Beyond the Ball Podcast with Jonathan Jones

On, Beyond The Ball Jonathan Jones interviews industry leaders, former athletes, and a variety of other guests twice a week. Nick Swisher, James Starks, Deshaun Highler, John Mosley are just a few of the interviews to date. This platform is designed for student-athletes striving for direction, professional development, and drive within their lives. Beyond the Ball was created for YOU, the Student-Athlete, the Coach, the Former Athlete, and Small Business Owner. If you're ready to take your life to the next level with ACTIONABLE advice during your daily commute, workout, or even in your leisure time. This is the podcast to get you hands-on strategies to help you get from your current phase to the next level of your life. Where we focus on stories, strategies, and successes to further cultivate the mind of the listener and equip them with strategies for lifelong success. Follow Jonathan on Instagram @JonathanJonesSpeaks


How to Have a Great Week w/ Dartannon Wilson Sr. #83
Show Details35min 20s
How to Leverage Your Skillset for a fruitful career w/ Bre Singleton Episode #82
Show Details33min 13s
A Conversation with Coaches Coach Mosley & Coach Coleman #81
Show Details55min
A Day in the Life of a College Athlete Episode #80 with Micah Cooper
Show Details42min 23s
How to Start Building Your Brand As An Athlete Episode #79 w/ Leah Clapper
Show Details36min 40s
How to create worldwide impact with Super Fan Nav Bhatia - Episode #78
Show Details34min 59s
How to Fight Depression with Abraham Sculley #77
Show Details43min 47s
How Athletes Can Use Text Marketing to Increase their Fan Engagement #76 w/ The Black Techie
Show Details45min 52s
How to Adjust to The Changing Landscape of Sports #75 w/ Tay Hawker
Show Details47min 39s
How Can Student-Athletes Prepare for Name, Image and Likeness? Part 2 #74
Show Details27min 19s
How Student-Athletes Can Use Tik-Tok For name, Image and Likeness #73
Show Details48min 5s
How Can Student-Athletes Prepare for Name, Image and Likeness #72
Show Details28min 42s
The Mission of Coaching Episode #71 Coach George Rice
Show Details49min 31s
The Road to Becoming an Amazing Broadcaster #70 with Sam Brief
Show Details43min 49s
How to Get More Out Of Your College Experience Episode #69
Show Details40min 26s
How to Dress for Success with Style and Elegance Episode #68 w/ Coach J
Show Details35min 5s
How to Dismantle the High Performance Narrative with Rob Kalwarowsky #67
Show Details37min 50s
Being More Than an Athlete #66 with Demitra Carter
Show Details24min 40s
How to become a more Inclusive Leader w/ Resa Lovelace Episode #65
Show Details46min 25s
How to Be an Entrepreneur w/ Marlon Walls Episode #64
Show Details1hr 5min
Coach Rob Robinson of Last Chance U Talks School and Basketball Being a Job #63
Show Details49min 49s
How to Successfully Transition After Sport w/ Kehinde Aragbaye #62
Show Details34min 35s
Coaching Players for Life w/ John Mosley of Netflix Last Chance U Basketball
Show Details50min 10s
Dealing With Grief While In Season
Show Details47min 30s
How to Create Separation In Life w/ Marques Colston #59
Show Details28min 29s
How To Stop Making Excuses and Become a True Leader w/ Tayquon Johnson #58
Show Details33min 54s
Know Your Numbers in Life and in Business w/ Larry Long Jr. #57
Show Details31min 12s
Understanding Financial Literacy with Kiara McClendon | April is Financial Literacy Month #56
Show Details37min 59s
Deshaun Highler of Last Chance U Talks Juco Life , Relationship Goals + More #55
Show Details22min 46s
The Renaissance Woman w/ Natalie Allport #54
Show Details41min 59s
Life Long Learning with LinkedIn #LinkedInLeverage (Part 4) #53
Show Details15min 38s
How Do I Determine What I Post on LinkedIn ? #LinkedInLeverage (Part 3) #52
