design.” Second, as a tech startup founder applying cutting edge neuroscience. Dalton explores how the brain mechanisms that underlie value, reward, and motivated behavior can be used to help people form healthy habits and live better lives. Dalton leads Temper with an unrivaled understanding of the brain, the future of technology, and the interaction between the two.


    0:50 Welcome to the show!

    4:00 Dr. Dalton Combs Bio

    4:52 Welcome Dr. Combs

    5:48 Why do people struggle to create new habits?

    10:17 The role of dopamine

    11:35 Renee’s experience with flossing

    12:30 Find something you intrinsically enjoy

    14:47 What about fear-driven activity?

    16:45 The habit loop

    22:30 Science behind willpower or “decision juice”

    24:10 Focusing on morning or evening habits

    25:39 Temper program with fasting & the mints

    25:40 *NOOTOPIA AD*

    27:56 Cont’d: Temper mints & fasting

    32:40 Assessing hunger, cravings, satiety & fullness

    36:48 How the mints work 

    38:47 The endocannabinoid system

    41:40 Learning the difference between hunger & cravings

    42:28 More on the coaching program

    45:20 Renee’s experience with chocolate cravings

    48:10 Scoring hunger, cravings, satiety & fullness

    48:45 New year sale!

    50:15 His final piece of advice

    51:07 Where to find out more

    51:25 Thanks for tuning in!











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Renee Belz & Lauren Sambataro