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Washington State ST GA Mac Alexander Talks Path Into College Coaching & Evaluating Recruits | SZN 4 Ep 106
Show Details45min 1s
Evaluating Mental Toughness with EMU Special Teams Coordinator, Jay Nunez | SZN 4 Ep 105
Show Details42min 21s
Marshall U Special Teams Analyst Brett Arkelian Talks Recruiting Tips, Player Coach Relationship & Experience as a D1 Coach | SZN 4 Ep 104
Show Details37min 20s
Recruiting, Leadership and Special Teams discussion with Austin Peay State Coach, Kody Schexnayder | SZN 4 EP 103
Show Details32min 52s
UNC-Charlotte ST Coach Bankins Talks Specialist Expectations & Culture at the Collegiate & Professional Levels | SZN 4 Ep 102
Show Details52min 28s
South Dakota State Special Teams Coordinator discusses the Kicking Game, Technique and Recruiting | 4th Down Experience | Szn 4 Episode 101
Show Details40min 9s
Finding The Ultimate Specialist & How To Get A P5 Coach’s Attention | Texas Tech Associate Head Coach & Special Teams Coordinator, Mark Tommerdahl | Season 4, Episode 100
Show Details40min 58s
Talking the Kicking Game with UCA Special Teams Coordinator, Coach Ryan Howard (Season 4, Episode 99)
Show Details51min 15s
Season 4 Is Back!
Show Details55s
4DE Co-Host TJK Founder & NKR Co-Owner Brian Jackson Talks How NFL Specialists Handle Pressure & More | Iceman Kicking Podcast SZN 3 Bonus
Show Details2hr 4min
4DE Co-Host STFA Founder and NKR Co-Owner Chris Husby Talks Kicking Culture and #ResetTheIndustry | Iceman Kicking Podcast | SZN 3 Bonus Ep
Show Details1hr 22min
Chargers Kicker Punter Ty Long Talks Season As Starter and Off Season Preparation | Szn 3 Ep 98
Show Details21min 8s
Baltimore Ravens Kicking Coach Randy Brown Talks Coaching NFL Pro Bowl Specialists, Kicker Punter Expectations and Shares Stories of Coaching Journey | Ep 97
Show Details1hr 9min
Cairo Santos Discusses 3 of His Favorite Plays of His NFL Career in Virtual Analysis | Ep 96
Show Details28min 32s
Nick Novak Discusses Some of his Favorite Plays of His NFL Career in Virtual Analysis with co-host Brian Jackson | Ep 95
Show Details1hr 15min
NFL Draft Eligible Syracuse Punter Sterling Hofrichter Talks College Career, NFL Combine and Preparing For The NFL Draft During These Covid Era | Ep 94
Show Details24min 1s
Soccer Cleat Expert Chris Eastin Talks Experience As NFL Kicker Cleat Provider And How To Find The Right Kicking Cleats | Ep 93
Show Details33min 23s
Worth Gregory Talks Life As D1 Specialist QC College Coach & Gives Twitter Recruiting Tips | Ep 92
Show Details45min 10s
D1 Kicker Talks Graduate Transfer Experience And Answers Questions About The Recruiting Process | Ep 91
Show Details28min 23s
D1 Special Teams Coordinator Provides Important Recruiting Advice For HS Specialists During Coronavirus Pandemic | Ep 90
Show Details38min 5s
Seattle XFL Kicker Ernesto Lacayo Talks XFL Experience, Kick Strategy Development and Career | Ep 89
Show Details37min 35s
Raiders Kicker Daniel Carlson Talks Career, Oakland, Vegas & Kickoff Development | Ep 88
Hide Details35min 27s

4DE Nation! We are back with another friend of the podcast. Oakland Raiders, now soon to be the Las Vegas Raiders joins us on the podcast! We last interviewed Daniel almost 3 years ago to the date when he just completed his NFL Combine experience and was preparing for the NFL Draft. We had a great conversation covering many of his experiences during his Pro career so far. We talk about the Raider experience and fan base, the excitement last the team moves to Las Vegas, as well as some kicking tips on kickoff development. Come enjoy with us!

