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4withsun is a podcast devoted to Mamamoo, the 3rd generation K-pop girl group composed of Solar, Moonbyul, Wheein, and Hwasa. This will be the #1 place to stay up to date and informed about OT4 activities. New moos like myself as well as OG stans are welcome. We’ll discuss IG posts, twitter, MVs, comebacks, MMMTV, variety show appearances, solo activities, and current events. I also hope to have a special “Resonance Round” sometimes where I take a deep dive into random topics related to the girls that I just can’t let go. Hwasa bias, but wrecked by every member. Join me as I openly stan and embarrass myself with how much I love this group.


EP-005 Incheon Airport Sky Festival & Wheein’s Injury
Show Details1hr 21min
EP-004 Moonbyul “6equence” and Wheein “WHEE” Album Comebacks
Show Details3hr 3min
EP-003 Hwasa’s ‘Guilty Pleasure’ album is here!
Show Details2hr 2min
Ep-002 Preparing for Hwasa’s Guilty Pleasure Album
Show Details1hr 39min
Ep-001 Origin Story of a New Moo
Show Details1hr 39min
Ep-000 Introducing “4withsun” Mamamoo Podcast
Show Details6min 27s