Unmei (The Following Path)

Audio Manga

When the daimyo falls ill the young heir discovers the true burden of the throne when he's forced to decide between his duty and his friendships

This audio manga is a historical fiction set in the Sengoku Jidai era of Japan. Keywords historical fiction.

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1.8 "My own man!"
Show Details19min 16s
1.7. "Mutual Understanding of Pain"
Show Details17min 44s
1.6. "Sakon, I'm sorry"
Show Details18min 7s
1.5. Come out, come out now
Show Details19min 8s
1.4 Tensha of the Soul Beads
Show Details17min 53s
1.3 Know your place
Show Details27min
1.2. The Mogami are here!
Show Details25min 54s
1.1 The Dragon of Oshu
Show Details15min 3s