OnLine with Bill Alexander

OnLine with Bill Alexander is a guest driven program where the topics are diverse and entertaining. Laugh and Learn while you listen to one of the best hours of online radio around, OnLine with Bill Alexander.


Guest: actress Diane Franklin
Show Details59min 7s
Guest: Char Margolis, Spiritual and Intuitive Psychic Medium
Show Details58min 29s
Guest : Denny Somach
Show Details58min 1s
Guest: Singer/Songwriter Melanie
Show Details59min 3s
Guest - 60s Singer and Dr. Pepper Girl Donna Loren
Show Details58min
Guest - Kris Degioia
Show Details58min 8s
Guest 1: Steve Kassimer / Guest 2: Chris Brogan
Show Details58min 2s
Guest: Anna Frankl-Duval
Show Details58min
Guest: Anna Vocino
Show Details58min 14s
Guest: Journalist John Daly
Show Details59min 13s
Best of OnLine with Bill Alexander - Guest: Anna Vocino
Show Details59min 9s
Interview with DJ - Sean Casey
Show Details58min
Interview with Dean Friedman
Show Details58min
Interview with retired DEA agent Larry Hardin
Show Details57min 40s
Interview with Jon Goodman
Show Details58min 47s
Interview with retired DEA agent Larry Hardin
Show Details57min 40s
Interview with Fabian Forte / Interview with Deana Martin
Show Details58min 2s
Interview with John Daly
Show Details59min 16s
Interview with Kristen and Kelly Tunney
Show Details58min 2s
Interview with TV Critic Greg Staffa
Show Details58min 26s
Interview with Wayne McFarland
Show Details58min
Interview with April Brucker
Show Details58min
Interview with Lindsay Pinchuk of Bump Club and Beyond
Show Details58min 44s
Interview with author Steve Snyder
Show Details59min 1s
Interview with Hypnotheropist Wendi Friesen
Show Details58min 55s
Interview with Anna Vocino
Show Details58min 54s
Interview with Dr. Kyrin Dunston
Show Details59min 6s
Interview with Denny Somach
Show Details58min 38s
Interview with Adriana Gavazzoni - Sketches of Life
Show Details27min 15s
Interview with Jeff Skowron (Greg) and Matt Yeager (Donny)
Show Details58min 39s
Interview with Psychic Corbie Mitleid
Show Details58min 30s
Interview with Tony Pace
Show Details58min 48s
Interview with Christine Nguyen
Show Details58min 52s
Interview with Family Therapist Dr. David Simonsen Ph.D.
Show Details52min 1s
Interview with John Daly
Show Details59min 50s
Interview with Eric M. Twiggs
Show Details45min 20s
Interview with Kristen Tunney
Show Details58min 48s
Interview with Psychic David Champion
Show Details59min 21s
Interview with Cartoonist Randy Bish
Show Details57min 57s
Interview with Psychotherapist Micheala Renee Johnson
Show Details59min 15s
Interview with Anna Vocino
Show Details59min 46s
Interview with Anna Frankl Duval
Show Details1hr
Interview with Laura Vorreyer author of "The Pet Sitter's Tale"
Show Details58min 36s
Interview with Playboy and Maxim Model Jasmin Shojai
Show Details58min 12s
Interview with Brent Robins
Show Details29min 43s
Guest: Eric O'Brien - 2019 Pittsburgh Media in Review
Show Details59min 52s
Interview with Deana Martin (Dean Martin's daughter)
Show Details28min 32s
Guest- Leadership Expert Ron Carucci
Show Details59min 4s
Guest: Nell Minow - Christmas 2019
Show Details59min 46s
Guest: Warbaby - Murderous Minors Podcast
Show Details59min 46s
Guest: Dr. Karen Croftcheck
Show Details59min 33s
Guest: Brad Johnson
Show Details59min 44s
Guest: Mark Whitney - 2020 Independent Presidential Candidate
Show Details59min 24s
Guests: Emma and Jason Criddle
Show Details59min 21s
Guest: "The Business Chef" Shawn Bucher
Show Details59min 25s
Guest: John Daly
Show Details1hr 1min
Guest: "The Mental Health Comedian" Frank King
Show Details59min 52s
Guests: Shawn Harper
Show Details59min 46s
Guest: "The Hollywood Hypnotist" Kevin Stone
Show Details59min 55s
Guest: Author and YouTuber Aver Lim
Show Details58min 26s
Guest: Robin Quinn Keehan
Show Details59min 53s
Guest: Matt Lehman host of the podcast "The Completely Mental Misadventure of a Thrift Store".
