How To Start A Podcast For Business In 2021 (ft. Dan Sanchez)

32m | Feb 10, 2021

A lot of businesses are scared of podcasting because it is a big time commitment and often times doesn't pull in results for at least the first year if not longer. Make sure to watch until the end to get some great tips on how to make sure your podcast is impacting your bottom-line from day one.

I had a great conversation with Dan about how to utilize a podcast in your content marketing strategy. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation a podcast will fit great with your content marketing strategy.

Dan gives some great tips on how to start your podcast for businesses and the basics of how to both grow your podcast and make it a valuable piece of your revenue stream even before you build an audience. Learn how a podcast can fit into both your short and long-term strategies.

If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner make sure you subscribe to the channel for more great tips on how to ensure your business's success in a digital world.

Thank you to Dan Sanchez for agreeing to join the show. You can check out Dan's podcast B2B Growth here:

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