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NCAA Champion, UCLA Head Coach Adam Wright
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Indiana University Head Coach Taylor Dodson
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Brian Flacks, Paul Splitt on Waterpolo During Covid
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CDM Coach and Olympic Champion Melissa Seidemann
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A Conversation with the Undersung Chris Oeding
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A Conversation with Alex Obert, US Men's Senior Team Standout
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Austin Ringheim and Max Schlegel, Head Coaches at MIT and Johns Hopkins
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The title says it all.

Michael Randazzo and James Smith spoke with two of the rising young coaching talents in the collegiate ranks. Austin Ringheim and Max Schlegel are both recent hires at MIT and Johns Hopkins. Their schools are among the most challenging in the US and are now even more so with the pandemic going on month seven.

Schlegel and Ringheim talk about the difficulties faced by their student-athletes, give their best guesses about what comes next for their programs, and look back fondly on the year that was 2019, when both teams took part in the first ever Division III Championship Tournament in Whittier.

Meanwhile, the first USA Water Polo competition since the spring is taking place in Central Texas. Take a listen to the latest TXWaterpolo Podcast to hear how the event has shaped up, including the many Covid-19 related rules put in place by the hosts.

And, just in case you were in the market for some Total Waterpolo gear, here you go (and thanks!).

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Published Oct 9, 2020 at 8:37pm
Mt. St. Mary's HC Alyssa Diacono, Canada's Jessica Gaudreault, and LaSalle Men Cut
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Westcliff's Djippov, Aussie Anteater Nioka Thomas & Olympian father Nathan
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