In My Life ✍️

Do you want to know something new in this three activities: track and field;🏅 I am a national athlete on discus throw 🏋️ Music;🎼 I born on a family musician where I play violin 🎻 Technology. 📚I prepare my degree on System and Network 🧑‍🎓 Then this podcast is created for you.


New Week
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My hard time Part III
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My hard time Part II
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My hard time Part I
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This Week :p
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Nature for chill
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Thank you
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Change Something
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start a new habit
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Toiec TEST
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Start the new track on 2021
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Create your track
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Update Missed
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My gift
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7 décembre
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1 Decembre 2020
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Achieve & learn
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My dream (Part 2)
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My dream (Part 1)
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I'm Back
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Présentation de mes activités [FR]
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3 main activities we will talk on this podcast
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