Oh F*ck! Pregnant In A Pandemic

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic falling in line with falling pregnant, we're currently making the Oh F*ck! Pregnant In A Pandemic mini-series. Talking to guests about the Oh F*ck! moments of having babies in lockdown and beyond. If you're a new parent, pregnant or even trying for a baby in lockdown please get in touch, we'd love to share your story.


Oh F*ck! That Hurts - Charli Sumner Bedford - Birth Story
Show Details47min 7s
Oh F*ck! It's Started - Jana Kennedy
Show Details37min 1s
Oh F*ck! The Trailer
Show Details1min
Oh F*ck! I'm Signing Petitions - Kate Lane
Show Details52min 48s
Oh F*ck! I'm Pregnant - Polly Clarke - On Autism
Show Details27min 27s
Oh F*ck! I'm Pregnant - The Pilot - Jana Kennedy
Show Details54min 9s