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Weekly SCP Readings in Season 2.

Reading Series I: SCP-100 to 150

New episodes every Wednesdays and most Sundays.


SCP-143: The Bladewell Grove
Show Details5min 43s
SCP-142: One-Armed Bandit
Show Details8min 34s
SCP-141: Codex Damnatio
Show Details8min 18s
SCP-140: An Incomplete Chronicle
Show Details13min 53s
SCP-139: All Eyes on Lucian 👁
Show Details12min 10s
SCP-138: The Ever-Living Man
Show Details5min
SCP-136: Naked Doll
Show Details10min 10s
SCP-135: Universal Carcinogen
Show Details6min 36s
SCP-134: Star-Eyed Child
Show Details8min 17s
SCP-133: Instant Hole
Show Details4min
SCP-132: Broken Desert
Show Details8min 8s
SCP-131: The "Eye Pods"
Show Details7min 49s
SCP-130: Post Office
Show Details12min 16s
SCP-129: Progressive Fungal Infection
Show Details11min 47s
SCP-127: The Living Gun
Show Details3min 46s
SCP-126: Invisible Friend
Show Details6min 41s
SCP-125: Contagious Reflection
Show Details9min 24s
SCP-124: Fertile Soil
Show Details4min 43s
SCP-123: Contained Miniature Black Hole
Show Details6min 42s
SCP-122: No More Monsters
Show Details8min 17s
SCP-121: Concrete Cradle
Show Details10min 52s
SCP-116: The Brittle Boy
Show Details10min 6s
SCP-115: Miniature Dump Truck
Show Details6min 20s
SCP-114: Bringer of Conflict
Show Details7min 23s
SCP-113: The Gender-Switcher
Show Details8min 29s
SCP-111: Dragon-Snails™
Show Details8min 14s
SCP-110: Subterranean City
Show Details14min 21s
SCP-109: Infinite Canteen
Show Details6min 25s
SCP-108: Extradimensional Nasal Cavity
Show Details8min 39s
SCP-107: The Turtle Shell
Show Details10min 42s
SCP-101: Hungry Bag
Show Details7min 20s
SCP-100: "Jamaican Joe's Junkyard Jubilee"
Show Details12min 54s
S1 Bonus 3/3: SCP-091 - Nostalgia
Show Details4min 10s
S1 Bonus 2/3: SCP-071 - Degenerative Metamorphic Entity
Show Details5min 18s
S1 Bonus 1/3: SCP-059 - Radioactive Mineral
Show Details7min 55s
SCP-001 Part H: The World's Gone Beautiful [Season Finale]
Show Details3min 51s
SCP-001 Part G: Normalcy
Show Details18min 53s
SCP-001 Part F: God's Blind Spot
Show Details20min 25s
SCP-001 Part E: Keter Duty
Show Details14min 12s
SCP-001 Part D: Thirty-Six
Show Details32min 42s
SCP-001 Part C: The Database, The Foundation
Show Details20min 2s
SCP-001 Part B: The Lock, The Factory, The Spiral Path, The Legacy
Show Details45min 8s
SCP-001 Part A
Show Details26min 35s