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UIL Water Polo Delayed, and TISCA WP Chair Scott Slay
Show Details24min 40s
CenTexFest Success, and the Calendar is Filling Up
Show Details36min 50s
More Central Texas Festival, Thunder's Fall Tourney, Gold Coast Coach Tom Davis
Show Details48min 16s
ODP Review, Central TX Festival Preview, Another Varsity Program Cut
Show Details28min 43s
ODP Kicks Off, Jokic Passes like a Goalie, and Spencer Dornin
Show Details58min 47s
A Festival in Central TX, More Scrimmaging, TISCA's Scott Slay
Show Details40min 3s
Competition in Central TX, ODP in Central TX, and Southside's Colby Thames
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Big news as dates are solidifying for the first age group tournament in Texas since before the lockdown. Zilla and AquaTex will be the local hosts for a USA Water Polo event organized by Joe (who else would it be?) to be held Oct. 3-4 and/or Oct. 10-11 in Round Rock and Cedar Park. Details, as they say, are forthcoming.

Meanwhile, September's ODP Clinic in Round Rock has received tons of interest and registrations. Plus, the upcoming annual TISCA meeting will be featuring one of the biggest-name water polo coaches in the US.

And finally, Southside Water Polo's Coach, Parent, Board Member Colby Thames about his club's return to practice, his son's experience at A&M, and the joys of cutting up game film.

