Beyond the Ball with Jonathan Jones

It's hard to get to the next level in your life without having the proper tools to get you into the winner's circle. Each Wednesday, join Jonathan Jones, 2-time TEDx speaker and best-selling author of PROCESS, as he interviews high achieving professionals and business leaders to discuss how the athlete mentality can position you for winning in life and in business. If you are looking to go pro by implementing healthy habits and strategies that will help you elevate faster and transform your business, career, and relationships, then this is the podcast for you.


31. Creating Professional Leaders with Jessica Hazard
Show Details41min 14s
How to Master Your Mental (feat. Grant Parr)
Show Details30min 53s
Permanent Gains, Fitness Goals and Why Cross-fit is a No Go with Kayla Keller
Show Details32min 39s
28. The Jiggy Haitian
Show Details48min 59s
Stray Dawg Mentality with Dior Walker of Last Chance U
Show Details28min 43s
Leaping Into Greatness with Lex Gillette
Show Details40min 44s
When Passion Meets Purpose, It's Peace with Chelsea Johnson Muir
Show Details39min 54s
Commitment to the Culture feat. Thomas Harris
Show Details34min 13s
A System to Create Massive Student-Athlete Success
Show Details11min 25s
Grateful and Greedy with Coach Tamika Newman
Show Details52min 33s
How Student-Athletes Can Prosper Through the Pandemic
Show Details14min 29s
How to Compete Everyday with Jake Thompson #BeyondTheBall
Show Details39min 42s
Mental Health Strategies to Support Student-Athletes #BeyondTheBall
Show Details8min
Consistent always with Coach A
Show Details39min 30s
Impacting Lives Through Basketball with Coach El
Show Details35min 13s
A Frugal Athlete with Amobi Okugu
Show Details35min 3s
"Identify Passion. Inspire Vision. Walk in Purpose." (with Timothy F. Bryson)
Show Details41min 8s
Learning the Relationship Game (with Krystal Beachum)
Show Details33min 9s
A King's Mentality (Feat. Coach Adam McCann)
Show Details31min 11s
Blessed to Announce (feat. Andrew Capirchio)
Show Details34min 42s
Tale of 2 Cultures (feat. David Bolisomi)
Show Details35min 59s
More Than Football (Feat. Coach Averion Hurts)
Show Details31min 56s
Dear America #BlackLivesStillMatter
Show Details18min 7s
Long Jumping Into Faith (feat. Laquan Nairn)
Show Details42min 51s
Popping the Bubble of Limitations (feat. Kolby Castillo)
Show Details33min 4s
Winning in Life After the NFL (feat. James Starks)
Show Details29min 47s
Falling In Love with the Process (feat. Christen Lockett)
Show Details43min
Dedication to the Game (feat. James Florence) EP. 4
Show Details31min 45s
Train 2 Dominate (feat. @EarlRooks4) | EP. 3 #BeyondTheBall |
Show Details27min 4s
How to Stay Ahead as a Student-Athlete | EP. 2 #BeyondTheBall |
Show Details17min 34s
The Introduction #BeyondTheBall
Show Details5min 40s