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35min 27s
Published Mar 6, 2020 at 5:24pm
Fred Mitchell Award Winner Luis Aguilar Talks Magical Season! | Ep 87
Show Details29min 15s
Super Bowl Champion, Harrison Butker, Discusses Kicking Technique and The SB54 Experience | Ep 86
Show Details46min 32s
Kicking Legend Martin Gramatica Talks Lessons Learned From His NFL Career | Ep 85
Show Details1hr 3min
Retired NFL & Big 10 Referee Tom Barnes Talks Special Teams and Game Experiences | Ep 84
Show Details52min 38s
Fred Mitchell Announces 2019 Winner Luis Aguilar and Talks Selection Process | Ep 83
Show Details26min 55s
XFL Kicking Rules Explained with Taylor Russolino Kicker for the St Louis BattleHawks | Ep 82
Show Details39min 26s
The Science of Kicking with Eagles Great David Akers, Part 2 | Ep 81
Show Details1hr 4min
Becoming A Technician in the Kicking Game with Eagles Legend David Akers, Part 1 | Ep 80
Show Details1hr 18min
Season 3 Is Back! Stay Tuned
Show Details55s
Coaching Perspective Recruiting Tip 8: How To Address Transferring With Your Coach
Show Details4min 55s
Coaching Perspective Recruiting Tip 7: How Can A Specialist Stay Busy In Season Without A Specialist Coach?
Show Details7min 42s
Coaching Perspective Recruiting Tip 6: Are We Seeing Less Scholarship Offers For Specialists & New Kicking Roles
Show Details4min 55s
Coaching Perspective Recruiting Tip 5: Advice To Incoming Freshmen
Show Details5min 29s
Coaching Perspective Recruiting Tip 4: Recruiting Based On Potential vs Being Game Ready
Show Details3min 59s
Coaching Perspective Recruiting Tip 3: How To Showcase Abilities Without Game Film
Show Details7min 6s
Coaching Perspective Recruiting Tip 2: Turnoffs in Recruiting
Show Details4min 52s
Coaching Perspective Recruiting Tip 1: Things Athletes Should Know About College Recruiting
Show Details6min 41s
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sideline Reporter TJ Rives Talks Broadcasting with a Special Teams Twist | Ep 79
Show Details1hr 15min
Tryout for the Football Hotbed and College Football Today All American Bowl Games
Show Details1min 25s
13 Year Pro Kicker Punter Justin Medlock Talks Journey Through CFL and NFL | EP 78
Show Details31min
Aussie Style Punts Explained, by the Godfather himself, Darren Bennett
Show Details55min 7s
Career Stories and Highlights with 2x Super Bowl Champion Lawrence Tynes - Part 2 | Ep 76
Show Details52min 51s
Inside the Kicking Game with 2x Super Bowl Champion Lawrence Tynes - Part 1 | Ep 75
Show Details1hr 1min
Long Time College Special Teams Coach Travis Walch Gives Tips to Parents & Athletes About Recruiting, Strategy, Rule Changes and MIAC | Ep 74
Show Details1hr 29min
Texans Punter Trevor Daniel Talks Journey As 2nd Year Starter, Punting, and Recruiting Process | Ep 73
Show Details22min 27s
Rams Punter Brock Miller Talks NFL Journey, Experiences and Punting Strategy | Ep 72
Show Details46min 19s
What’s up 4DE Nation! Season 3 is starting soon!
Show Details21s
Steelers Rookie Punter Ian Berryman Talks Rookie & OTA Experience and Offers Tips That Can Give You An Edge | Ep 71
Show Details28min 46s
The Scottish Hammer, Jamie Gillan's Path To The Browns | Ep 70
Show Details40min 36s
35 Year Old Former Soccer Player Becomes Pro Kicker In 1 Year, Daniel Bowen Talks Journey | Ep 69
Show Details47min 17s
Arena Kicker Ernesto Lacayo Talks Arena Career and Tips To Be A Successful Journeyman | Ep 68
Show Details48min 10s
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Show Details47s
AFL Kicker Adrian Trevino Talks Season and Arena Kicking Strategies | Ep 67
Show Details35min 57s
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Show Details1min 40s
Pro Long Snapper Nick Dooley Talks AZ AAF Experience & Talks About Sacrifice To Pursue Goals and Dreams | Ep 66
Show Details23min 22s
Kicker Taylor Bertolet Talks Pro & AAF Experiences & Great Tips For Specialists | Ep 65
Show Details24min 7s
Long Snapper Scott Daly Talks AAF Experience And College Recruiting Process | Ep 64
Show Details25min 10s
Grey Cup Champion Lirim Hajrullahu Talks CFL Career and His Experience Pursuing the NFL | Ep 63
Show Details30min
Industry Tips- Handling Slumps
Show Details15min 47s
NFL Draft Hopeful Kicker Matt Gay Talks Utah, NFL Combine & Preparations For Life As A Pro | Exp 62
Show Details24min 33s
Canadian Born Kicker Zack Medeiros Talks Career & We Compare American & Canadian FB | Ep 61
Show Details31min 47s
AAF Legends Kicker Younghoe Koo Talks AAF Success and Lessons Learned From NFL Journey | Ep 60