Show Details59min 56s
Guest: Entertainer Tony Pace
Show Details59min 45s
Guest: The Comedy Coach® Neil Leiberman
Show Details59min 43s
Guest: Kiki Wongo founder of Nomlist
Show Details58min 24s
Guest: Psychic John Edward
Show Details58min 24s
Guest: Elizabeth Rossi
Show Details58min 24s
iTALKNET Guest: Kristyn Marrott
Show Details44min 1s
iTALKNET Guest: Kara Mayer Robinson
Show Details1hr 37min
iTALKNET Guest: Singer Frankie Raye
Show Details38min 31s
iTALKNET Guest: Director Joe Zanetti
Show Details57min
iTALKNET Guest: Brianne Mitchell
Show Details28min 21s
iTALKNET Guest: Warren Schroeger (part 2)
Show Details59min 50s
iTALKNET Guests: Warren Schroeger
Show Details59min 50s
iTALKNET Guests: C.B. and Dan Hoffman
Show Details59min 52s
iTALKNET Guest: Chauncey Ross
Show Details59min 52s
iTALKNET Guests: Rocky and Jeff Rolfzen (The Lark and The Loon)
Show Details58min 11s
iTALKNET Guest: Chris Lash
Show Details59min 47s
iTALKNET Guest: Author Steve McAllister
Show Details58min 21s
iTALKNET Guest: Movie Reviewer Nell Minow
Show Details59min 22s
iTALKNET Guests: Dean Connors and Steve Kassimer
Show Details1hr
iTALKNET Guest: Gary Van Dyke of Food For Orphans
Show Details59min 19s
iTALKNET Guest: Author Adriana Gavazzoni
Show Details40min 34s
iTALKNET Guest: Robert William Weber author of "The Essence of Perfection"
Show Details59min 50s
iTALKNET Guest: Rick Goldschmidt
Show Details59min 50s
iTALKNET Guest: Author Larry Jorgensen
Show Details59min 3s
iTALKNET Guest: Laura Vorreyer: The Pet Sitter's Tale
Show Details59min 50s
iTALKNET Guest: Benjamin Lancaster
Show Details38min 44s
iTALKNET Guest: Author V.R. Craft
Show Details59min 46s
iTALKNET Guest: "Officer" Francois S. Clemmons
Show Details59min 43s
iTALKNET Guest: Shelley Bortz
Show Details59min 58s
iTALKNET Guest: Ventriloquist April Brucker
Show Details1hr
iTALKNET Guest: Cartoonist Joe Wos
Show Details59min 46s
iTALKNET Guest: Eric O'Brien of
Show Details1hr 23min
iTALKNET Guest: Brianne Mitchell
Show Details45min 58s
iTALKNET Guest: Chris Brogan
Show Details25min 13s
iTALKNET Guest: Jason Togyer
Show Details1hr 20min
iTALKNET Guest: Jeff Verszyla
Show Details56min 16s
iTALKNET Guest: Sally Wiggin
Show Details57min 7s
iTALKNET Guest: Clarke Ingram
Show Details1hr 6min
iTALKNET Guest: Jason Jack Miller
Show Details57min 4s
iTALKNET Guest: Joe Simon
Show Details1hr 25min
iTALKNET Guest: Glenn Heller
Show Details2hr 1min
iTALKNET Guest: Ed Salamon
Show Details55min
iTALKNET Guest: Lynn Cullen
Show Details54min 27s
iTALKNET Guest: Jack Bogut
Show Details1hr
iTALKNET Guest: Mike Pintek
Show Details8min 5s
iTALKNET Guest: Chuck Blasko
Show Details45min 59s
iTALKNET Guest: Joe Gearing
Show Details1hr 45min
iTALKNET Guest: Fabian
Show Details1hr 36min
iTALKNET Guest: Steve Allen
Show Details50min 47s