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The Genshin Anniversary is pog
Show Details31min 16s
The 2.2 Genshin Livestream Drama
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My First Week Playing Genshin Impact ft (My Only Fear)
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Careers that anime watchers want
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If I Lived In The Anime World: Jujutsu Kaisen
Show Details24min 13s
Fushiguro's evolution (Jujutsu kaisen rant)
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Why I hate Adam (Skate the infinity review)
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Japanese Netflix
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Kakegurui review + rant
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Instagram struggles+ sk8 update
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Sk8 the Infinity ep.7 rant
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Tower of god review+ story time
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Seiin Highschool Boy's Volleyball Review
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Haikyuu! reviews + story times
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Introduction +Jujutsu Kaisen rant
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