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It can be difficult to maintain a stellar physique alongside a full-time job. Every alternate Tuesday (IST), fitness coach Ajitesh Gogoi, shares helpful insights on what busy 9-to-5 professionals can do to reach and stay in the best shape of their lives. If you wish to learn effective no-nonsense strategies to achieve your body goals in the most time-efficient manner, this is the podcast for you. Send in your mails to: | SHOW NOTES | Disclaimer |


07 - Dieting vs intuitive eating: Is calorie counting necessary for you?
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06 - Picking the right training method: 3 things to keep in mind.
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05 - Cardio and fat loss: what works and what doesn't do sh*t.
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04 - All about protein: what, when, why, how much...and more.
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03 - A jawdropping feminine physique: look good, get toned and keep your curves. Here's how.
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02 - No time to workout? Build a stunning body with only 2 weekly sessions.
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In this episode, we learn the most fundamental concepts that go into designing a time-efficient training program. With this knowledge, you could weight train as little as just 2 days a week and still see stellar results.


(1:33) - Training splits

(2:14) - The bro-split and why it is a bad idea

(5:16) - Effective training splits

(5:45) - The push-pull-legs (PPL) training split

(7:28) - The upper-lower training split

(8:40) - How to train only 2 days a week

(10:19) - Managing the duration of your training sessions

(13:54) - Summary

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17min 34s
Published Apr 12, 2021 at 11:30pm
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