Ep #45 - Why is hustle culture so toxic?

54m | Apr 16, 2022

This week we are joined by Manjeet Singh (IG: @manjeetsinghbanga), to talk about the rising trend of hustle culture, why is it so toxic and how should we tackle it? Starting this week, we also introduce a fun new rapidfire segment at the end of the podcast.

Manjeet grew up in Chandigarh and completed Comp Sci. undergrad from Punjab Engineering College. He moved to Canada right after graduation and has been working in Toronto for the past 4 years. He enjoys horseback riding, is content with just watching sports than playing since his ACL injury, and often can be seen carrying himself with sartorial elegance.


We hope you enjoy it and stick around for future episodes! Feel free to give us some feedback on our email or by sending us a DM on Instagram @thewhycoordinate.

The Why Coordinate is a weekly podcast hosted by Anagh Narain where we discuss the why behind human society and behavior. Following it up with lessons from pop culture and our own experiences to lead a more intentional, efficient and happy life.

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