The Hoop Ball Sacramento Kings Podcast

A show hosted by ESPN 1320's Damien Barling and popular member of Kings Twitter, Jill Adge. The Hoop Ball Sacramento Kings Podcast takes you inside the box score and brings you the latest news and commentary on the team with the longest playoff drought in the NBA. Join Damien and Jill for an entertaining and at times, frustrating journey through all things Kings.


Making Sense of the Draft, Free Agency, and the Van Gundy's.
Show Details35min 48s
More Than You Could Possibly Want to Know About the Kings Front Office
Show Details52min 13s
Alvin Gentry Joins Kings Staff, Buddy Not Returning Calls
Show Details38min 6s
Frustrating Day for the Kings Organization
Show Details40min 34s
Monte McNair Press Conference & Reaction
Show Details42min 24s
Monte McNair
Show Details33min 50s
6 Candidates. Ok 5. Ok... 3
Show Details50min 31s
What Could've Been, What Might Be, and What to do With Buddy
Show Details37min 11s
Rumors and Concerns Surrounding the Kings GM Search
Show Details49min 3s
Vlade Out, What's Next: Meet My New Co-Host - Jill Adge
Show Details50min 53s
So That Was The Season, Huh?
Show Details34min 48s
Postgame vs Brooklyn: Kings On The Verge of Elimination
Show Details24min 38s
Postgame: vs Dallas: 0-3 and Plenty of Blame to Go Around
Show Details32min 8s
Postgame: vs Orlando: Really Bad.
Show Details28min 29s
James Ham: Potential Rotations, Buddy Hield, What the Kings Have to do to Make the Playoffs
Show Details41min 1s
Fox Is Back, Bazemore and Jefferies Solid Again, Kings Fall to Bucks
Show Details32min 2s
Sanjesh Singh of The Kings Herald on the Rocky Week
Show Details43min 9s
Richaun Holmes Crossed The Gun Line
Show Details31min 53s
Scrimmage Games Set as Mandatory Workouts Begin
Show Details40min 4s
Buddy, Len, and Parker Test Positive - Long Road Ahead for the NBA
Show Details39min 5s
Bruski: Thoughts on NBA's Return, Kings Chances, Bogi's Future
Show Details48min 14s
Grant Napear Out as Kings Play by Play
Show Details33min 12s
Unanswered Questions to an Unfinished Movie
Show Details37min 30s
Locked On... A Conversation with Matt George
Show Details54min 26s
Game 64 vs Toronto Raptors: Kings Let One Slip Away
Show Details23min 27s
Game 62 vs Philadelphia 76ers: Reserves Step Up, Kings Win Streak Ends
Show Details20min 57s
Game 61 vs Washington Wizards: Well, That Was Something. Kings Win!
Show Details28min 33s
Game 59 @ Memphis Grizzles: Kings Win Again, 3-1 Road Trip
Show Details25min 13s
Game 58 @ Oklahoma City Thunder: This One Slipped Away
Show Details23min 45s
Game 57 @ Golden St: Steady Effort Get Kings 3rd Straight Win
Show Details23min 34s
Game 55 vs Memphis Grizzles: Fox and Barnes Lead The Way
Show Details23min 13s
Game 54 @ Dallas Mavericks: Kerosene Soaked Dumpster Fire
Show Details28min 23s
Game 53 @ Milwaukee Bucks: 2 minute Stretch Spoils Kings Effort
Show Details21min 30s
Game 51 vs Miami Heat: Kings Undefeated Since Deadline
Show Details21min 42s
Bruski: Kings At The Trade Deadline
Show Details32min 18s
Game 50 vs Minnesota: Fox Stays Steady, Kings Win
Show Details28min
Game 48 @ Los Angeles Clippers: Kings Dominate From 3
Show Details29min
Show Details36min 52s
Game 44 @ Detroit: Kings Lose By 21 to a Team with 17 Wins
Show Details28min 25s
Game 43 @ Miami: 5 Straight Losses for the 3rd Time This Season
Show Details29min
Game 41 vs Dallas: Look kids, Big Ben
Show Details27min 42s
Game 40 vs Orlando: Bagley Returns, Belly Goes Off, Kings Lose
Show Details25min 10s
Game 38 @ Phoenix: Dedmon, Giles Big in Kings Win
Show Details24min 19s
Game 37 vs "Golden St": Ugh. But Kings Win.
