Criminal (In)justice

Sometimes challenging, often disturbing, occasionally absurd, always timely: Criminal Injustice explores the most complex and urgent issues facing the U.S. criminal justice system in conversation with the field's most knowledgeable experts. Professor David Harris and guests take on everything from racial bias to use of force... from surveillance technology to mass incarceration... and from police abuse and misconduct to the astonishing, frequently hilarious misdeeds of "Lawyers Behaving Badly." It's not a lecture hall, and you don't need a law degree to keep up. But you'll walk away from each episode with a deeper, richer understanding of what's wrong with the criminal justice system – and how to fix it.


#126 The Past, Present and Future of Policing
Show Details47min 48s
Bonus: How Will Coney Barrett Rule on Criminal Justice?
Show Details15min 55s
Bonus: Whose Crime Bill Was It?
Show Details11min 54s
Bonus: Breonna Taylor's Death Wasn't a Tragic Accident
Show Details33min 5s
Bonus: Legal Giant, Human Being
Show Details12min 37s
#125 Wrongful Convictions – But No Crimes?
Show Details44min 49s
#124 Voices From Death Row
Show Details52min 42s
# 123 Can Requiring Police Professional Insurance Tame Police Misconduct?
Show Details56min 38s
Ask Dave: The Problem With 'Bad Apples'
Show Details11min 59s
#121 Would More Diversity Improve Policing?
Show Details50min 46s
Bonus: SCOTUS Recap on The Confluence
Show Details15min 29s
#121 Being Black in America's Most Livable City
Show Details44min 20s
Read This: It Could Have Been Me
Show Details5min 40s
Bonus: Roger Stone Sentence Commuted
Show Details14min 50s
#120 How Cities Pay for Police Brutality
Show Details37min 48s
Bonus: Bill Barr's Big Interview
Show Details31min 24s
#119 What Now for American Policing?
Show Details1hr 4min
Bonus: #CRSPCast Live
Show Details4min
Bonus: Defund the Police
Show Details12min 39s
Bonus: Minneapolis Officers Charged
Show Details18min 2s
Bonus: Dog Leash Lady Tries to Unleash Racist Violence
Show Details8min 35s
Bonus: The Death of George Floyd
Show Details29min 46s
Bonus: The Murder of Ahmaud Arbery
Show Details10min 54s
Read This: Let the People Go
Show Details5min 44s
Bonus: Bad to Worse
Show Details28min 10s
Bonus: COVID-19 and Funding Public Defense
Show Details6min 6s
Bonus: No More Non-Unanimous Verdicts
Show Details10min
Show Details7min 3s
Bonus: The Confluence, April 16
Show Details8min 30s
Bonus: Unicorn Emergency
Show Details8min 26s
Bonus: The Insanity Defense on Trial
Show Details7min 26s
#118 Happy Birthday to Us
Show Details40min 2s
Bonus: Progressive Prosecutors Face Primaries
Show Details9min 5s
Bonus: Courts in the Time of Coronavirus
Show Details9min 23s
Bonus: What Happens When COVID-19 Hits Prisons and Jails?
Show Details13min 5s
#117 The Second Chance Club: Life in Parole World
Show Details52min 42s
Bonus: Muzzling a Racist Judge
Show Details11min 36s
Bonus: Breaking Down the Weinstein Verdict
Show Details14min 45s
#116 Prison Truth: The San Quentin News
Show Details57min 25s
Read This: What Was the Jussie Smollett Case Really About?
Show Details7min 39s
Bonus: DOJ Goes After Sanctuary Cities
Show Details10min 5s
Bonus: Keeping Up with Bill Barr
Show Details19min 38s
#115 A Life Sentence – and Now Out
Show Details53min 24s
Unlocked: Mike Bloomberg's Appalling Record
Show Details20min 27s
Bonus: Progressive Prosecutors Fight Back
Show Details6min 15s
Bonus: What's Behind Mississippi's Staggering Prison Death Rate?
Show Details6min 4s
Bonus: Dershowitz Said What??
