Opinion or Opportunity?!?!

We discuss world current events, politics, and technology. I will give my opinion, and we will look for and find possible opportunities..... and possibly explore them together.


Donald Trump's Taxes, Joe Biden lies again, and The rock
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Breonna Taylor's death, Grand Jury, and Rioting
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Joe Biden Donald Trump on my, Hunter Biden's Hookers, and Kamala Harris
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Biden still lies, Trump decries, both parties and the world criticize
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Ginsburg, Trump, Biden.... Ah Caray!!!
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Nasty Palooza (Nancy Pelosi), Obama's A Victim, Biden/Harris can't get Covid Right!!!
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Kamala's Truth, Lancaster, And Joe Rogan's a Beast!!!!
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Episode 6, Joe Biden and Cuties!!!
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Biden, Vet's, looting , and Nasty Palooza
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Episode 4
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Episode 3
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Episode 2..... What's going on!?!?
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Episode 1 Let the journey begin
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