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Published Sep 10, 2020 at 6:01pm
AquaSwift Scrimmages, a Tourney in Round Rock?, and Utah's Brad Peercy
Show Details53min 33s
Andy Burke, One Year to UIL, Kris Jones of Cy-Fair
Show Details57min 1s
TXWP Interview: Three-time Olympian Merrill Moses
Show Details22min 47s
Max Irving, Matt Farmer, and Back to School
Show Details57min 45s
Special: UCLA Head Coach Adam Wright
Show Details32min 57s
Adam Wright, Merrill Moses, and a Clinic in Dallas
Show Details1hr
Special: Greg Mescall, USAWP Communications Director
Show Details44min 33s
Special: Dewey and Cathy Newsom on A&M and TX History
Show Details37min 4s
Special: Austin College Head Coach Mark Lawrence
Show Details39min 30s
UIL gives fall guidance, Austin College suspends, and Kaitlin Kelley
Show Details1hr
Special: Joe Talks Growth on Ohio's Spin Lob Podcast
Show Details48min 17s
Jonathan Landero, calendar updates, and Joe does another podcast
Show Details56min 19s
ODP news, Best of Texas victors, Navy coach Mike Schofield
Show Details59min 4s
Brenda Villa talks Texas, Diversity, and Olympics.
Show Details1hr 5min
HOF talk, farewell to Mihai, Coaches Landgraf and Mac speak
Show Details59min 5s
Special: George Block, San Antonio Aquatics Legend
Show Details44min 7s
TX Relocation Advice, Hall of Fame Plea, more George Block
Show Details52min 12s
Diversity in our sport, SATX legend George Block, more Best of Texas
Show Details1hr
Texans jumping back in, early results from Best of Texas II, a conversation with Chris Olvera and Jim Linehan
Show Details58min 57s
Special: Thunder's Star Volunteer Parent Lena Skinner
Show Details48min 3s
Best of TX Part 2, Practice in Round Rock, and Lena Skinner
Show Details58min 58s
Special: USA Water Polo Board Member Houston Hall
Show Details48min 3s
Texas goes back to practice, our Best of Texas II, USAWP Board Member Houston Hall
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Pod Special: Baytown Sterling and USC Standout Zayne Belal
Show Details55min 51s
An 07 Sterling sweep, Zayne Belal, and back to practice!
Show Details58min 9s
Pod Special: Iona All-American, Sterling standout Amy Olsen
Show Details59min 24s
A "Sterling" Best of Texas Final, Inching closer to re-opening, and Texas great Amy Olsen
Show Details57min 55s
Best of TX tourney semis, light at the end of the tunnel, and the Andrews talk San Antonio polo
Show Details56min 51s
Pod Special: Former Whittier College HC Justin Pudwill
Show Details53min 17s
High school season ends, Best of TX first round complete, a chat with Justin Pudwill
Show Details55min 51s
Pod Special: Coach Mihai Oprea of St. Mark's, Trident
Show Details42min 42s
JOs delayed, Best of TX tourney begins, and Mihai Oprea
Show Details55min 50s
Best of Texas: Mac & Joe talk preps since 2000
Show Details29min 48s
Quarantined in, the best of, and the history of water polo in Texas
Show Details59min 9s
TXWP Pod Special: Two-time Olympian Peter Hudnut
Show Details22min 28s
Angela Uno, too much Tiger King, and generally occupying time
Show Details50min
Olympics delayed, summer season uncertain, and Scott Slay
Show Details30min 53s
COVID-19 halts water polo, and we talk to the great Natalie Benson
Show Details52min 13s
'Roos winning streak, St. Mark's dominates, Joe has a gravelly voice
Show Details32min 16s
ODP's done, Flower Mound is on top, 'Roos play four in CA
Show Details46min 11s
Lions and Falcons on top, players of the week, and ODP (finally!)
Show Details26min 30s
Preps, rankings, wild speculation - it's high school season!
Show Details29min 17s
Cowtown has a rodeo, Pegasus & Thunder at Kap7, and more on preps
Show Details26min 32s
AC returns from Brown, Spin Lob outta Austin, preps on TXWP
Show Details37min
Spin Lob on 6th, AC on ESPN, and game days.
Show Details32min 42s
'Roos on deck, Dare to Dream, and Nicolao's coming to TX
Show Details42min 5s
ODP in the snow, daring to dream, TXWaterpolo has plans
Show Details30min 37s
End of Year Special: 2019's top stories, state of the game, and doomed resolutions
Show Details36min 48s
Thunder impresses in CA, Masters like Austin, Joe drives a truck
Show Details19min 33s
NCAA men are done, Utah is cold, Mark's dog is excited
Show Details43min 21s
Big ODP weekend, NCAAs are here, and it snowed in Hungary
Show Details30min 1s
ODP is back, season ends for UT, 'Roos seek revenge
Show Details27min 27s
'Roos on a winning streak, 'Horns battle for national title, Houston hosts Champions Cup
Show Details37min 23s
UT seeded 6th, 8th graders in Houston, 'Roos host some games
Show Details18min 47s
D3 Easterns Recap with 'Roos coach Mark Lawrence, UT earns championship bid, and more fallout from UIL
Show Details39min 4s
UIL water polo! Interviews with "Mac," Allie, Slay, and Cullen
Show Details44min 31s
SPECIAL: UIL Approves Water Polo Pilot
Show Details7min 41s
Mark Lawrence, Spencer Dornin, and Zach Lowery speak
Show Details38min 23s
Southside advances, UT dominates, Texas needs refs!
Show Details20min 44s
Undefeated A&M, UT streak ends, Houston and Rice on the rise
Show Details28min 34s
Austin College returns from Cali, TISCA has a clinic, and...
Show Details22min 21s
New ODP format, a slew of TX tourneys, early-season NCAA
Show Details20min 42s
TISCA Turnover, 'Roos Battle at Navy, Texas Summit Recap
Show Details34min 58s
'Roos open back East, Texans playing ball in college, plus rousing fight songs
Show Details35min 34s
Texas teams compete in Lake Travis, the NCAA season approaches, more on sports growth
Show Details24min 28s
Beach water polo invades Austin, 3rd state summit details, and we annex part of Illinois
Show Details25min 26s
Mark Lawrence of Austin College speaks, the fall schedule is out, USA men qualify
Show Details42min 24s
Radmonovich Steps Down, 'Roos Fall Schedule, Polo in the NFL.
Show Details31min 44s
Texans impress at JOs, Cullen's European adventure, sad news from Korea
Show Details31min 13s
It's all Junior Olympics... almost. Session 1 ends in SoCal.
Show Details29min 31s
CA Invasion: Texans land in California, Jovan to Austin?, NCAA growth in Texas
Show Details23min 35s
There's a First for Everything: Junior Olympics, UIL, and Beach Polo in Austin
Show Details30min 31s