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The SportsEthos Chicago Bulls Podcast

A show hosted by Keith Cork and Trey Hill, this is the official SportsEthos Chicago Bulls podcast. The show attacks everything Chicago Bulls with an informative, engaging, enlightening and amusing set of angles, from the perspective of a lifelong Bulls fan.


Vucevic Extension, Ayo Free Agency, and a Bulls Cap Deep Dive
Show Details33min 57s
What is a Realistic Ceiling for the 2022-23 Chicago Bulls?
Show Details27min 42s
Can the Bulls Trade for Kevin Durant or Add Another Free Agent?
Show Details46min 55s
Dalen Terry & Bulls Cap Situation
Show Details56min 52s
Bulls are on the Clock: Draft Day is Upon Us & Other Bulls Notes
Show Details41min 14s
Can Rudy Gobert Make the Bulls Title Contenders?
Show Details43min 31s
Bulls Draft Targets and Zach LaVine S&T Scenarios
Show Details1hr 19min
Recapping the Season and Zach LaVine's Upcoming Free Agency
Show Details55min 42s
Chicago Bulls Bring Effort but Lose Anyways in Game 4 Against the Bucks
Show Details35min 37s
Bulls Suck Big Time in Game 3 Loss to Bucks
Show Details15min 36s
Bulls Make Bucks Bleed; Take Game 2 114-110
Show Details28min 7s
Chicago Bulls Put Up Fight in 86-93 Game One Loss to Bucks
Show Details33min
Keith and Trey RETURN and Talk Bulls/Bucks and Early Season Predictions
Show Details52min 47s
Talking Bulls' Recent Struggles and the Bigger Picture After Another L
Show Details31min 38s
Previewing a Potential Bulls-Celtics First Round Matchup
Show Details1hr 13min
Bulls Lose to Heat 109-127
Show Details29min 40s
Chicago Bulls Luck Out Against Los Angeles Clippers to Win in OT 135-130
Show Details29min 44s
Chicago Bulls Drop a Winnable Game Again vs. the New York Knicks
Show Details28min 34s
Chicago Bulls Win Key Victory Over Cleveland Cavaliers 98-94
Show Details27min 47s
Bulls Falter Late, Lose 109-126 to New Orleans Pelicans
Show Details31min 58s
Chicago Bulls Predictably Lose to the Milwaukee Bucks 98-126
Show Details27min 1s
Chicago Bulls WIN 113-99 Over Raptors
Show Details27min 34s
Bulls Get Slapped 102-129 By Phoenix Suns
Show Details26min 30s
Chicago Bulls Put Up Dud in Crucial Game with Sacramento Kings
Show Details32min 1s
Talking Bulls with Haize from Locked on Bulls
Show Details54min 21s
Chicago Bulls Topple Flailing Cavs 101-91
Show Details28min 19s
Hard Questions Facing the Chicago Bulls as Playoffs Loom
Show Details1hr 2min
Chicago Bulls Predictably Lose to Philadelphia 76ers 106-121
Show Details28min 51s
Chicago Bulls Playoff Preview Primer
Show Details40min 32s
Chicago Bulls Give It Their All in 112-118 loss to Bucks
Show Details38min 46s
Twin Towers: Bulls Lose to Hawks 124-130
Show Details34min 42s
Chicago Bulls Lay Dud; Lose 99-112 to Miami Heat
Show Details31min 22s
Ja Morant Drops Career High As Grizzlies Beat Bulls 116-110
Show Details30min 58s
Chicago Bulls Post-Break Schedule and Keys to Success
Show Details46min 20s
DeMar Derozan's Special
Show Details55min 30s
2021-22 Chicago Bulls Midseason Grades
Show Details1hr 15min
Chicago Bulls Love to Win on Valentine's Day, Beat Spurs 120-109
Show Details24min 53s
Bulls Get it Done on Neil Funk Night 106-101 over the Oklahoma City Thunder
Show Details30min 19s
Bulls Take Care of Business 134-122 Over Tough T'Wolves Squad
