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Building Relationships with one toxic topic at a time.


Start Out Like You Gonna Hold Out ft Jasmine ( Bae )
Show Details31min 21s
Will Is Trying To Steal Our Shine
Show Details30min 25s
Is This Your Dream or Not ft Kermi And Nita
Show Details49min 23s
Black History Ain’t Black Enough ft Shaun & Ryan
Show Details31min 48s
We Are Old Now Bro
Show Details38min 3s
The One That Got Away
Show Details36min
We Need Each Other
Show Details24min 40s
Let’s Get Back To Being Men
Show Details31min 51s
Cut Toxic Ties
Show Details28min 3s
Aim For Happiness And It Will All Workout ft Bekay & Comedian Mike Mike
Show Details1hr 4min
It Only Takes 10 Mins
Show Details38min 3s
Show Details37min 27s
Dating Is Not For The Weak
Show Details34min 44s
Take The Risk
Show Details12min 11s
Show Up For Someone
Show Details23min 43s
You Made It Out
Show Details33min 19s
Just Bounce Back
Show Details27min 28s
Do you know who you are ?
Show Details50min 49s
Forgive or let go
Show Details1hr
Let’s choose happiness
Show Details25min 56s
Mind Your Black Owned Business
Show Details52min 47s
Is it time to reset
Show Details1hr 2min
Pressure bust pipes
Show Details1hr 3min
Men We Have To Talk
Show Details57min 34s
Vulnerability will set you free
Show Details47min 1s
Self Accountability is lit
Show Details30min 14s
Believe in your process
Show Details53min 17s
A father with Equity
Show Details55min 53s
The Single life
Show Details1hr 3min
Happy Mother’s Day .. ft Jasmine ( Bae )
Show Details53min 23s
It’s all coming together
Show Details1hr 6min
Do your job
Show Details58min 15s
Couples therapy pt 2
Show Details56min 30s
Couples therapy
Show Details55min 58s
Groom yourself and mind ya business
Show Details41min 50s
The truth vs the delivery
Show Details1hr 3min
Would you rather be lied to?
Show Details46min 41s