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Conversations with guests about the Blazers, the NBA, basketball, and other stuff.


5+ Blazers Predictions for Next Season!
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Eric Griffith of WWeek on Blazers' Cap, Moves, DAME EXTENDED
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Where Dame Retires Depends on Next Week's Lottery!
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Did Joe Cronin RUIN the Blazers??
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Blazer Madness: The 2022 NBA Draft w/ Steve Dewald
Show Details1hr 15min
Capapalooza: A Blazers Cap Explainer
Show Details43min 29s
Positive Vibes Only! Blazers make major changes
Show Details1hr 11min
Dame gets surgery, Ant exploding, Cronin's hire
Show Details1hr 6min
Blazers embracing the tank?
Show Details28min 31s
Welcoming Joe Cronin, CJ injured, Dame's Loyalty
Show Details57min 8s
Chauncey Billups and the Failure of Accountability
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Olshey on the way out? Blazers' road woes continue
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Dame hurt?? Blazers losing streak, resilient optimism, missing defense
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Blazers' first 4 games, Ant balling, Billups so far, Dame's slump
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2021-22 Blazers Season Predictions!
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REACTION: 2021 Blazers Media Day
Show Details39min 11s
Blazers end-of-bench depth, streaming, Dame gets married
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Ranking the Blazers Players + Nance Trade
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Summer League wrap-up, Greg Brown's potential
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Free Agency + Scoop B Robinson on Dame's Future
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Brandon Sprague on media, Dame, team building
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Steve Dewald on the 2021 NBA Draft, CJ/Dame Trades
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Dame Says He Might Leave.
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Travis Demers on Blazers coaching hires, team expectations
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Fake Dame Trades, Billups, Suns/Bucks Finals
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Chauncey Billups + CJ Trades w/ Ashtyn Butuso
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Do Coaches Want to Come to Portland?
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Should the Blazers trade Damian Lillard? (No) + Coaches, CJ Trades
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Stotts is Gone, Dame is Leading
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The Blazers Beyond 2021 - Audio Story
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Series tied 2-2, Blazers win BIG in Game 4!
Show Details54min 36s
Blazers 1-0 over Nugs, 123-109
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ONE MORE GAME game to the playoffs!
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Blazers beat Spurs 124-102: Three quick things!
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Ben Golliver on 'Bubbleball', coaching, and the Blazers
Show Details54min 11s
New Co-Host? New Blazers 3-game HOT streak!
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Don't Worry Be Happy! Reasons for Blazers optimism
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NBA Top Shot: What is it, and where's it going?
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10 Things from the Blazers' season so far w/ Evanem
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Ryan Whitledge on rating Coach Stotts
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Keith Feltner-Smith on Harden, Olshey, start of season
Show Details40min 27s
Casey Holdahl on team expectations, Dame's minutes, CJ's All-Star chances
Show Details30min 44s
The Blazers' place in the West
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Blazers FULL 2020-21 Offseason Review
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Remember Poli Sci - Ep. 3
Show Details1hr 10min
Remember Poli Sci - Ep. 2
Show Details1hr 10min
Remember Poli Sci - Ep. 1
Show Details1hr 11min
PILOT - The Gold Nerds - Two brothers talking politics!
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Is Terry Stotts a Good Coach?
Show Details14min 1s
The Blazers' playoff chances, COVID update, Dame's Prime w/Ryan Whitledge
Show Details1hr 2min
LaMarcus back in Portland?? Tampering, the Michael Jordan documentary, more w/ Ryan Whitledge
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The Blazers Paid Their Staff! Bernie drops out, COVID-19, virtual HORSE, more w/ Ryan Whitledge
Show Details1hr 2min
Coronavirus and the NBA: Social Distancing + The Blazers need to pay their staff
Show Details34min 52s
Keith Feltner-Smith of the Trailcasters on slugs vs. thugs, Blazers tank vs. Blazers playoffs, Melo's fit, Blazers' center rotation
Show Details42min
Evanem on Rodney Hood's injury, who will step up, listener questions, more
Show Details55min 7s
Ryan Whitledge on Melo's fit, Blazers WIN, Stotts Slander, rest-of-season predictions
Show Details1hr 8min
EMERGENCY MELO POD: The Blazers sign Carmelo Anthony. Why? Why? And... why?
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RAPID REACTION: Blazers lose to Kings 107-99 (w/ Ryan Whitledge)
Show Details33min 1s
Eric Griffith on Dame's hot start, the Blazers at 3-5, Hassan Whiteside's energy, possible trades, Anfernee Simons
Show Details35min 10s
Tara Bowen-Biggs and Steve Dewald on Skal Labissiere needing to step up in Zach Collins' absence, Lillard's hot start, Bazemore, early Blazers trends
Show Details38min 48s
Michael Visenberg on the Roy-led Blazers, NBA trends, best rookies so far, the Blazers' defense and culture
Show Details48min 57s
Ben Golliver on covering the NBA, early Western Conference trends, the Blazers' continuity, whether Dame and CJ have peaked
Show Details36min 13s
Nate Duncan on the NBA in China, whether Whiteside will fit in, did the Blazers get better, the Blazers' playoff chances, and more!
Show Details47min 10s
Ryan Whitledge of the BlazerTag Podcast on behind-the-scenes podcasting stuff, the Blazers in a brutal West, banned ninja headbands, Simons hype, Collins + Whiteside, G-League single free throw rule
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