Ep 23 // Rubyisms Vol. 2: Romantic Cynics, Traditions, Beautiful Violence, and Illegal vs. Wrong

Season 1 | Episode 23
17m | Jul 13, 2023

Matt collects aphorisms, mantras, and other brief thoughts that represent lessons he’s learned throughout his life. In this episode, he and producer J. McVay discuss a handful of these so-called “Rubyisms,” the stories behind them, and the deeper truths they’re connected to:

  • Cynics are just disappointed romantics.
  • Tradition makes you focus on the wrong things. Want people to remember your wedding? Skip the cake and spend that money on a choreographer for your first dance. No one cares about cake anyway.
  • Make your violence beautiful. Make your violence, beautiful.
  • Just because something is illegal doesn't mean it's wrong. Laws often have an ulterior motive.

Produced by Stereoactive Media

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