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Episode 105 - Interview with Dr. Bill Schindler: Are Almonds and Dairy Healthy, Eating Seasonally and Cornerstones of a Healthy Diet!
Show Details57min 25s
Episode 104 - Cold Exposure for Fat Loss?
Show Details7min 15s
Episode 103 - Interview with Elle Russ: Fix Your Thyroid, Optimize Your Sleep, Overcome Food Addiction
Show Details59min 48s
Episode 102 - How alcohol affects your appetite, fat loss goals, and athletic performance!
Show Details7min 57s
Episode 101 - Get Lean Eat Clean 100th Episode Anniversary, Part 2
Show Details44min 27s
Episode 100 - Get Lean Eat Clean 100th Episode Anniversary, Part 1
Show Details44min 56s
Episode 99 - How long does it take to regain lost strength and muscles?
Show Details6min 30s
Episode 98 - Interview with Robert Sikes: Keto Bricks, Do We Need Carbs and How to Get Fat Adapted!
Show Details46min 42s
Episode 97 - Void These Items from Your Kitchen
Show Details9min 29s
Episode 96 - Interview with Mary Ruddick: Ancestral Health, Cold Therapy and GAPS Diet for Healing
Show Details45min 5s
Episode 95 - Eliminate This One Thing!
Show Details9min 11s
Episode 94 - Interview with Dr. Brad Campbell: Adrenal Fatigue, Gut Health and Ways to Build Your Immune System
Show Details48min 1s
Episode 93 - My Bedtime Routine
Show Details11min 48s
Episode 92 - Interview with Wade Lightheart: Gut-Brain Connection, Importance of Fiber and Staying Fit into your 50's
Show Details53min 8s
Episode 91 - How to Start Intermittent Fasting
Show Details12min 47s
Episode 90 - Interview with James Barry: A Clever Way to Eat Organs
Show Details53min 6s
Episode 89 - My Favorite Way to Get More Energy!
Show Details8min 32s
Episode 88 - Interview with Rachel Gregory: Fasting, Keto Diet, Metabolic Flexibility and Hypertrophy Training
Show Details53min 34s
Episode 87 - Benefits of Sprinting!
Show Details9min 15s
Episode 86 - Interview with Dr. Stephen Hussey: Toxins to Avoid, Importance of Cholesterol, and Which Health Markers to Look For!
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This week I interviewed Dr. Stephen Hussey. He is a Chiropractor and Functional Medicine practitioner, speaker, and the author of two books on health; Dr. Hussey guides clients from around the world back to health by using the latest research and health attaining strategies. 

In this episode, we discussed Dr. Hussey's health journey, toxins to avoid for optimal health, advantages of Infrared Saunas along with:

- LDL / Statins and Cholesterol

- PUFA's vs. Saturated Fat

- Dr. Hussey's morning / evening routine

and his one tip to get your body back to what it once was!

Connect with Dr. Stephen:

