Ep #29 - Why do we crave social validation?

46m | Aug 7, 2021

Why does receiving praise or a compliment feel so good, especially in a group setting? Have you ever wondered why we seek social validation and acceptance? In today's episode, we are joined by Arpitha Mohan (IG: @arpithamohan) and we share stories of when we altered our behaviour to be more social validation/acceptance seeking. We dive deep into our reasons for such behaviour and discuss what society would be like if everyone stopped caring about validation. Last but not least, do we need to seek social acceptance with our actions?

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The Why Coordinate is a weekly podcast where we discuss the why behind human society and behavior. Following it up with lessons from pop culture and our own experiences to lead a more intentional, efficient and happy life. Hosted by Anagh Narain (Finance Bro and Technology Geek) and Akshita Saxena (Data Analyst and Travel Enthusiast).

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