Stories by Yishika

Starting with the harry potter series, our aim is to bring you all stories in audio format.


Harry potter CH 10 Halloween
Show Details29min 59s
Harry Potter - Ch 9 The Midnight Duel
Show Details32min 9s
Harry Potter- CH - 8 The Potions Master
Show Details20min 35s
Harry Potter - CH 7 The Sorting Hat
Show Details32min 18s
Harry Potter and The Sorcerers Stone - CH 6 Platform Number Nine and Three Quarters
Show Details44min 17s
Harry Potter & scorchers stone - Diagon Alley
Show Details49min 18s
Harry Potter - CH4 Keeper of Keys
Show Details27min
Harry Potter - Ch 3 Letters from No-one
Show Details26min 22s
Harry Potter - Vanishing Glass
Show Details23min 4s
Harry Potter and Sorcerer Stone CH1
Show Details32min 59s