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59min 10s
Published Sep 17, 2021 at 11:00am
Episode 85 - 5 Characteristics to Live an Optimal Life
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Episode 84 - Interview with Brent Brookbush: Assessing Better Movement, Should you stretch hamstrings, Importance of Glute Activation
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Episode 83 - 5 Tips For Intermittent Fasting
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Episode 82 - Interview with Rita Spevak: Health Journey into Fasting, Alternate Day Fasting and Intuitive Eating
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Episode 81 - Ideal Fat Burning Workout Regimen
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Episode 80 - Interview with Eugen Loki: Body Fat Set Point, How Hormones Control Our Metabolism and High Protein Diets
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Episode 79 - How Important is Your Grip Strength?
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Episode 78 - Interview with Robb Wolf: Gut Issues, Important Lab Tests and Ways to Increase Testosterone
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Episode 77 - How Many Carbs Should You Eat?
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Episode 76 - Interview with Dr. Jaquish: What is Variable Resistance, X3 vs. Weights and Dry Fasting Protocol
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Episode 75 - This Hormone will Regulate Your Body Fat!
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Episode 74 - Interview with Colin Stuckert: Importance of Protein, Is Chicken Healthy, and Truth about the Supplement Industry
Show Details53min 30s
Episode 73 - Is Stress Causing Weight Gain?
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Episode 72 - Client Spotlight - Mindi Zissman: How a Busy Entrepreneur with 5 Kids Made Intermittent Fasting a Lifestyle Change!
Show Details35min 24s
Episode 71 - 6 Ways to Slow Down Aging!
Show Details8min 36s
Episode 70 - Interview with Molly Devine: Clean Keto Lifestyle, Keto and Gut Health and Common Keto Mistakes
Show Details48min 35s
Episode 69 - Can Fasting Improve your Gut?
Show Details7min
Episode 68 - Interview with Connie Nightingale: Importance of not overtraining, Tips to get more protein, and Best way to get fat-adapted
Show Details48min 51s
Episode 67 - My Evening and Morning Routine!
Show Details13min 5s
Episode 66 - Interview with Kate Cretsinger: The Ultimate Elimination Diet, How Carnivore Saved Her Daughter and Her Race Across America
Show Details49min 9s
Episode 65 - Tips for Optimal Coffee Use!
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Episode 64 - Interview with Danny Vega: Danny's Favorite Health Rule, Mindful Eating and Importance of Mobility
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Episode 63 - Are Grains Worth Eating?
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Episode 62 - Interview with Alexa Schirm: Importance of Mindset when Losing Weight, Circadian Fasting and Energy Flow to Avoid Cravings
Show Details1hr 1min
Episode 61 - Is There a Best Time to Fast?
Show Details12min 13s
Episode 60 - Interview with Brad Kearns: Eating Healthy on a Budget, The 3 Most Offensive Foods and Brad's Most Beneficial Workouts
Show Details57min 40s
Episode 59 - Is Snacking Beneficial?
Show Details11min
Episode 58 - Interview with Dr. Jaime Seeman: Misconceptions Around Eating Red Meat, Importance of Protein and Advantages of Carb Restriction
Show Details50min 20s
Episode 57 - Steps to Improve Gut Health
Show Details10min 13s
Episode 56 - Interview with Dr. Al Danenberg: Unconventional Cancer Protocol, Gut Health, and Better Belly Blueprint
Show Details57min 38s
Episode 55 - Healthy Tips when Eating Out
Show Details10min 57s
Episode 54 - Interview with Megan Ramos: Advantages of Fasting, What Breaks a Fast and Difference between Men and Women when Fasting
Show Details51min 17s
Episode 53 - 4 Tips to Get Your Health on Track
Show Details12min 4s
Episode 52 - Interview with Abel James: Abel's Wild Diet, How to Stay in Shape at Home, Importance of Learning Music
Show Details54min 24s
Episode 51 - Calories, Insulin and Losing Body Fat
Show Details10min 49s
Episode 50 - Interview with Ryan Lee: Ryan's 80/20 Health Rule, How to Eat Healthy without breaking the bank, Quick Workouts for the day
Show Details47min 30s
Episode 49 - Two Health Tips to get you Ready for the Summer
Show Details6min 50s
Episode 48 - Interview with Judy Cho: How Carnivore saved her depression, Importance of Minerals, and Cholesterol's role in the body
Show Details56min 29s
Episode 47 - Reasons to Fast
Show Details8min 33s
Episode 46 - Interview with Aimee Carlson: How to Live a Toxic Free Lifestyle, and Detox Tips for your Home, Food, Water and more!
