The Scoop on Life

Join Chase and Lauren Robinson as they discuss the value of ALL human life from womb to tomb!


Episode 32: John Fuller
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Episode 31: John Ensor
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Episode 30: The Story of Emmett Till
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Episode 29: Dr. Greg Smalley
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Episode 28: Claire Culwell
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Episode 27: Phil Moser (Part 2)
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Episode 26: Dr. Sharon Ford
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Episode 25: Phil Moser
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Episode 24: Henry and Pierce Jernigan
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Episode 23: Henry Jernigan
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Episode 22: New abortion laws and book recommendations
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Episode 21: What is Telabortion?
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3.02: Jason King, Nathan Aycock, Ryan Howard Part 2
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3.01: Jason King, Nathan Aycock, Ryan Howard
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2.07: Claire Culwell
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2.06: Lily Weathers
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2.05: Joey and Marsha Boyd
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2.04: Herbie Newell
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This week Chase and Lauren talk with Herbie Newell who serves as the Executive Director of Lifeline Children's Services.

18min 48s
Published Oct 13, 2020 at 12:34pm
2.03: Bradley and Sarah Pinkerton
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2.02: Jordan and Mary Haynes
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2.01: Dr. Sharon Ford
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CareNet Conference Recap
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1.10: Robyn Chambers
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1.09: Michelle Payne
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1.08: Melissa Ohden
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1.07: Scott Klusendorf
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1.06: Kirk Walden
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1.05: John Ensor
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1.04: Andrew Wood
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1.03: Cindy Hopkins
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1.02: Roland Warren
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1.01: What is "The Scoop on Life?"
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