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5 Week Countdown

Countdown is an augmented reality & interactive podcast where the audience determines the outcome in real time. Whitney has been kidnapped and locked in an escape room by a mysterious person known only as K. With 50,400 minutes (exactly 5 weeks) to escape, Whitney needs your help to solve a series of puzzles and determine why she was targeted. Help her escape by asking questions, leaving suggestions or solving the puzzle on Facebook, Twitter or iTunes. General content warning: This show contains offensive language, self-harm, discussions of death and uncomfortable sound effects.


Alex & Hammond - The Truth
Show Details17min 32s
Alex & Hammond - Tell The Truth
Show Details22min 31s
Alex & Hammond - Games Have Rules
Show Details21min 45s
Alex & Hammond - Day 4
Show Details18min 30s
Alex & Hammond - 50,000 Volts & 50,000 Minutes
Show Details19min 17s
"Are You 'Kay?" Clues
Show Details5min 34s
"Are You 'Kay?" Investigates
Show Details5min 12s
"Are You 'Kay?" The Search for the 5 Week Kidnapper
Show Details6min 53s
Whitney - Time's Up
Show Details25min 34s
Whitney - 9,720 Minutes Remaining
Show Details25min 8s
Whitney - 20,280 Minutes Remaining
Show Details20min 28s
Whitney - 30,387 Minutes Remaining
Show Details20min 58s
Whitney - 40,322 Minutes Remaining
Show Details19min 33s
Trailer - 50,400 Minutes
Show Details1min 39s