Ep #34 - Why does life get better with age?

37m | Jan 29, 2022

After a long hiatus and scraping two through terms of Business school, we are back with season 2 joined by a special guest and ex-academic teammate Steven Auw (IG: @stevenyyyy). In today’s episode we discuss at what age does life get better, look back at how life has changed from our childhood and teen years and look forward to how life is going to be in our 30s and beyond. We also look at the reasons why life gets better with age.

We hope you enjoy it and stick around for future episodes! Feel free to give us some feedback on our email or by sending us a DM on Instagram @thewhycoordinate.

The Why Coordinate is a weekly podcast hosted by Anagh Narain where we discuss the why behind human society and behaviour. Following it up with lessons from pop culture and our own experiences to lead a more intentional, efficient and happy life.

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