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Under The Strap - Episode 16, 7/6/20 with with Austin Kaiser, Joe Greiner and Dave Pelekoudas
Show Details52min 50s
Under The Strap - Episode 15, 6/29/20 with Paul Goydos, Scott Sajtinac and Chris Mazziotti
Show Details1hr 11min
Under The Strap - Episode 14, 6/22/20 with Brian Reed, Johnny Thompson and Iration's Micah Pueschel
Show Details54min 42s
Happy Hour Podcast - Episode 11, 6/18/20 with Damian Lopez, Brad Swearingen and Chad Antus.
Show Details1hr 14min
Under The Strap - Episode 13, 6/15/20 with Kenny Harms and Chris P. Jones
Show Details51min 50s
Happy Hour Podcast - Episode 10, 6/11/20 with Damian Lopez, Scott Sajtinac, Joe Duplantis and the Bethpage boys
Show Details1hr 29min
Under The Strap - Episode 12, 6/8/20 with Jeff Johnson and Chris P. Jones
Show Details1hr 1min
Happy Hour Podcast - Episode 9, 6/4/20 with Damian Lopez, Scott Sajtinac and Jeff Willett
Show Details1hr 4min
Under The Strap - Episode 11, 6/1/20 with Tony Navarro and John 'Cub' Burke
Show Details1hr
Happy Hour Podcast - Episode 8, 5/28/20 with Damian Lopez, Dave Pelekoudas and Jordan Guilford
Show Details1hr
Under The Strap - Episode 10, 5/26/20 with Les Luark, Jason McDede and Caro Masson
Show Details58min 57s
Happy Hour Podcast - Episode 7, 5/21/20 with caddies Damian Lopez, Brian Vranesh and Jon Turcott
Show Details1hr 12min
Happy Hour Podcast - Episode 6, 5/14/20 featuring Kelley James with Wayne Birch Jr. and Brett Waldman
Show Details50min 53s
Under The Strap - Episode 8, 5/11/2020 with Scott Sajtinac, John Wood and Heath Holt
Show Details1hr 11min
Happy Hour Podcast - Episode 5, 5/7/20 with Damian Lopez, Brent Everson and Jeff Willett
Show Details1hr 3min
Under The Strap - Episode 9, 5/18/20 with Kip Henley and Don Donatello
Show Details1hr 6min
Under The Strap - Episode 7, 5/4/2020 with Eric Larson and Tommy Chong
Show Details1hr 23min
Happy Hour Podcast - Episode 4, 4/30/20 with Aaron Flener and Joe Horowitz
Show Details51min 39s
Under The Strap - Episode 6, 4/27/20 with Kevin Na and Kenny Harms
Show Details49min 11s
Happy Hour Podcast - Episode 3, 4/24/20 with Kurt Kowaluk, Scott Sajtinac, Michael Bestor and Mark Urbanek
Show Details38min 56s
Under The Strap - Episode 5, 4/20/20 with Scott Gneiser, Ryan Rue and Eric Meller
Show Details1hr 23min
Happy Hour Podcast - Episode 2, 4/17/20 with Damian Lopez, Jeff Willett and Brian Reed
Show Details45min 17s
Under The Strap - Episode 4, 4/13/20 with Mike 'Fluff' Cowan and Mike Hicks
Show Details1hr 1min
Happy Hour Podcast - Episode 1, 4/10/20 with Geno Bonnalie, Aaron Flener and Dale Vallely
Show Details45min 4s
Under The Strap - Episode 3, 4/6/20 with Joe LaCava, Damon Green and Ted Scott
Show Details54min 14s
Under The Strap - Episode 2, 3/31/20 with Paul Tesori, Damon Green and Brian Vranesh
Show Details1hr 13min
Under The Strap - Episode 1, 3/23/20 with Scott Sajtinac and Paul Tesori
Show Details45min 27s