692d Podcast

The 692d Podcast-a platform for developing and connecting with our Airmen across the island and those now serving on the mainland. Tune in for episodes where we talk all things leadership and personal development, while getting a glimpse into the lives of the people moving our missions forward.


S2:E18 - Col Kihara Welcome Interview
Show Details59min 5s
S2:E17 - Col Mack's Farewell Message
Show Details58min 3s
S2:E16 - TM - Leading Change - Vision
Show Details8min 27s
S2:E15 - TM - Leading Change - Short Term Wins
Show Details7min 28s
S2:E14 - TM - Leading Change - Barriers
Show Details8min 10s
S2:E13 - TM - Leading Change - Leadership
Show Details8min 47s
S2:E12 - BOMA - SSgt Eric Wilson
Show Details1hr 5min
S2:E11 - TM - Planning Your Day
Show Details13min 38s
S2:E10 - Grab Bag - Toxic Leadership
Show Details18min 35s
S2:E9 - BOMA - A1C Borgonia
Show Details59min
S2:E8 - BOMA - TSgt Randy Kelso
Show Details59min 15s
S2:E7 - Teaching Moment - Lessons From The Top
Show Details14min 23s
S2:E6 - BOMA - Mike Sarge
Show Details57min 40s
S2:E5 - CMSgt Triche's Final Mic Drop
Show Details1hr
S2:E4 - Bragging On My Airmen - SSgt(S) Tom Schaum
Show Details59min 20s
S2:E3 - Financial Literacy with The Millennial Money Woman
Show Details1hr 1min
S2:Ad "Hawk"
Show Details1hr 5min
S2:E2 - Public Speaking with Brenden Kumarasamy
Show Details40min 44s
S2:E1 - New Season - New Look
Show Details4min 16s
11: Take it from a casuals and you make it a ZOO with Guests Devon Mascorro and Kathleen Huntsman
Show Details46min 13s
10: Full Episode: A Time to Listen and Stop Lecturing with Guest CMSgt Warren Triche
Show Details1hr 7min
10: BONUS AUDIO: A Time to Listen and Stop Lecturing with CMSgt Warren Triche
Show Details7min 19s
09: Attitude Reflects Leadership with Guest CMSAF Kaleth Wright
Show Details29min 37s
08: How Airmen are living is crucial to both personal and mission life with Guest A1C Bri Motowylak
Show Details26min 11s
07: COVID-19, Supervisors, and Tiger King with Guest CMSgt Warren Triche
Show Details48min 14s
06: COVID-19 Info and Thoughts with 392d Commander
Show Details17min 34s
05: Learning 2.0 with Guest Jonathan Freeman
Show Details52min 7s
04: "The Office" , Tiered Mentorship, and Leadership with Guest CMSgt Robert "Trey" Walker
Show Details32min 27s
03: TOXIC FOLLOWERSHIP with Guest SMSgt Les Boyd
Show Details38min 50s
02: Resilience and The Next Step with Guest Lt Col Stephanie Murphy
Show Details26min 44s
01: Leadership and Transition in the 692d with Guests Col. Eric Mack and CMSgt Warren Triche
Show Details41min 22s