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Worst Asian Podcast

A couple Asian American millennials give our worst opinions on all things Asian. Come waste your time listening to us discuss whats trending in relevant Asian news, society, culture, lifestyle, race, comedy, and media. The Worst Asian Podcast.

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Mixed Asian Life ft. Alex Chester-Iwata, Editor In Chief of Mixed Asian Media
Show Details50min 10s
Tell Me You're Asian Without Telling Me You're Asian
Show Details47min 37s
Asian Food Icons: Boba ft. Andrew Chau, CEO of Boba Guys & Author The Boba Book
Show Details59min 48s
Token Asian, Yay or Nay? / AAPI Representation in Media and Real Life
Show Details42min 59s
Is the Immigrant American Dream Still Alive? / First Generation Asian American Stories
Show Details45min 40s
Single vs. Married Life Death Battle / Bad Dating and Marriage Advice
Show Details43min 19s
Asian News Roundup #1 / BTS Breaks Up / Go Hoard Sriracha / End of Korean BBQ in L.A. / Real Life Squid Game
Show Details48min 53s
What's It Mean To Be A Banana Asian? / Yellow Outside White Inside
Show Details45min 6s
Breaking News! It's CeFaan Kim / Reporting Amid Rising Asian Hate
Show Details44min 46s
What's up with our Asian Dads? Happy Father's Day!
Show Details44min 9s
Emma Broyles Miss America 2022 / First Korean American Crowned / Asian Female Representation
Show Details47min 35s
Holy Moly, Asians and Religion / How is this episode even possible?
Show Details50min 58s
Let's Normalize Asian Mental Health with Dr. Han Ren / AAPI Mental Health Awareness
Show Details45min 55s
Minimalism + Asian = Marie Kondo / Do We Asians have Hoarding Tendencies?
Show Details41min 56s
What's up with Asian Multigenerational Households? / Extended Nuclear Family and AAPI Cultural Norms
Show Details40min 55s
BONUS A.M.A. #1 / Ask Me Asian-Thing: The Sleepy Quarantine Edition
Show Details44min 13s
Chinese vs Korean Wedding Death Battle / Asian Wedding Superstitions and Traditions
Show Details43min 59s
How Important is Language to Being Asian? / Being Bilingual & AAPI Culture Preservation
Show Details50min 39s
Cheers! Let's Talk Asian Alcohols with Carol Pak / CEO Creator of Makku and Soku
Show Details44min 42s
Are We Asians Too Introverted? / Extroverts vs Introverts / AAPI Cultural Stigmas
Show Details40min 20s
Hmong Culture with Yia Vang. James Beard Award Finalist / Food, Family, History, and Henry Golding.
Show Details50min 55s
Asians Love Gambling and Casino Culture. A.K.A. Losing Money.
Show Details48min 37s
Chef Jae Lee Gets Real about the Restaurant Industry. It's a hard-knock life. / Drinking Culture / Nowon NYC
Show Details50min 30s
We don't know anything about Asian Careers. But we do love complaining about our own jobs.
Show Details41min 40s
Michelle Li chats about being Very Asian and Stop AAPI Hate.
Show Details58min 30s
Youtube is Weird. Our Favorite Asian Youtubers / Mukbang, ASMR, Doobydobap, and more.
Show Details46min 47s
Modern Asian Dating with Mariel De Leon. Model & Ms. Philippines International Interview. / Top Dating Apps & Dating Advice.
Show Details1hr 3min
We unwillingly discuss Netflix's Single's Inferno. NO SPOILER REVIEW. / Korean Reality Dating Show
Show Details46min 43s
Happy Lunar New Year aka Chinese New Year. / Red Envelope Money / Korean vs Chinese Celebrations.
Show Details38min
Modern Asian Baking with Kat Lieu from Subtle Asian Baking. / Modern Asian Baking Book / AAPI Representation in Food Media / Social Media Success & Advice
Show Details59min 13s
Koreatown vs Chinatown Death Battle. / Asian Glow Rivalry / K-Town Nightlife Stories
Show Details58min 19s
2022 New Year's Resolutions and Expectations. / Weight Loss Diet Failure Stories
Show Details48min 8s
2021 Year Review Recap. Was it the Greatest Year Ever for Asian Representation? / Simu Liu Shang-Chi / Squid Game / K-Pop BTS
Show Details41min 20s
What is the Asian Christmas Holiday Season Like? / Korean Chinese Holiday Stories
Show Details30min 11s
We Dive Deep into Asian Drinking Culture. / Embarrassing Drinking Stories / Asian Glow Flush
Show Details48min 6s
Can we really Stop Asian Hate? / Cultural Stigmas / Passive Model Minority / AAPI Hate
Show Details42min 29s
What's the Asian Parenting Style all about? / Tiger Parent Culture
Show Details49min 36s
Do Asians Celebrate Thanksgiving? / Korean Chuseok / Chinese Mid Autumn Moon Festival
Show Details24min 46s
Asian Representation in Professional Sports. / Shohei Ohtani, Jeremy Lin, & Suni Lee
Show Details37min 53s
Let's Talk Openly about Interracial Asian Dating. / Racial Preference vs Yellow Fever Fetishization
Show Details35min 48s
Do Asians care too much about Money? / Crazy Rich Asians / Family Pressure & Saving Face
Show Details38min 20s
Hot Take: Asian Fusion Food is Overrated.
Show Details34min 14s
Does Asian representation in mainstream media actually matter? / Squid Game & Shang-Chi Simu Liu
Show Details42min 48s