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Hollywood Eyebrow Wizard on Networking to Reach Your Dreams, Having a Celebrity Clientele, and What It's Like To Do The Kardashian's Brows ft. Kelley Baker
Show Details48min 37s
From Community College to an Ivy League, Going Against Society Norms, and Vouching For Yourself ft. Kaelyn Grace Apple
Show Details57min 57s
Getting Pregnant at 13, Raising a Teenage Daughter, and Starting a Family YouTube Channel ft. Jennica Thompson
Show Details1hr 4min
Starting A Successful Graphic Design Business, Having Exclusive Clients, and Working in the Events Industry during a Pandemic ft. Ceci Johnson of Ceci New York
Show Details40min 31s
Moving To France From the United States, Living in Another Country during the Pandemic, and Starting a YouTube Channel
Show Details36min 33s
Revamping the Fitness Industry with Fashionable Ankle Weights, Being on Shark Tank, and Having a Successful Business Pitch ft. Founders of Bala Bangles
Show Details37min 1s
Building a Career in Your Passion, Growing A Team as a Photographer, and Hiring Right ft. KT Merry
Show Details30min 14s
Working for The Editor-in-Chief of Cosmo Magazine, Running Your Own Business, and Networking Like a Pro ft. Samantha Feher
Show Details46min 19s
Being in A Long Distance Relationship, How Me and My Boyfriend Met, and Making Friends in A New City ft. Kian Cook
Show Details42min 56s
Landing Your Dream Job After 2 Years of Rejection, Working in the Film Industry, and Working at Delish ft. Chelsea Lupkin
Show Details33min 59s
How She Moved From the U.S. to India and Becoming a Bollywood Actress and Model ft. Aishwarya Desai
Show Details33min 34s
Leaving Refinery 29, Full-Time Content Creator, and Taking Your Career in Your Own Hands ft. Lucie Fink
Show Details56min 49s
How Two 22 Year Olds Built a Multi-Million Dollar Clothing Brand + Being Featured in Forbes ft. Founders of Shop 437
Show Details32min 30s
Homeless to Cover of National Geographic: How To Turn Your Creative Passion into a Career ft. Clane Gessel
Show Details39min
The "Good Girl" Myth, Finding Your Purpose, and Breaking Out of the Mold ft. Majo Molfino
Show Details45min 54s
Creating A Jewelry Company in College and Starting a Mentorship Program with Alyssa Kuchta, founder of fyb Jewelry
Show Details47min 20s
Reaching Financial Freedom, Creating Passive Income Streams, and Not Investing in the Stock Market ft. Wealth Without Wall Street
Show Details40min 31s
Ep. 62: A Conversation About Black Lives Matter, Being Anti-Racist, and What This Week Has Shown ft. Jada Jones
Show Details45min 51s
Ep. 61: Productivity in Quarantine, Working Towards the Future in A Pandemic, and Working Remotely Forever ft. Natalie Barbu
Show Details34min 20s
Ep. 60: How To Start A Global Beauty Brand That You Believe In ft. Kopari Co-founder, Gigi Goldman
Show Details40min 53s
Ep. 59: Creating A Sustainable and Mission-Driven Business Helping Out Human Trafficking ft. Christine Howell, Founder of Dear Survivor
Show Details41min 52s
Ep. 58: Tips For Getting Your Dream Job even in a Pandemic, Networking, and Finding Investors in College ft. Sarah Wang
Show Details41min 35s
Ep. 57: Going to College at NYU, Working in Freelance Social Media, and Living in NYC During COVID-19 ft. Emily Anne
Show Details42min 12s
Ep. 56: All of the Relationship Advice with My Boyfriend + His Best Friend ft. Kian and Jack
Show Details44min 19s
Ep. 55: How They Created An "Instagrammable" Bible and Starting a Faith Based Business ft. Brian Chung, Co-Founder of Alabaster Bibles
Show Details47min 34s
Ep. 54: Being in A Long Distance Relationship, What You Learn by Living Together, and Planning a Wedding in a Pandemic ft. Bianca Franco and Collin Henderson
Show Details55min 1s
