How A Software Startup Conducts Market Research (ft. Devin Lee)

26m | Feb 10, 2021

While working for an electrician as an estimator Devin Lee realized that the software they were using wasn't meeting his needs. After creating several smaller tools he decided to combine them into one tool to sell as an application to electricians. The business hasn't hit the market yet and they are currently in the prototyping stage where they are finding out what electricians actually want in their software and as he receives the feedback he makes updates to the product. Watch DGM Starter's first entrepreneur interview and learn how to conduct the prototyping stage.

During the interview, we mention a book called "Nail It Then Scale It" by Nathan Furr and Paul Ahlstrom. This book is a fantastic resource to use when you are looking to start your own business it walks you through step by step how to prove your business concept and improve it so that when it's time to launch you can be certain that it will sell.

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