Show Details29min 35s
No Trades for Chicago Bulls on Deadline Day
Show Details58min 54s
Chicago Bulls Lose in a 3-Point Blowout to Phoenix Suns
Show Details26min 11s
Chicago Bulls Lose 108-119 to Sixers Despite Season-High 45 from DeMar DeRozan
Show Details31min 40s
Chicago Bulls Bullet Points 2.4.22
Show Details1hr 7min
Chicago Bulls Lose Overtime Thriller 120-127 to Toronto Raptors
Show Details35min 41s
Chicago Bulls Win Shootout 130-116 Over Portland Trail Blazers
Show Details32min 18s
Chicago Bulls Trade Deadline Special
Show Details52min 39s
Bulls Lose 122-131 to San Antonio Spurs Due to Poor Defense
Show Details25min 53s
Chicago Bulls Get Quality Win Over Toronto Raptors 111-105
Show Details31min 58s
Bulls Get Much Needed Win Over OKC Thunder 111-110
Show Details27min 32s
Bulls Lose 95-114 to the Orlando Magic
Show Details31min 14s
Bulls-Magic Preview and Some Nikola Vucevic Love
Show Details47min 59s
Bulls Fall to Second Place with 90-94 Loss to the Milwaukee Bucks
Show Details25min 3s
Bulls WIN 117-104 Over the Cleveland Cavaliers
Show Details23min 41s
Talking the Bulls' Recent Struggles with Buzz from Bulls On Tap
Show Details1hr 10min
Bulls Lose 106-119 to the Grizzlies, Losing Streak Now at 4
Show Details32min 41s
Midway Breakdown: Bulls Lose 112-114 to the Celtics, Plus an Eastern Conference Primer!
Show Details1hr 15min
Bulls Suck Again, Lose 96-138 to the Warriors
Show Details22min 24s
Bulls/Nets Recap with Daniel Greenberg
Show Details53min 24s
Bulls Dominate Pistons 133-87, Get Banged Up Nets Tomorrow
Show Details29min 7s
Call Us Patrick Williams Stans If You Must
Show Details1hr 1min
Ayooooooo! Chicago Bulls Beat Wizards 130-122 Behind Ayo Dosunmu's Career-High 18
Show Details29min 35s
Chicago Bulls Win in Lonzo Ball's Return, Push Win Streak to Eight
Show Details35min 1s
Chicago Bulls 2021 Top Moments Countdown
Show Details41min 17s
Groundhog Day? Bulls Beat Wizards 120-119 with a DeMar DeRozan Buzzer-Beater
Show Details32min 32s
Happy New Year! Bulls Beat Pacers Behind DeMar DeRozan Heroics
Show Details36min 10s
Recapping Bulls/Hawks with Tony Gill from NBC Sports Chicago
Show Details1hr 11min
A Nice Gift After Christmas: Bulls Win 113-105 Over the Indiana Pacers
Show Details35min 15s
Bulls Demolish Rockets 133-118 for Sweet Revenge
Show Details24min 54s
Bulls Beat Lakers 115-110 Behind MVP Candidate DeMar DeRozan
Show Details55min 7s
State of the Bulls and a Bit About Bulls Fandom
Show Details1hr 6min
Heat/Bulls Recap, Possible Trade Targets, and Cap Breakdown
Show Details1hr 15min
Derrick Jones Jr. Enters Health and Safety Protocols
Show Details13min 15s
Depleted Bulls Fall in Cleveland, 115-92, Win Streak Snapped
Show Details16min 55s
Battle of the Nikolas
Show Details28min 22s
Running with the Bulls
Show Details1hr 2min
BIG Win Over the Nets & News on Hosts
Show Details27min 28s
We're Finally Back...And So Are The Bulls!
Show Details26min 33s
Lonzo, DeMar, & Caruso Coming To Chi-City
Show Details21min 11s
Bulls Draft Chicago's Own Ayo Dosunmu
Show Details18min 53s
What The Coby White Injury Does To Chicago's Offseason Plans
Show Details20min 6s
It's Time To Get Excited About...The Lottery
Show Details26min 32s
Are The Playoffs Really Worth It For The Bulls?