Ep. 53: How Fay Afghahi Went from Being Editor-In-Chief of Elle Arabia to Starting A Hair Health Vitamin Company
Show Details41min 44s
Ep. 52: Climbing Out of Rock Bottom, Turning Your Life Around, and Gaining Confidence with a Transformation Coach ft. Veronika Abrams
Show Details40min 52s
Ep. 51: Taking a Leap of Faith, Quitting a Job, Paving Your Own Path, and Making it in NYC ft. Grace Lee
Show Details37min 36s
Ep. 50: Taking Your Mental Health Seriously, Going to Therapy, and Ending the Stigma ft. Mental Health Counselor, Allyssa Dziurlaj
Show Details36min 10s
Ep. 49: Growing A Successful YouTube Channel, Making Money on YouTube, Making Your Side Hustle Your Main Job ft. The Content Bug, Cathrin Manning
Show Details45min 49s
Ep. 48: Creating Passive Income, How to Time Batch, and Turning Lows to a High ft. Stefanie Gass
Show Details46min 36s
Ep. 47: Sitting Down with a Financial Advisor- EVERYTHING You Need To Know To Start Investing, Is Budgeting Important, and more ft. Gideon Drucker
Show Details49min 57s
Ep. 46: Doing YouTube Full-Time in One Year, Getting an Engaged Audience, and Sharing Your Life on the Internet ft. Rachel Ratke
Show Details30min 41s
Ep. 45: How I Started My Consulting Services Business + Tips On Starting A Business, Setting Prices and Getting Clients
Show Details44min 14s
Ep. 44: Living With A Physical Disability, Educating Others on Osteogenesis Imperfecta, and Being on YouTube
Show Details43min 4s
Ep. 43: From College to Freelance Graphic Design in NYC, Determining Your Rate, Getting Clients, and more ft. Emma McGoldrick
Show Details38min 37s
Ep. 42: Getting into a Healthy Fitness Routine EASILY, Discussing Fad Diets, and What Wellness Really Means ft. Andrea Marcellus
Show Details45min 52s
Ep. 41: What Self Care Really Means + Working on Yourself in the New Year 2020 ft. Maya Fleming
Show Details46min 50s
Ep. 40: A Conversation with a Friend- How YouTube Has Changed, Going to College, and Moving to LA at 17 ft. Kenzie Elizabeth
Show Details42min 44s
Ep. 39: Building A Million-Dollar Coaching Business + Empowering Female Entrepreneurs with Katie DePaola from Inner Glow Circle
Show Details48min 36s
Ep. 38: Interviewing a Life and Business Coach on How To Find Your Passion, Stay Motivated, and Reach Your Goals ft. Kelsey Murphy
Show Details1hr 1min
Ep. 37: Interviewing the Head of Influencer Marketing at GoDaddy and Hearing the Business Side of Working with Influencers ft. Haley Uzelac
Show Details50min 27s
Ep. 36: Being on Project Runway to Being Creative Director of a Chainsmokers Video and Never Giving Up ft. Molly Elizabeth
Show Details46min 18s
Ep. 35: Creating A Travel Startup, Difference Between Being Your Own Boss and Working for Yourself ft. Natasha Hoskins
Show Details44min 57s
Ep. 34: What It Is Really Like Being a Female in Engineering and in the Auto-motive Industry ft. Sophia Dancel
Show Details42min 46s
Ep. 33: Quitting Your Job to be a Full Time YouTuber, Finding a New Normal, and Working for Yourself ft. Brooke Miccio
Show Details43min 59s
Ep. 32: What It Really Means to Be Healthy from a Registered Dietician and Health Coach ft. Tamar Samuels
Show Details40min 44s
Ep. 31: Moving to NYC to Become A Professional Dancer, What A Dance Major is like, and Pursuing Your Passion with Liz Cousar
Show Details35min 16s
Ep. 30: Starting a Podcast with Your Best Friend, Launching a Creative Business, and Expanding Your Brand ft. Siena Mirabella and Emily Duong
Show Details44min 33s
Ep. 29: How to Start Your Side Hustle, Having a Productive Day, and Organizing Your Calendar with Natalie Barbu
Show Details32min 24s
Ep. 28: Interviewing the Founder of a BitCoin Wallet, How To Start a Tech-Based Company, and What No One Tells You of Entrepreneurship ft. Deana Burke
Show Details39min 47s
