Questions I Wanted to Ask

A woman's life journey comprises the many voices that go in her head while she is playing numerous roles at the same time. A working professional, a mother, a wife, a healer, a community helper – the roles she plays, are unlimited.

This podcast is hosted by Anshu Patni Singhi who is a media and entertainment professional and a mother to a 6-year-old. Through her professional and personal journey and evolving personal relationships, she felt the need to ask questions around so many things, which probably are firsts to this generation of Indian Women. Sometimes these were questions, and sometimes they were situations that mostly all women deal with in their lifetime around career, self-love, balancing various roles in family and friendships, prioritizing, self-discipline, etc.

Through this podcast, Anshu speaks to many prominent and inspiring women about the various roles they play across different professions, the ceilings they break, and what makes them strive on a daily basis to stay on strike and bat it out, one ball at a time (or sometimes many balls coming in from different directions)


Devika Narain: Downtime, Finding Joy in Life, Building Community, Female Workforce
Show Details55min 50s
Manasvi Dalvi: YouTuber, Gamer, Content Creator, Online Hate
Show Details51min
Pooja Jauhari: The Glitch, Equal Parenting, 50:50 Salary Concept, Gender-inclusive Workplace
Show Details54min 55s
Dr. Rashmi Shetty: Celebrity Dermatologist, Entrepreneur, Discipline, Parenting Plan
Show Details38min 54s
Shilpa Keswani: Miss India, Working Women, Working after Pregnancy, Life Partner
Show Details1hr 2min
Asha Parekh on Netflix Recommendation, Sisterhood and Networking | Questions I Wanted to Ask
Show Details46min 41s
Deena Mehta | Work Culture, Discipline, Value System, Habits | Questions I Wanted to Ask
Show Details55min 22s
Mallika Dua: Sisterhood, Online Dating, Online Hate, Creative Blocks | Questions I Wanted to Ask
Show Details1hr 26min
Priyanka Khimani on Failure, Mansplaining, Validation, Emotional Meltdown | Questions I Wanted to Ask
Show Details1hr 34min
Anu Menon | Part 2 | Stereotypes in Comedy, Cricket and K-Dramas | Questions I Wanted to Ask
Show Details49min 21s
Anu Menon | Part 1 | Comedy Career in India, Motherhood | Questions I Wanted to Ask
Show Details28min 43s
Ep. 01: Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari
Show Details54min 4s
Ep. 00: Introduction
Show Details1min 14s