Show Details33min 29s
Bulls Acquire Nikola Vučević From Orlando
Show Details29min 36s
Wolves & Suns Game Recaps + 2nd Half Schedule Analysis
Show Details16min 54s
Kings & Rockets Game Recaps + Wolves Preview & Zach LaVine's All Star Nod
Show Details20min 25s
76ers Game Recap & Kings Game Preview (With Jill Adge from HoopBall Kings)
Show Details44min 13s
Game 26 & 27 Recaps - Bulls Grind Out Wins Against Pacers & Pistons
Show Details26min 56s
Game 24 & 25 Recaps + Pacers Game Preview
Show Details15min 18s
Game 21, 22, & 23 Recaps + Pelicans Preview (With Lyle Swithenbank)
Show Details52min 4s
Game 18, 19, & 20 Recaps
Show Details23min 7s
Bulls-Blazers Preview (With Danny Marang of NBC Sports Northwest) + Recap of Loss To The Celtics
Show Details46min 35s
Game 15 & 16 Recap + A Quick Look At The Celtics
Show Details18min 20s
Where The Bulls Stand (With Tony Gill of NBC Sports Chicago)
Show Details45min 35s
Game 13 & 14 Recap - Bulls Complete The Texas Two Step
Show Details23min 34s
Game 12 Recap - Thunder 127, Bulls 125 (OT)
Show Details15min 21s
Game 11 Recap + The NBA's New Health & Safety Protocols
Show Details29min 26s
Bulls-Clippers Preview (With Brandon Marcus from Hoop Ball Clippers)
Show Details36min 53s
Game 10 Recap - Lakers 117, Bulls 115
Show Details25min 10s
Bulls-Lakers Preview (With Ethan & J.C. from Hoop Ball Lakers)
Show Details31min 8s
Game 9 Recap - Kings 128, Bulls 124
Show Details22min 27s
Game 8 Recap - Bulls 111, Blazers 108
Show Details20min 36s
Game 7 Recap - Bulls 118, Mavericks 108
Show Details23min 55s
Game 5 & 6 Recaps + Mavs Game Preview (With Lawrence Brooks)
Show Details53min 35s
Game 4 Recap: Bulls 115, Wizards 107
Show Details21min 10s
Game 3 Recap: Warriors 129, Bulls 128
Show Details20min 52s
Game 2 Recap - Pacers 125, Bulls 106
Show Details23min 26s
Game 1 Recap: Hawks 124, Bulls 104
Show Details20min 51s
Opening Night Preview (With Brad Hardin)
Show Details50min 29s
Morning After Reaction: Preseason Game 4: Bulls 105, Thunder 103
Show Details21min 33s
Morning After Reaction: Preseason Game 3: Bulls 124, Thunder 103
Show Details18min
Morning After Reaction: Preseason Game 2: Bulls 104, Rockets 91
Show Details16min 2s
Morning After Reaction: Preseason Game 1: Rockets 125, Bulls 104
Show Details19min 34s
Let's Get To Scheduling
Show Details24min 47s
Garrett & The Temple Of Silence
Show Details19min 33s
Bulls Draft Patrick Williams With 4th Overall Pick
Show Details30min 14s
The Bulls & Hawks Are Very Similar Franchises
Show Details1hr 1min
The Season Begins December 22nd, The Bulls Have Decisions To Make
Show Details20min 42s
Welcome To Chicago Billy Donovan (with Jacob Kniffen of The Uncontested)
Show Details48min 12s
Narrowing Down The Coaching Search & The Immediate Future Of The Current Roster (with Mark Karantzoulis)
Show Details53min 1s
Breaking Down The Coaching Possibilities (With Dead Prez)
Show Details32min 31s
Boylen, BE GONE!
Show Details23min 17s
There's No Bulls News...That's Not Good
Show Details18min 34s
The Bulls From A Bird's-Eye View (with Adam Stanco from Rejecting The Screen)
Show Details48min 3s
The NBA Is Back, But Thank Goodness The Bulls Aren't
Show Details20min 48s
Recapping "The Last Dance" (with the Pulling Back The Curtain podcast)
Show Details1hr 6min
Last Dance Review (Parts 9 & 10)
Show Details21min 42s
Last Dance Review (Parts 7 & 8)
Show Details20min 25s
Last Dance Review (Parts 5 & 6)
Show Details21min 26s
Last Dance Review (Parts 3 & 4)
Show Details21min 25s
Last Dance Review (Parts 1 & 2)
Show Details22min 4s
Fare Thee Well Gar Forman
Show Details20min 42s
The Karnisovas Era Begins
Show Details26min 26s
The Search Is On!
Show Details25min 9s
The Season Is Over (Even If It Isn't)
Show Details27min 24s
Do We Know What The Future Is?
Show Details30min 42s
Oh Otto, What Could Have Been (A Debut Episode!)
Show Details26min 47s
State of the Bulls & Introduction to the Show
Show Details10min 36s