5 Fancy Sentences to Improve your Essay


1.     The Broken Ones’ 2

2.     The Fast and the Furious. 2

3.     Write short, save someone’s life!. 3

4.     The distance from X to Y. 3

5.     In the End it doesn’t even matter!. 4

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If writing an essay had a face it would resemble Adolf Hitler and we would be called grammar Nazis but we are sure you know a little bit about punctuation and conjunctions so we will start by sentence structuring and its common mistakes and touch some points of punctuation as well.




1.The Broken Ones’

If you don’t have a “subject” in your sentence chances are it probably won't sound complete. Subjects are the essence of your sentence they tell the reader who is the center of attention.

2.The Fast and the Furious

Also called run-on sentences are the ones that show that the writer is in a hurry. These sentences have two statements relating to each other that are supported by conjunction. These aren’t technically wrong but don’t make the essay sound interesting and loses the reader's attention.

3. Write short, save someone’s life!

Your readers are not coming back after their first visit?That’s okay you are probably making a very simple mistake that can easily secured. 

Essays don't become boring to the reader. It’s the long excruciating details wrapped within them that makes them boring. It’s hard to keep track of the main idea when we read long sentences.

4.The distance from X to Y 

Writing interesting essays and capturing the reader's attention is all possible by creating a mystery through your words. In simpler terms Connect X with Y and the middle you won’t lose your reader’s attention.



Take a look at these examples to better understand. 


Example 2:

What we fail to understand is that our small grammatical mistakes and weak sentence structuring are the reason why people leave our website, increasing our bounce rates.

Follow along with this and try creating examples in your head as you read! It will help. 

5.Inthe end, it doesn’t even matter!

No! It does matter. If you have been following this guide your essay would shape up in no time. When writing an essay keep in mind that words like “So” and “then” change the tone of your essay. The reader subconsciously loses interest and well, they might finish reading it but better luck having them come back to your writing after this. 

Instead,we try to use words such as “To the end”. Here is an example to help you understand.

Try this guide on your essay and see the change it brings in your writing. Keep following these 5 tricks and you will eventually make them your second nature!


Author Bio:Norman Clark is an MA in HRM for Keele University with 12 years of experience. Normans loves to read and provide excellent essay help online and essay writing in UK