Ep. 27: Coping with Trauma and Grief, Going to Therapy, and Starting the Unbreakable Organization ft. Five Foot One Teacher
Show Details44min 31s
Ep. 26: How To Start A Successful YouTube Channel, Dealing with Haters, and Being Authentic ft. Maggie MacDonald
Show Details39min 27s
Ep. 25: Taking the Leap To Go Full-Time on Your Side Hustle, Being a Photographer in NYC, and the Uncertainties of An Entrepreneur ft. Shelly Xu
Show Details35min 42s
Ep. 24: Being A Student Athlete, Growing on YouTube, and When It's Time to Shut Down A Business ft. Jessica Howell
Show Details39min 21s
Ep. 23: Being an International Student, Adjusting to Culture Shock, and Going After Your Dreams ft. Giuliana Bernini
Show Details43min 23s
Ep. 22: Being Homeless in College, Working Multiple Jobs, and Living All Over The World ft. Rabia Shiekh
Show Details38min 23s
Ep. 21: Interviewing the Founder of WAYV- All About Starting A Company Right Out of College ft. Julia Haber
Show Details36min 29s
Ep. 20: Being A High Schooler Today, Choosing Not To Go To College, and Chasing Your Dreams at 17 ft. Jada Jones
Show Details39min 30s
Ep. 19: What It Is Like Growing Up on YouTube, Going From College to Corporate, and Sharing Your Faith ft. Michelle Reed
Show Details46min 33s
Ep 18. What Guys Really Think About Girls: Interviewing My Two Male Friends
Show Details33min 52s
Ep 17. What It Is Really Like Being in Law School, Balancing YouTube + Law School, and Dealing with Negative Comments ft. Lipsticks and Lattes
Show Details38min 23s
Ep 16: Interviewing a Slime YouTuber- How She Got Into Slime, Operating A Slime Warehouse, and Creating An Empire ft. Nichole Jacklyne
Show Details49min 36s
Ep 15. Founder of a Women's Empowerment Conference and How She Started a Global Conference in College ft. Ingrid Harb
Show Details57min 31s
Ep 14. Starting a Consulting Company at 17, Conferences, and Her Own Product Line- What It Is Like Being an Entrepreneur in College ft. Hannah Ashton
Show Details51min 35s
Ep 13. Vogue's 73 Questions with Natalie Barbu
Show Details33min 4s
Ep 12. Interviewing my Immigrant Parents: How They Came to the US, How they Met, and Why They Left Their Countries
Show Details50min 49s
Ep 11. Moving Across the Country at 18, Not Going Straight to College, Becoming a Doula and Finding Yourself ft. Ariana Martinez
Show Details1hr 1min
Ep 10. What It Is Like Working for a Successful YouTuber, Breaking into the Entertainment Industry, and Behind the Scenes of Producing a YouTube Video ft. Taylor King
Show Details43min 46s
Ep 9. From Business to Photographer, Finding Your Passion After College, and the Realities of Working Your Dream Job ft. Grant Stemler
Show Details49min 50s
Ep 8. Sliding into DMs to Land Your Dream Career, Moving to NYC without a Job, and Tips on Post-Grad Life ft. Madison White
Show Details53min 13s
Ep 7. How to Make Money as a YouTuber: EVERYTHING You Need to Know
Show Details43min 40s
Ep 6. Being a YouTuber/Influencer in College, Dating Apps, and Dating Stories in LA ft. Tasha Farsaci
Show Details36min 34s
Ep 5. How an 18-year old broke into the fashion designing world and started a clothing line ft. Zoey Reva
Show Details46min 9s
Ep 4. Being a Middle School Teacher at 23- Facing Your Fears, Doing What You Are Called To Do, and Realizing Your Privilege ft. Katy Colvin
Show Details51min 3s
Ep 3. All About Grad School: Differences Between Undergrad and Grad School, What it is Really Like, and about Occupational Therapy
Show Details30min 3s
Ep 2. What It is Really Like Moving Across the Country and Living in Los Angeles
Show Details44min 36s
Ep 1. Meet Natalie Barbu- Engineer, Consultant, Entrepreneur, and Full Time YouTuber
Show Details35min 10s
Introducing The Real Reel Podcast with Natalie Barbu
Show Details9min 11s
Welcome to The Real Reel Podcast
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