Worst Asian Podcast

A couple Asian American millennials give our worst opinions on all things Asian. Come waste your time listening to us discuss what's trending in relevant Asian news, society, culture, lifestyle, race, comedy, and media. The Worst Asian Podcast.


Koreatown vs Chinatown Death Battle / Asian Glow Rivalry / K-Town Nightlife Stories / Karaoke KTV Clubs Lounges / C-Town Flushing / EP#13 WORST ASIAN PODCAST
Show Details58min 19s
2022 New Year's Resolutions & Expectations / Weight Loss Diet Failure Stories / What's Coming Up in the Asian Community? / Winter Olympics / World Cup // EP#12 WORST ASIAN PODCAST
Show Details48min 8s
2021 Asian Year Review Recap / Greatest Year Ever? / Asian Representation Rewind / Simu Liu Shang-Chi / Squid Game / K-Pop BTS / Suni Lee & Shohei Ohtani // EP#11 WORST ASIAN PODCAST
Show Details41min 20s
Asian Christmas Holiday Season / Rockefeller Center Tree Tradition / Korean Chinese Holiday Stories / Regifting Circle // EP#10 WORST ASIAN PODCAST
Show Details30min 11s
Asian Drinking Culture / Embarrassing Drunk Stories / Asian Glow Flush / Soju + Korean BBQ / KTV & Chinese Weddings // EP#9 WORST ASIAN PODCAST
Show Details48min 6s
Can we Stop Asian Hate? / Cultural Stigmas / Passive Model Minority / Hate is a Virus / AAPI Hate / EP#8 WORST ASIAN PODCAST
Show Details42min 29s
What's the Asian Parenting Style? / Tiger Parent Culture / Chinese Korean Childhoods // EP#7 WORST ASIAN PODCAST
Show Details49min 36s
What's an Asian Thanksgiving? / Korean Chuseok / Chinese Mid Autumn Moon Festival / Hotpot / Black Friday // EP#6 WORST ASIAN PODCAST
Show Details24min 46s
Asians in Sports / Shohei Ohtani MVP / Manny Pacquiao /Jeremy Lin / Yao Ming / Suni Lee / Tiger Woods // EP#5 WORST ASIAN PODCAST
Show Details37min 53s
Interracial Asian Dating? / Racial Preference / Yellow Fever Fetish / Asian Men & Women Romance // EP#4 WORST ASIAN PODCAST
Show Details35min 48s
Do Asians care too much about Money? / Crazy Rich Asians / Family Pressure / Saving Face / Wealth vs Health // EP#3 WORST ASIAN PODCAST
Show Details38min 20s
Asian Fusion Food Overrated? / BTS Mcdonald's / Ramen Burger / Nobu Modern Japanese Sushi // EP#2 WORST ASIAN PODCAST
Show Details34min 14s
Does Asian representation in media matter? / Squid Game / Shang-Chi // EP#1 WORST ASIAN PODCAST
Show Details42min 48s
Show Details1min 39s