Show Details20min 59s
[4 C's to Capitalize] #LinkedInLeverage (Part 2) #51
Show Details15min 31s
Leveraging LinkedIn For Student-Athletes #LinkedInLeverage (Part 1) #50
Show Details23min 19s
Living as a Life Long Learner (feat. Nick Swisher) #49
Show Details28min 52s
Assisting Athletes in Raising the Standard w/ Tamara Kuykendall #48
Show Details47min 58s
Culture Changes Everything w/ Walk On Nation #47
Show Details34min 22s
Having Uncomfortable Conversations While Leading with a Pure Heart w/ Blake DuDonis #46
Show Details40min 16s
Builder of World Class Teams w/ Jake Zweig #45
Show Details40min 50s
How to Cultivate Student-Athletes Mamba Mentality w/ Jeremiah Streeter #44
Show Details35min
Athletes Must Own What They Can w/ Anthony Johnson #43
Show Details29min 19s
How to Become The Thinker w/ Stevie Baggs Jr. #42
Show Details21min 30s
HBCU Made and 7 - Eleven Paid w/ Alyson Rae Lawson #41
Show Details42min 52s
Running Through Life and Lessons in Financial Literacy w/ Briana Nelson #40
Show Details33min 12s
Impact Is Deeper Than the Field w/ Lauren Hawkins #39
Show Details33min 53s
Athlete's Unheard with Malcolm Lemmons #38
Show Details36min 3s
How to Find the Balance in Social Justice & Sports w/ Dr. Emmett Gill #37
Show Details58min 37s
Call My Agent w/ Edward Davis #36
Show Details41min 7s
Reach One, Teach One w/ Ed Jones II #35
Show Details40min 35s
All Work (Werk), No Play w/ KG Werk #34
Show Details38min 24s
Pray Before I Eat w/ MikeHoops4God #33
Show Details39min 48s
3 Keys to Athletic Identity #32
Show Details19min 35s
Creating Professional Leaders w/ Jessica Hazard #31
Show Details41min 14s
How to Master Your Mental w/ Grant Parr #30
Show Details30min 53s
Why Cross-fit is a No Go and Fitness Goals w/ Kayla Keller #29
Show Details32min 39s
The Jiggy Haitian #28
Show Details48min 59s
Stray Dawg Mentality w/ Dior Walker of Last Chance U #27
Show Details28min 43s
Leaping Into Greatness w/ Lex Gillette #26
Show Details40min 44s
When Passion Meets Purpose, It's Peace w/ Chelsea Johnson Muir #25
Show Details39min 54s
Commitment to the Culture feat. Thomas Harris #24
Show Details34min 13s
Grateful and Greedy w/ Coach Tamika Newman #22
Show Details52min 33s
A System to Create Massive Student-Athlete Success #23
Show Details11min 25s
How Student-Athletes Can Thrive Through the Pandemic #21
Show Details14min 31s
How to Compete Everyday w/ Jake Thompson #20
Show Details39min 42s
Mental Health Strategies to Support Student Athletes #19
Show Details8min
Consistency Always with Coach Ashton Washington #18
Show Details39min 30s
Impacting Lives Through Basketball with Coach El #17
Show Details35min 13s
A Frugal Athlete w/ Amobi Okugu #16
Show Details35min 3s
Identify Passion Inspire Vision Walk in Purpose w/ Timothy F. Bryson #15
Show Details41min 8s
Learning How to Play the Relationship Game with Krystal Beachum #14
Show Details33min 9s
A Kings Mentality w/ Coach Adam McCann #13
Show Details31min 11s
Blessed to Announce w/ Andrew Capirchio #12
Show Details34min 42s
Tale of 2 Cultures w/ David Bolisomi #11
Show Details35min 59s
More Than Football EP w/ Coach Averion Hurts #10
Show Details31min 56s
Dear America Black Lives Still Matter #9
Show Details17min 22s
Long Jumping Into Faith Laquan Nairn #8
Show Details42min 51s
Popping the Bubble of Limitations w/ Kolby Castillo #7
Show Details33min 4s
James Starks Talks Super Bowl Memories #6
Show Details29min 46s
Fall in Love with the Process w/ Christen Lockett #5
Show Details43min
Dedication to the Game w/ James Florence #4
Show Details31min 44s
Train 2 Dominate w/ Earl Rooks #3
Show Details26min 29s
How to Stay Ahead as a Student-Athlete #2
Show Details17min 34s
The Introduction #BeyondTheBall
Show Details5min 40s