Ampeg, Aguilar, GK Backline, Apple VR Headsets, and Pino Palladino Pedals (Bassed. 15)

42m | Jul 15, 2023

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Thanks for watching! In this episode Nick and Carson chat about:

5:50 Carson's love of the Union Tube and Transistor LAB Compressor

9:30 Preparing for Bonnaroo

11:10 SVT backline and bad GK rigs

18:30 Aguilar

20:00 Amp cases

22:40 Apple VR

30:00 Nick’s rack and radial recommendation

33:00 Curious about the 29 Pedals EUNA

34:00 Pino Palladino’s latest bass rig

37:00 EHX Bass Clone/Alchemy Audio

39:00 Nick is a felon

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