The Botanical Broadcast

Hello and welcome to the Botanical Broadcast! I am your host Alasdair English and alongside me, I have an expert in horticulture, putting her eagle eye on everything planty. We hope to give an informative and entertaining view of horticulture and gardening to help you in your garden throughout the seasons. If you have any questions please ask @TheBotanicalBr on Twitter. You can also find this podcast on iTunes.


What's the time?
Show Details12min 52s
pretty, poisonous plants - Daffodils
Show Details12min 16s
sewing but not as you know it
Show Details11min 33s
A guide for mother's day
Show Details13min 27s
compensate your carbon footprint
Show Details12min 53s
The war on the roses
Show Details9min 38s
Twigs, trees and flowers
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Show Details23min 59s
Latuca - Lettuce
Show Details23min 53s
Rosa - Roses
Show Details27min 43s
Solanum Lycopersicum - Tomatoes
Show Details20min 23s
Philadelphus - Mock Orange
Show Details23min 47s
A brief overview
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