Top Shelf Integrity

They’re the best sales team in the business...the spirits business that is, and they’re going to show you how they do it. Top Shelf Integrity gives you an inside look at how the Beam Suntory On-Premise sales team maintains their best-in-class standards of excellence through a combination of service and responsibility... and a hearty shot of integrity.

This podcast is by the industry for the industry.

Through conversations with leaders at Beam Suntory, you’ll learn what it is that makes the On-Premise sales team the “go-to” sales team in the alcohol industry through tactical business and sales advice grounded in the team’s collective decades of experience. 

Business is changing by the second and the only way to stay ahead of the curve is to have a killer team by your side. With Top Shelf Integrity, you’ve got yours.


Understanding the Impact of Employee Impact Groups with Robin Nance & Monique Ozanne
Show Details35min 31s
BONUS: Proof You Can - KPIs of Positivity
Show Details5min 28s
Building Brands with Broad Appeal with Dan Cohen and Jon Marks
Show Details39min 4s
Are you really an Entrepreneur? with John Horn and Marguerite Allolding
Show Details51min 26s
Building the Global Leaders of the Future with Rachel Harris, Reggie Champagne, Kelly Georgetti, Jenn Mordini
Show Details50min 51s
Spirit of Hospitality: Building Brands Together with Rachel Harris & Christina Kollereb
Show Details31min 24s
Bouncing Back with Rachel Harris and Caroline Rosen
Show Details14min 58s
Influencing the Influencers with Dan Cohen and Lana Ohs
Show Details32min 57s
A Look Inside Our Family Business Model with Kathleen DiBenedetto and Atsushi “Charlie” Takeuchi
Show Details34min 11s
Live the Life, Don't Just Make A Living with Kathleen DiBenedetto and Ken Ruff
Show Details39min 4s
Empower Your People and Get Out Of Their Way with Rachel Harris and John Horn
Show Details58min 15s
Trailblazers: The First Go To Market for Cocktails-To-Go with Christina Kollereb and Dan Cohen
Show Details28min 9s
How to Build an Artisan Brand Within a Legacy Company with Dan Cohen and Atsushi "Charlie" Takeuchi
Show Details37min 43s
How to Stand Out in the Beverage Industry with John Horn and Ken Ruff
Show Details34min 38s
New World Leadership with Rachel Harris and Kathleen DiBenedetto
Show Details51min 22s
Top Shelf Integrity - The Trailer
Show Details1min 20s