Show Details6min 58s
#114 Criminalizing HIV
Show Details50min 22s
Teaser: Live in Pittsburgh
Show Details7min 59s
Bonus: Bill Barr's War on Criminal Justice Reform
Show Details7min 18s
Book tour update
Show Details1min 57s
#112 Understanding Rising Suicide Rates Among Police
Show Details56min 58s
Read This: America's Most Prolific Snitch
Show Details6min 54s
Catch Dave on Tour
Show Details3min
Special: A City Divided
Show Details50min 18s
#111 No Trust, No Justice
Show Details56min 18s
#84: Can You Build a Better Cop? (reprise)
Show Details42min 43s
#106: Police Attitudes in Plain View (reprise)
Show Details43min 50s
#92 What Civilian Oversight Needs to Succeed (reprise)
Show Details49min 13s
Bonus: Florida Freeway Shooting
Show Details11min 16s
#98 Holistic Criminal Defense (reprise)
Show Details37min 57s
Teaser: Cory Booker's Long Game
Show Details3min 48s
Hear This: You're Doing Fine, Oklahoma
Show Details4min 49s
Read This: Police as Prosecutors
Show Details6min 50s
Teaser: Bloomberg's 180 on Stop-and-Frisk
Show Details6min 13s
#111: College Behind Bars
Show Details54min 17s
Bonus: Gag Orders, Grand Juries, and Due Process
Show Details11min 54s
Bonus: Lightning Round
Show Details41min 36s
Bonus: John Conyers's Legacy for Justice
Show Details15min 8s
Unlocked: Supreme Court Session Preview
Show Details16min 43s
Bonus: Subpoena, Schmubpoena
Show Details11min 16s
#110 From Solitary to the Street
Show Details44min
Teaser: Bernie Means It
Show Details4min 15s
Bonus: The Confluence, October 1
Show Details9min 5s
Teaser: Four More Years...?
Show Details5min 6s
#109: Keeping Up with Synthetic Drugs
Show Details52min 20s
Bonus: The War on Supervised Injection Sites
Show Details7min 6s
Teaser: Mayor Pete's Police Problem
Show Details3min 13s
Bonus: The Confluence, September 16
Show Details10min 34s
Bonus: Botham Jean's Killer Convicted
Show Details20min 20s
#108 Koch Industries and Criminal Justice Reform
Show Details1hr 1min
Teaser: Elizabeth Warren's Both-And Approach
Show Details3min 24s
Bonus: Progressive Prosecutors Slapped Again
Show Details8min 31s
Can They Do That? The Photoshopped Mugshot
Show Details8min 27s
#107: Reducing Urban Violence
Show Details44min 53s
Teaser: The Three Kamala Harrises
Show Details4min 6s
Bonus: The Confluence, August 29
Show Details7min 27s
Teaser: Joe Biden Has Come A Long Way
Show Details20min 28s
Bonus: The Attack on Elected District Attorneys
Show Details10min 7s
#106: Police Attitudes in Plain View
Show Details42min 48s
Bonus: The Confluence, August 5 2019
Show Details14min 8s
#93: Evidence Based Policing (reprise)
Show Details46min 17s
Bonus: Prison Suicides Are Business As Usual
Show Details8min 35s
#72: The Dark Side of Attorney-Client Privilege (reprise)
Show Details42min 10s
Bonus: The Federal Death Penalty is Back
Show Details11min 1s
#74: When Long Sentences Get Longer (reprise)
Show Details39min
Bonus: Do Something
Show Details13min 42s
#95 Why Militarizing Police Is a Bad Idea (reprise)
Show Details44min 30s
#101 The Racial Impact of Juror Exclusion (reprise)
Show Details38min 29s
Bonus: Justice Stevens Remembered
Show Details14min 40s
#94 Spillover Effects of Violence on Black Americans (reprise)
Show Details43min 22s
Bonus: Do You Have to Open Your Door for ICE?
Show Details5min 2s
#102 Prosecution at the Crossroads (reprise)
Show Details44min 42s
#99 21 Principles to Change Prosecution (reprise)
Show Details49min 28s
Bonus: SCOTUS Recap pt. 2
Show Details9min 30s
Bonus: SCOTUS Recap
Show Details20min 40s
Bonus: Double Jeopardy's Giant Loophole
Show Details6min 54s
#97: Invisible Chicago (reprise)
Show Details1hr 16min
#96 Policing While Black (reprise)
Show Details50min 50s
Bonus: Show News + Drug Treatment in Prison
Show Details24min 7s
Bonus: Testing the Power of Seattle's Police Union
Show Details8min 4s
Bonus: Refocusing Reform
Show Details6min 30s
Bonus: Facing the Future of Facial Recognition
Show Details7min 34s
#105 Changing Use of Force Law
Show Details45min 29s
Bonus: Former Prosecutors on Trump Obstruction
Show Details9min 13s
Bonus: San Francisco Bans Facial Recognition
Show Details10min 20s
Ask Dave: What Can We Do About Surveillance?
Show Details13min 58s