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On the Yard takes a look at the culture and leadership trends happening across Historically Black Colleges and Universities nationwide. Host Ashley Northington explores the unique issues faced by these institutions through a series of conversations with HBCU leaders and advocates.

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How HBCUs Battled the Pandemic
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Addressing the Legacy of Underfunding HBCUs
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It is no secret in certain circles that HBCUs don’t receive public funds at the same level as predominantly white institutions. But, what’s being done about it?

Tennessee State Rep. Harold M. Love, Jr. is leading a legislative committee which found the state owed its only public HBCU between $150 million and $544 million. This is happening at a time when historically Black institutions in Maryland are rejoicing after settling a landmark case that determined the state discriminated against its four Black colleges.

This issue is not just an issue for HBCUs in Tennessee or Maryland.

Take a listen to find out what's happening in Tennessee, how the Maryland case presents a unique opportunity for HBCUs, and what leaders and advocates can do to help.

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Published May 14, 2021 at 5:47pm
Collaboration and Partnerships at HBCUs
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Overcoming Frozen Success
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The Importance of Community Partnerships
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HBCUs and the Biden-Harris Administration
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The Landscape
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