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The women from the tale of Jason and the golden fleece face space monsters, reality TV stars, and the sometimes benevolent, mostly dangerous Olympus Corp as they take on the quest to return the Fleece to Colchis.

It’s got pirates, it’s got sentient spaceships, and it’s All About The Ladies! It’s also very queer.


1.16.5: Medea Alone UPDATED ENDING
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1.16: Medea Alone
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1.15: Bite Into my Fury
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One crew member down and with team morale running low, Atalanta and Medusa attempt to land one last, desperate blow against the Olympians. 


Content warnings can be found at the end of the show notes. 

The transcript can be found at


Khôra Podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. This episode was produced by A.L Emmet and directed by Ibrahim Steel and Celeste Lang. It starred Mq Quinlan as Atalanta, Clary Cheung as Medusa, Kat Hawthorne as ECHO and featured Kit MacNeil as Medusa, Anjali Pasupathy as the security guard, and Lauren Thompson. Bite Into My Fury was written by Jules Violet and Kat Hawthorne. All of the original music was created by the Khôra team. Sound design for this episode was provided by Ibrahim Steel and Kit MacNeil, and the poster art was drawn and designed by Clary Cheung and Hayan Lee. The Khôra cover art is drawn and designed by Jules Violet and Clary Cheung. Season one of Khôra Podcast was outlined by Sats Di Stefano, Clary Cheung, and A.L Emmet.


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Content Warnings: Grief, betrayal, depression, maladaptive coping mechanisms, depersonalization, self-blame, futility, untreated injury, pursuit. Referenced past abuse, human experimentation, and electrocution. 

32min 2s
Published Nov 8, 2021 at 12:00pm
Behind the Veil: Medusa Character Chat
Show Details41min 33s
1.14: You'll Get Your Reward
Show Details45min 23s
1.13: The Freelance Care Compendium
Show Details37min 39s
1.12: A Knife In My Hands
Show Details39min 2s
1.11: Out of the Acheron
Show Details36min 48s
1.10: A Home Star
Show Details40min 1s
Behind the Veil: Of Planting
Show Details13min 8s
1.9 Uninvited Attention
Show Details41min 13s
1.8 Wounds Ripped Open
Show Details30min 9s
1.7 Two-Thirds of a Liar
Show Details42min 11s
1.6: A Maze of Stardust
Show Details40min 24s
1.5: Knossos May Be Rusting
Show Details34min 18s
1.4: Official Guidelines for Rogue AIs
Show Details32min 22s
Behind The Veil I: Laundry
Show Details4min 9s
1.3: A Rotten Place to Call Home
Show Details37min 8s
1.2: Metal Eyes and Metal Ears
Show Details39min 27s
1.1: Witch, Traitor, Slayer of Heroes
Show Details40min
Teaser: A Radio Star
Show Details3min 24s
Teaser: A Reluctant Kidnapper
Show Details4min