Relishing Life's Anomalies: a Conversation With Justin Gold

55m | May 10, 2023

What does success mean to you? Does it include the way in which you live your life? If you see yourself as part of the human “family,” then how is your success both a part of that, and a reflection of that? Having been on both sides of the spiritual student and teacher relationship, I’m excited to welcome a spiritual master, Justin Gold, to Wisdom Talk Radio to share himself.

The diverse themes of the five books that Justin (J Jaye Gold) has written speak not only to his eclectic perspective but to his eclectic history. From financial espionage to world travel, to spiritual seeking, he has captured the essence of living a life of success while upholding standards of human compassion and generosity. He contends that a balanced life includes both an inner and outer aspect and only with that balance can a person’s aims be realized peacefully. The intentional community he established 40 years ago continues to support and nurture the process by which an individual can uncover their natural consciousness by learning to identify and remove the obstacles to a more harmonious existence.

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