Ep #33 - Why do people decide to leave their hometowns?

1h 17m | Sep 4, 2021

With all of us finally settled in Toronto, this is an interesting one - why do we move away from our homes? Today we discuss the reasons to move, as well as the challenges faced on moving and why we still look forward to moving, with our guest Chelsey Chao (IG: @chelsey_chao). We also try to define what makes a home - the place or the people? #podcast #podcasters #podcastlife #canada #toronto #losangeles #hometown #family #friends

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The Why Coordinate is a weekly podcast where we discuss the why behind human society and behaviour. Following it up with lessons from pop culture and our own experiences to lead a more intentional, efficient and happy life. Hosted by Anagh Narain (Finance Bro and Technology Geek) and Akshita Saxena (Data Analyst and Travel Enthusiast).

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