Show Details20min 53s
Game 35 vs Memphis: New Decade, Who Dis
Show Details33min 21s
Game 34 vs Los Angeles Clippers: 522
Show Details31min 12s
Game 33 @ Denver: Moral Victory City
Show Details30min 3s
Game 31 vs Minnesota: Kings Skid Hits 5, Bagley and Fox Down
Show Details27min 59s
Game 30 vs Houston: Kings Seeing Red After 4th Straight Loss
Show Details22min 16s
Game 27 @ Charlotte: Kings Lose in Fox's Return
Show Details21min 32s
Game 26 @ Golden St: Everything It Needed To Be
Show Details18min 46s
Game 25 vs New York: Knicks Get Win Number 6
Show Details24min 48s
Game 24 vs OKC: 3 Straight For The Kings
Show Details26min 43s
Game 23 @ Houston: BELLY FTW!!!!!!!!!
Show Details25min 58s
Game 20 @ Portland: Career Night For Holmes, But Kings Lose
Show Details22min 45s
Game 19 vs Chicago: This... This Was Trash!!!!
Show Details25min 44s
Game 18 vs Denver: This... This Was Impressive!!!!
Show Details28min 30s
Game 17 @ Philadelphia: Shots Don't Fall
Show Details24min 43s
Game 16 @ Boston: The Buddy 3 Party Falls 1 Point Short
Show Details26min 57s
Game 15: @ Washington: Barnes Near Perfect, Kings Win in DC
Show Details20min 43s
Game 13 vs Phoenix: Kings Win But....
Show Details28min 22s
Game 11 @ Lakers: Tripped Up At The Buzzer
Show Details28min 30s
Game 10 vs Portland: Defense For The Win
Show Details28min 26s
Game 9 @ Atlanta: 3 The Hard Way
Show Details24min 44s
Game 8 @ Toronto: Streak Ends at 2
Show Details25min 39s
Game 7 @ New York: Soooo... 77-5?
Show Details26min 22s
Game 6 vs Utah: Finally.
Show Details26min 30s
Game 5 vs Charlotte: This sucks!!!!!
Show Details26min 44s
Game 4 vs Denver: Richaun Holmes Is A Winner, Kings Are Not
Show Details28min 31s
Game 2 vs Portland: Bigs Struggle, Dame Time
Show Details29min
Game 1 @ PHX: A Disastrous Start to the Season
Show Details22min 51s
James Ham: It's Opening Night, Buddy's Money, & Bogi's Future
Show Details33min 15s
Bruski: Buddy, Holmes, and The Over
Show Details35min 52s
Postgame: PS Game 5 vs Melbourne, Contract Talk
Show Details31min 53s
Postgame: PS Game 4 @ Utah Jazz
Show Details27min 34s
Postgame: PS Game 3 vs Phoenix Suns
Show Details21min 59s
Takeaways from an 0-2 Trip to India
Show Details32min 5s
Harry Giles: Concern or Precaution
Show Details28min 56s
"Defense, defense, defense..."
Show Details36min 13s
Locked On... Thoughts on Harry Giles and the Upcoming Season
Show Details38min 47s
Training Camp Approaches and a World Cup Stunner
Show Details25min 53s
Bogi, Belly, and a Potential Shortage of Minutes
Show Details29min 25s
Bruski: Buddy's Offseason and Contract Extension, Kings Fantasy Impact
Show Details40min 22s
Thoughts on Luke Walton
Show Details28min 53s
ESPN Likes the Kings but Doesn't Want De'Aaron To Love Us
Show Details29min 36s
De'Aaron Fox Withdraws From USA Camp
Show Details29min 5s
Boogie and the Promise of Defense
Show Details37min
Bagley Says, "No Thanks" To USA, NBA Says Same To Kings
Show Details40min 57s