Show Details35min
Indiana U Long Snapper Dan Godsil Talks NFL Combine Experience And Journey To The Pros | Ep 59
Show Details27min 32s
AAF San Diego Fleet Long Snapper Ryan DiSalvo Talks Snap Strategies And Life In The League | Ep 58
Show Details36min 18s
Financial World To AAF Opportunity, Orlando Apollos Punter Ben Turk Talks Journey | Ep 57
Show Details28min 40s
San Diego Fleet Kicker Donny Hageman Talks AAF Experience And Playing For The Hometown | Ep 56
Show Details30min 23s
AAF Punter Colton Schmidt Talks 1st Week Experiences and Unique Differences Of The League | Ep 55
Show Details31min 12s
Industry Tips- Reasons To Consider JUCO Football
Show Details9min 35s
Alabama 2x National Champion Punter Turned Kicking Coach Cody Mandell Offers Valuable Advice | Ep 54
Show Details36min 26s
Industry Tips- Impactful Stretch Routines
Show Details6min 45s
Childhood Friends Giants K Aldrick Rosas & Colts P Rigo Sanchez Talk W/ Their Kicking Coach | Ep 53
Show Details38min 13s
NFL Legend Gary Anderson And The Most In Depth Interview You Have Ever Heard | Ep 52
Show Details1hr 20min
Industry Tips- Types of Collegiate Offers
Show Details15min 47s
From College Open Tryout To NFL Roster, Falcons Snapper Josh Harris Talks Journey | Ep 51
Show Details41min 19s
Jaguars Punter Logan Cooke Reflects on Rookie Year and College Recruiting | Ep 50
Show Details44min 3s
Industry Tips- Ball Tilt (On FGs, KOs and Punts)
Show Details11min 29s
Pro Bowl Elect Titans P Brett Kern Talks Career, Pro Bowl Experience & Punting Tips | 4DE | Ep 49
Show Details44min 36s
Industry Tips- Cleats (& Socks)
Show Details10min 12s
Fred Mitchell Talks About 2018 Winner Roldan Alcobendas And The Selection Process | 4DE | Ep 48
Show Details23min 3s
Industry Tips - Twitter & Signing Day Advice
Show Details7min 50s
Saints LS Zach Wood Discusses Recognizing Pressure & How to Handle it As A Specialist | 4DE | Ep 47
Show Details40min 42s
Industry Tips - How To Become A Better Punter
Show Details9min 37s
High School WR Turned Chiefs Long Snapper, The Incredible Journey of James Winchester | 4DE | Ep 46
Show Details50min 7s
Industry Tips - Kicking Tee Transition
Show Details9min 29s
CFL Grey Cup 2x Champion Rene Paredes Talk Season and 8 Year Career | 4th Down Exerperience | Ep 45
Show Details34min 32s
The Journey of Cairo Santos | 4th Down Experience | Ep 44
Show Details52min 33s
NY Jets Kicker Jason Myers talks proper form, mentors and current successful season 4DE | Ep. 43
Show Details35min 24s
Industry News - Week of Nov 4
Show Details20min 6s
Celebrating Our 1 Year Anniversary & Naming Our Top 5 Most Listened To Episodes
Show Details4min 9s
49ers Punter Bradley Pinion Digs Deep On Punting Tips and His Experience in San Fran | 4DE | Ep 42
Show Details30min 54s
Panthers Punter Michael Palardy, Previously Cut by 7 NFL Teams, Talks Life As A Specialist | Ep 41
Show Details1hr 17min
Industry News - Week of Oct 22
Show Details10min 26s
Record Breaking CFL Kicker Lewis Ward Talks About His Season So Far | 4DE | Ep. 40
Show Details46min 44s
Golden Nuggets From Kicking Legend John Carney of Carney Kicking | 4th Down Experience | Ep 39
Show Details1hr 2min
Industry News- Week of Oct 7
Show Details25min 40s
First Female to convert a Field Goal in the Arena Leagues | Julie Harshbarger | 4DE Podcast | Ep. 38
Show Details24min 1s
Industry News- Week of Sept 23
Show Details10min 17s
New Cleveland Browns Kicker, Greg Joseph talks first NFL start | 4th Down Experience Podcast | Ep 37
Show Details32min 31s
Industry News - Week of Sept 16
Show Details13min 46s
NAL Kicker Ali Mourtada Talks Arena Football, Fitness Training & Being NFL Ready | 4DE | Ep 36
Show Details36min 6s
Industry News - Week of Sept 10
Show Details9min 52s
How to be a Pro with CFL Kicker Ty Long (BC Lions) | 4th Down Experience Podcast | Ep 35
Show Details31min 33s
NFL Journeyman, Nick Novak Reflects On Life As A Veteran Kicker | 4th Down Experience | Ep 34
Show Details34min 28s
Industry News - Week of Aug 27
Show Details12min 49s
Name-Sake & Founder of the Fred Mitchell Award Talks Kicker of the Year Selection Process | Ep 33
Show Details38min
IFL Rookie Kicker, Brad Hatfield Returns To Discusses Pro Rookie Season Experience | 4DE | Ep 32
Show Details46min 2s
2018 Arena Football League Kicker of the Year Mark Lewis Returns To Talk Championship Run | Ep 31
Show Details26min 33s
Cleveland Browns Kicker Ross Martin Talks Fall Camp Experience | Ep 30
Show Details26min 11s
4DE Nation We Are Back! Season 2 is HERE!
