Brian Creary is interviewed weekly on the core values of the House of Prayer. Tackling some of your biggest questions, come grow in deeper understanding of what it means to be part of this global prayer movement. emerging across the earth.


New Class! Israel, the Jews and the heart of Jesus
Show Details1min 47s
How Precious Are Your Thoughts Towards Me (Season Finale)
Show Details23min 40s
Taking Thoughts Captive
Show Details23min 15s
Crash Course in Revelation
Show Details22min 54s
Growing In Faith and Trust
Show Details21min 20s
Importance of Listening to Others
Show Details23min 16s
Apostolic Prayers
Show Details19min 38s
Reading the Song of Solomon
Show Details20min 16s
How To Hear the Holy Spirit
Show Details18min 24s
Engaging With the Holy Spirit
Show Details18min 10s
Understanding and Knowing Jesus
Show Details19min 6s
The Emotions of God
Show Details17min 31s
We're Back - Introduction to Season 2
Show Details16min 36s
Season 2 Preview
Show Details1min 11s
Heaven 3: More Real Than You Think
Show Details17min 1s
Heaven 2: Healing (and donuts)
Show Details16min 19s
A Conversation About Heaven
Show Details15min 57s
What to look for in a Worship Leader for your Praying Community
Show Details16min 4s
The Pressures of a Young Person in The Prayer Movement
Show Details16min 24s
Bible Meditation
Show Details56min 14s
Responding to Covid 19
Show Details25min 33s
Part 2: Interview With a Young Worship Leader
Show Details14min 11s
Interview With a Young Worship Leader Part 1
Show Details15min 31s
In The Prayer Room
Show Details15min 31s
Show Details14min 19s
Loved in Weakness
Show Details14min 38s
Connected Hearts
Show Details14min 8s
The Delay
Show Details13min 55s
Extraordinary Faith
Show Details13min 10s
Why Intercession Matters
Show Details14min 53s
Why Worship Matters
Show Details13min 32s
The Priestly Calling
Show Details15min 1s
The Audience of One
Show Details16min 42s