Show Details49min 51s
Episode 45 - Are you Challenging Your Brain?
Show Details6min 2s
Episode 44 - Interview with Dr. Shawn Baker: The Carnivore Way, Protein intake, and What's the deal with Fiber?
Show Details44min 20s
Episode 43 - Are your Cravings Controlling You?
Show Details9min 22s
Episode 42 - Interview with Gin Stephens: What's a Clean Fast, Fasting with a Purpose and Importance of Mindset with Fasting
Show Details56min 28s
Episode 41 - 6 Ways to Protect from Insulin Resistance
Show Details5min 51s
Episode 40 - Interview with Jason Ackerman: Keys to Making Lifestyle Change, Carnivore Eating, and Tips for Better Sleep
Show Details44min 37s
Episode 39 - Keto and Intermittent Fasting
Show Details6min 16s
Episode 38 - Interview with Dr. Pastore: How to deal with Celiac Disease, Advantages of Ancestral Eating, and Is Dairy good for you?
Show Details1hr 1min
Episode 37 - Are Plants Toxic?
Show Details8min 52s
Episode 36 - Interview with Larry Diamond: How he lost 120lbs, Overcame Hunger and Used Fasting as a tool to regain his health
Show Details59min 17s
Episode 35 - Fasting and Fat Loss!
Show Details8min 17s
Episode 34 - Interview with Fit2Fat2Fit Drew Manning - Keys to getting back 2 Fit, How to Stay Consistent and Overcome Mental Barriers to Weight Loss
Show Details45min 45s
Episode 33 - What to eat during a day of Intermittent Fasting!
Show Details10min 57s
Episode 32 - Interview with Scott Stallings: Fitness, Recovery and Intermittent Fasting from one of the fittest guys on the PGA Tour
Show Details48min 18s
Episode 31 - Benefits of Cold Exposure
Show Details5min 51s
Episode 30 - Interview with Doug Holt: Importance of a Coach, Successful Mindset and Getting Unstuck
Show Details44min 18s
Episode 29 - 5 Principles to Maximize Your Health!
Show Details8min 23s
Episode 28 - Interview with Danny Vega: Mindful eating, Morning Rituals and Fasting for Health
Show Details1hr 3min
Episode 27 - What's the best way to get abs?
Show Details10min 36s
Episode 26 - Interview with Dr. Terri Lance - How to start and break a fast, Difference between calorie restriction and fasting, and Overcoming Hunger
Show Details1hr 3min
Episode 25 - Tips to Eliminate Sugar and a 7 Day Challenge!
Show Details10min 48s
Episode 24 - Interview with Dr. Ken Berry: Misconceptions around Cholesterol, Fiber, Dairy and Ways to Raise Testosterone
Show Details58min 25s
Episode 23 - Eliminate This One Thing to Lose Fat
Show Details7min 14s
Episode 22 - Interview with Connie Nightingale: Clean Eating Principles, Health Eating for Kids and How to be a Keto Athlete
Show Details51min 56s
Episode 21 - 6 Tips to Optimize Sleep!
Show Details6min 53s
Episode 20 - Interview with Adam Schaeuble: His Road to Losing Over 100LBS
Show Details50min 24s
Episode 19 - This Hormone Can Help You Reach Your Weight Loss Goals
Show Details6min 1s
Episode 18 - Interview with Dr. Bill Schindler: How to Eat Like a Human to regain your health
Show Details1hr 28min
Episode 17 - Crash Course in Reading Labels
Show Details7min 52s
Episode 16 - Interview with Marty Kendall: What's wrong with Keto, Data Driven Fasting and Which Proteins to Prioritize
Show Details50min 58s
Episode 15 - Does Coffee Break A Fast?
Show Details8min 10s
Episode 14 - Interview with Dr. Gary Shlifer: Living a Sapien Lifestyle, 5 Pillars of a Happy Human, and Strategies for a Sound Sleep
Show Details1hr 2min
Episode 13 - What type of protein should you eat?
Show Details8min 33s
Episode 12 - Interview with Dr. John Jaquish: The X3 Bar vs. Traditional Lifting, Why Cardio makes you hold onto fat and Dr. John's dietary advice
Show Details1hr
Episode 11 - How I Decreased Body Fat % and Increased Muscle!
Show Details12min 52s
Episode 10 - Interview with Dr. Ted Naiman: Importance of Protein, Energy Toxicity, Carb Periodization and Foods to Avoid
Show Details53min 48s
Episode 9 - What is Circadian Rhythm and how can we use it to optimize our health?
Show Details5min 20s
Episode 8 - Interview with Robert Sikes: How Keto can turn you into a Fat Burner!
Show Details44min 26s
Episode 7 - What I Have Learned From Fasting
Show Details7min 59s
Episode 6 - William Shewfelt's Daily Habits to Become Ripped
Show Details57min 43s
Episode 5 - How to Crush the Mornings to Dominate the Day!
Show Details8min 27s
Episode 4 - Interview with Elle Russ: Fix your Thyroid and Lower Inflammation with Paleo Eating
Show Details1hr
Episode 3 - Interview with Brian Sanders: Optimize your Health through Ancestral Eating
Show Details57min 34s
Episode 2 - Interview with Brad Kearns: Learn how to crush your morning routine and avoid injury/soreness from your workouts
Show Details57min 11s
Episode 1 - Top 10 Principles to Live A Kick A** Life
Show Details22min 22s