The Logos Interviews

I want to advance the scientific process in fields that matter. Immeasurable progress could be derived from merely pondering upon the issues most people are affected by at the greatest intensity. A project to increase the productivity and longevity of humankind invites anyone not only to apply set principles to improve their lives but embody the idea of logos, further advancing this cause.

In the series of conversations "The Logos Interviews", I invite intellectually minded individuals to discuss their work and its philosophical and practical implications on their life and life itself.


#16 | Brad Marshall - The ROS Theory of Obesity
Show Details1hr 54min
#15 | Kevin Stock - Building A Life Of Balance
Show Details56min 37s
#14 | Andreas Breitfeld - How to Survive Electronic Pollution
Show Details48min 4s
#13 | Paul Marik - Managing COVID-19
Show Details56min 46s
#12 | Brian Sanders - Fighting Scientific Postmodernism
Show Details41min 59s
#11 | Jennifer Grossman - Advertising Objectivism
Show Details1hr
#10 | Brett Lloyd - Depression As A Metabolic Dieseae
Show Details1hr 28min
#9 | MWH - The Case for Martial Arts
Show Details48min 57s
#8 | Rasmus Just - The Medical Perspective on Biohacking
Show Details1hr 40min
#7 | Katie Moore - Success via Health & Happiness
Show Details52min 49s
#6 | William Shewfelt - Defining Heaven
Show Details1hr 10min
#5 | Dr. Shawn Baker - Responsible Nutrition
Show Details47min 12s
#4 | MWH - The Art of Creating Oneself
Show Details1hr 13min
#3 | Stephen Hicks - The Past, Present and Future of Philosophy
Show Details54min 22s
#2 | John Jaquish - A Groundbreaking Approach to Fitness
Show Details56min 26s
#1 | Sebastian Lenk - Logos
Show Details1min 2s