Beyond the Ball Podcast with Jonathan Jones

Beyond The Ball is designed for student-athletes striving for direction, professional development, and drive within their lives. Host Jonathan Jones focuses on bringing industry leaders, former athletes, and a variety of other guests. Where he focuses on stories, strategies, and successes to further cultivate the mind of the lister and equip them with strategies for life success. Jonathan challenges his audience to live a life of service, passion, and purpose. Tune in if you're ready to take your life to the next level. Follow Jonathan on Instagram @JonathanJonesSpeaks


Understanding Financial Literacy with Kiara McClendon | April is Financial Literacy Month
Show Details37min 59s
Deshaun Highler of Last Chance U Talks Juco Life , Relationship Goals + More
Show Details22min 46s
The Renaissance Woman (feat. Natalie Allport)
Show Details41min 59s
Life Long Learning with LinkedIn #LinkedInLeverage (Part 4)
Show Details15min 38s
How Do I Determine What I Post on LinkedIn ? #LinkedInLeverage (Part 3)
Show Details20min 59s
[4 C's to Capitalize] #LinkedInLeverage (Part 2)
Show Details15min 31s
Leveraging LinkedIn For Student-Athletes #LinkedInLeverage (Part 1)
Show Details23min 19s
Living as a Life Long Learner (feat. Nick Swisher)
Show Details28min 52s
Assisting Athletes in Raising the Standard (with Tamara Kuykendall)
Show Details47min 58s
Culture Changes Everything (feat. Walk On Nation)
Show Details34min 22s
Social Justice, Service and Leading with a Pure Heart (with Blake DuDonis)
Show Details40min 16s
Builder of World Class Teams (with Jake Zweig)
Show Details40min 50s
Cultivating Student-Athletes Mamba Mentality w/ Jeremiah Streeter
Show Details35min
Own What You Can feat Anthony Johnson, MBA
Show Details29min 19s
The Thinker with Stevie Baggs Jr.
Show Details21min 30s
HBCU Made and 7 - Eleven Paid with Alyson Rae Lawson
Show Details42min 52s
Running Through Life and Lessons in Financial Literacy with Briana Nelson
Show Details33min 12s
39. Impact Is Deeper Than the Field with Lauren Hawkins
Show Details33min 53s
38. Athlete's Unheard with Malcolm Lemmons
Show Details36min 3s
37. Finding the Balance in Social Justice and Sports with Dr. Emmett Gill
Show Details58min 37s
36. Call My Agent with Edward Davis
Show Details41min 7s
35. Reach One, Teach One with Ed Jones II
Show Details40min 35s
34. All Werk, No Play with KG Werk
Show Details38min 24s
33. Pray Before I Eat (feat. @MikeHoops4God)
Show Details39min 48s
32. What's Athletic Identity [3 Keys]
Show Details19min 35s
31. Creating Professional Leaders with Jessica Hazard
Show Details41min 14s
30. How to Master Your Mental (feat. Grant Parr)
Show Details30min 53s
29. Permanent Gains, Fitness Goals and Why Cross-fit is a No Go with Kayla Keller
Show Details32min 39s
28. The Jiggy Haitian
Show Details48min 59s
27. Stray Dawg Mentality with Dior Walker of Last Chance U
Show Details28min 43s
26. Leaping Into Greatness with Lex Gillette
Show Details40min 44s
25. When Passion Meets Purpose, It's Peace with Chelsea Johnson Muir
Show Details39min 54s
24. Commitment to the Culture feat. Thomas Harris
Show Details34min 13s
23. A System to Create Massive Student-Athlete Success
Show Details11min 25s
22. Grateful and Greedy with Coach Tamika Newman
Show Details52min 33s
21. How Student-Athletes Can Prosper Through the Pandemic
Show Details14min 29s
20. How to Compete Everyday with Jake A. Thompson
Show Details39min 42s
19. Mental Health Strategies to Support Student-Athletes
Show Details8min
EP on Student Success
Show Details11min 25s
EP on winning in Pandemic
Show Details14min 31s
EP with Jake Thompson #BeyondTheBall
Show Details39min 42s
EP on Mental Health Strategies
Show Details8min
EP with Coach A
Show Details39min 30s
EP with Coach El
Show Details35min 13s
EP with Amobi Okugu
Show Details35min 3s
EP with Tim Bryson
Show Details41min 8s
EP with Krystal Beachum
Show Details33min 9s
EP with Coach McCann
Show Details31min 11s
EP with Andrew Capirchio
Show Details34min 42s
EP with David B
Show Details35min 59s
EP with Coach Averion Hurts
Show Details31min 56s
Message to USA
Show Details17min 22s
EP with Laquan Nairn
Show Details42min 51s
EP with Kolby Castillo
Show Details33min 4s
EP with James Starks
Show Details29min 46s
EP with Christen Lockett
Show Details43min
EP with Flo
Show Details31min 44s
EP with Coach Earl
Show Details26min 29s
EP 2 Generate Stu Success
Show Details17min 34s
The Introduction #BeyondTheBall
Show Details5min 40s