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The podcast for Australian regional startups, founders and the organisations that support them.

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“I've never seen someone pull together audio clips with this level of clarity and logic, it really is top-notch work.”

-Murray Hurps, Director of Entrepreneurship at UTS

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Stories featuring the founders of Camplify, Trent Bagnall from Slingshot and startup legends like Alan “The Nice One” Jones. These aren’t just 2 people and a microphone, these are the stories of how they came to be. Starting from day one.

“When you're trying to build a global business, there's no reason you need to be in the city. So, if you're trying to attack global markets, it doesn't really matter where you are.”

-Trent Bagnall, Founder of Slingshot

Let's go back to day one, where this story begins...


Damien Mahoney from Stackla
Show Details32min 3s
Antony Martin from Hone
Show Details19min 55s
Mike McKiernan from Deckee
Show Details24min 21s
Colin Goudie from Social Pinpoint
Show Details17min 42s
Ryan MacPherson from Coassemble
Show Details24min 20s
Innovation in Newy
Show Details11min 56s
Naomi Findlay the Renovation Queen
Show Details21min 45s
Monica Zarafu from BYKKO
Show Details21min 1s
Melanie Mury from IMBY
Show Details25min 42s
Linda Bergskas fro m Visionise with Kara Armstrong
Show Details21min 5s
Becky Kiil from Newcastle Afoot
Show Details25min 54s
James MacDonald and JM Recruitment Are Making the Most Of The Situation
Show Details13min 2s
Your Food Collective: Locals Supporting Locals
Show Details10min 41s
Growing Your Business in Tough Times with Daniel Borg from psyborg®
Show Details9min 25s
CompEAT Are Helping Dietitians Affected By The Pandemic Connect With Their Clients Through The CompEAT App
Show Details11min 48s
Lauren & Cara from Your Food Collective
Show Details22min 50s
Liam Scanlan from Eat Your Water
Show Details18min 30s
Startmate - Featuring Michael Batko
Show Details13min 43s
Slingshot - Featuring Trent Bagnall & Craig Lambert
Show Details21min 40s
Alan 'The Nice One' Jones
Show Details14min 10s
Startup Muster - Featuring Murray Hurps & Maria MacNamara
Show Details14min 50s
The Studio - Featuring Chantal Abouchar, Claire Tester, Carol Friel & Ricky Sutton
Show Details19min 23s
Yolanda Surjan from RadVet
Show Details21min 18s
The Startup Xpress - brought to you by Hunter iF & The Business Centre
Show Details34min 22s
Daniel & Alicia Edge from CompEAT Nutrition
Show Details27min 42s
Christina Gerakiteys
Show Details16min 20s
Joss Kesby from Diffuse Energy
Show Details20min 33s
Andrew Mears from SwitchDin
Show Details25min 35s
Jade Ryan from Cake Server
Show Details22min 32s
Daniel Spiteri from FEIKE
Show Details15min 42s
James Rabbitt from Broader Learning
Show Details20min 35s
Heath Raftery from Newie Ventures
Show Details20min 7s
Jessica Koncz from Crave
Show Details15min 41s
Justin Hales from Camplify
Show Details19min 19s
Sahil Harriram from Elite Robotics
Show Details21min 35s
Welcome to Day One Trailer
Show Details2min 1s