Show Details2min 20s
Eagles K Jake Elliott talks Rookie Year as Super Bowl Champion Kicker | 4DE | Episode 29
Show Details46min 17s
Punter Steve Weatherford Talks Post NFL Career as Fitness Icon (Pt 2) | 4DE | Episode 28
Show Details55min 13s
Undrafted Rookie Punter Mac Carrizosa Talks Browns Rookie Camp & Path as WO at SJSU | Episode 27
Show Details47min 56s
South Alabama Special Teams Coach Brandon Roberts Gives Recruiting Tips For Specialists | Episode 26
Show Details38min 56s
Steve Weatherford Discusses Long NFL Punt Career & Post NFL Fitness Career (Pt 1) | 4DE | Episode 25
Show Details28min 35s
Katie Hnida Shares Her Inspirational Journey on Becoming The 1st Female D1 Kicker | 4DE | Episode 24
Show Details54min 10s
Rant: Football vs Futbol | Episode 1
Show Details6min 54s
Pro Soccer Player turned Pro Kicker Josh Gable Talks Spring League, Manziel, and Journey | Ep 23
Show Details28min 31s
NFL TV Analyst and Former Pro Kicker Jay Feely | 4th Down Experience | Episode 22
Show Details48min 18s
Chiefs All-Rookie Kicker Harrison Butker talks NFL and ButtKicker Fans! | 4DE | Episode 21
Show Details36min 12s
Pat McAfee talks NFL career, Barstool Sports and Life as Comedian | 4th Down Experience | Episode 20
Show Details47min 21s
Drop Punts, Visas & More With Washington Redskins Aussie Punter, Sam Irwin Hill | 4DE | Episode 19
Show Details1hr 6min
Top 2018 Draft Class Kicker, Daniel Carlson, Discusses the NFL Dream | 4DE Podcast | Episode 18
Show Details1hr 11min
MN Vikings Snapper Kevin McDermott Talks Season, Scheme & Lessons Learned as Pro | 4DE | Episode 17
Show Details58min 26s
Australian born, New York Jets Punter, Lachlan Edwards, describes path to the NFL | 4DE | Podcast 16
Show Details44min 51s
Lessons Learned As An NFL Rookie Long Snapper W/ Thomas Hennessy of NY Jets | 4DE | Episode 15
Show Details32min 47s
NFL Long Snapper Matt Overton Talks Journey, Vinatieri & McAfee | 4th Down Experience | Episode 14
Show Details50min 29s
How Tampa Bay Bucs Kicker, Pat Murray, won the job! | 4th Down Experience | Episode 13
Show Details41min 54s
The Secrets to Trick Shot Kicking w Adam 'Chainsaw' Lenon | 4th Down Experience | Episode 12
Show Details1hr 7min
NFL Pro Long Snapper Danny Dillon Shares Valuable Training Tips | 4th Down Experience | Episode 11
Show Details40min 46s
NFL Colts Punter, Rigoberto Sanchez talks Rookie Season | 4th Down Experience | Episode 10
Show Details47min 32s
Desk Job to The NFL. Los Angeles Rams Kicker, Sam Ficken Explains | 4th Down Experience | Episode 9
Show Details30min 57s
Next Trick Shot Super Star Interview | 4th Down Experience | Episode 8
Show Details53min 11s
Arena K Brad Hatfield Discusses Nutrition, Exercise and More | 4th Down Experience | Episode 7
Show Details1hr 27min
NFL Europe Champion Punter, Ryan Dutton | Episode 6
Show Details1hr 14min
16 year All-Pro NFL Falcons Kicker, Matt Bryant | Episode 5
Show Details1hr 27min
Holder of the Year Award with Peter Mortell | Episode 4
Show Details1hr 21min
Saints Kicker Wil Lutz Discusses Life As A Pro | Episode 3
Show Details58min 31s
National Kicking Coach Tom Feely Gives Kicking Advice | Episode 2
Show Details1hr 23min
Legendary Arena Kicker Mark Lewis Talks About Arena Life | Episode 1
Show Details1hr 13min