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Career Stories and Highlights with 2x Super Bowl Champion Lawrence Tynes - Part 2 | Ep 76
Show Details52min 51s
Inside the Kicking Game with 2x Super Bowl Champion Lawrence Tynes - Part 1 | Ep 75
Show Details1hr 1min
Long Time College Special Teams Coach Travis Walch Gives Tips to Parents & Athletes About Recruiting, Strategy, Rule Changes and MIAC | Ep 74
Show Details1hr 29min
Texans Punter Trevor Daniel Talks Journey As 2nd Year Starter, Punting, and Recruiting Process | Ep 73
Show Details22min 27s
Rams Punter Brock Miller Talks NFL Journey, Experiences and Punting Strategy | Ep 72
Show Details46min 19s
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Show Details21s
Steelers Rookie Punter Ian Berryman Talks Rookie & OTA Experience and Offers Tips That Can Give You An Edge | Ep 71
Show Details28min 46s
The Scottish Hammer, Jamie Gillan's Path To The Browns | Ep 70
Show Details40min 36s
35 Year Old Former Soccer Player Becomes Pro Kicker In 1 Year, Daniel Bowen Talks Journey | Ep 69
Show Details47min 17s
Arena Kicker Ernesto Lacayo Talks Arena Career and Tips To Be A Successful Journeyman | Ep 68
Show Details48min 10s
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Show Details47s
AFL Kicker Adrian Trevino Talks Season and Arena Kicking Strategies | Ep 67
Show Details35min 57s
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Show Details1min 40s
Pro Long Snapper Nick Dooley Talks AZ AAF Experience & Talks About Sacrifice To Pursue Goals and Dreams | Ep 66
Show Details23min 22s
Kicker Taylor Bertolet Talks Pro & AAF Experiences & Great Tips For Specialists | Ep 65
Show Details24min 7s
Long Snapper Scott Daly Talks AAF Experience And College Recruiting Process | Ep 64
Show Details25min 10s
Grey Cup Champion Lirim Hajrullahu Talks CFL Career and His Experience Pursuing the NFL | Ep 63
Show Details30min
Industry Tips- Handling Slumps
Show Details15min 47s
NFL Draft Hopeful Kicker Matt Gay Talks Utah, NFL Combine & Preparations For Life As A Pro | Exp 62
Show Details24min 33s
Canadian Born Kicker Zack Medeiros Talks Career & We Compare American & Canadian FB | Ep 61
Show Details31min 47s
AAF Legends Kicker Younghoe Koo Talks AAF Success and Lessons Learned From NFL Journey | Ep 60
Show Details35min
Indiana U Long Snapper Dan Godsil Talks NFL Combine Experience And Journey To The Pros | Ep 59
Show Details27min 32s
AAF San Diego Fleet Long Snapper Ryan DiSalvo Talks Snap Strategies And Life In The League | Ep 58
Show Details36min 18s
Financial World To AAF Opportunity, Orlando Apollos Punter Ben Turk Talks Journey | Ep 57
Show Details28min 40s
San Diego Fleet Kicker Donny Hageman Talks AAF Experience And Playing For The Hometown | Ep 56
Show Details30min 23s
AAF Punter Colton Schmidt Talks 1st Week Experiences and Unique Differences Of The League | Ep 55
Show Details31min 12s
Industry Tips- Reasons To Consider JUCO Football
Show Details9min 35s
Alabama 2x National Champion Punter Turned Kicking Coach Cody Mandell Offers Valuable Advice | Ep 54
Show Details36min 26s
Industry Tips- Impactful Stretch Routines
Show Details6min 45s
Childhood Friends Giants K Aldrick Rosas & Colts P Rigo Sanchez Talk W/ Their Kicking Coach | Ep 53
Show Details38min 13s
NFL Legend Gary Anderson And The Most In Depth Interview You Have Ever Heard | Ep 52
Show Details1hr 20min
Industry Tips- Types of Collegiate Offers
Show Details15min 47s
From College Open Tryout To NFL Roster, Falcons Snapper Josh Harris Talks Journey | Ep 51
Show Details41min 19s
Jaguars Punter Logan Cooke Reflects on Rookie Year and College Recruiting | Ep 50
Show Details44min 3s
Industry Tips- Ball Tilt (On FGs, KOs and Punts)
Show Details11min 29s
Pro Bowl Elect Titans P Brett Kern Talks Career, Pro Bowl Experience & Punting Tips | 4DE | Ep 49
Show Details44min 36s
Industry Tips- Cleats (& Socks)
Show Details10min 12s
Fred Mitchell Talks About 2018 Winner Roldan Alcobendas And The Selection Process | 4DE | Ep 48
Show Details23min 3s
Industry Tips - Twitter & Signing Day Advice
Show Details7min 50s
Saints LS Zach Wood Discusses Recognizing Pressure & How to Handle it As A Specialist | 4DE | Ep 47
Show Details40min 42s
Industry Tips - How To Become A Better Punter
Show Details9min 37s
High School WR Turned Chiefs Long Snapper, The Incredible Journey of James Winchester | 4DE | Ep 46
Show Details50min 7s
Industry Tips - Kicking Tee Transition
Show Details9min 29s
CFL Grey Cup 2x Champion Rene Paredes Talk Season and 8 Year Career | 4th Down Exerperience | Ep 45
Show Details34min 32s
The Journey of Cairo Santos | 4th Down Experience | Ep 44
Show Details52min 33s
NY Jets Kicker Jason Myers talks proper form, mentors and current successful season 4DE | Ep. 43
Show Details35min 24s
Industry News - Week of Nov 4
Show Details20min 6s
Celebrating Our 1 Year Anniversary & Naming Our Top 5 Most Listened To Episodes
Show Details4min 9s
49ers Punter Bradley Pinion Digs Deep On Punting Tips and His Experience in San Fran | 4DE | Ep 42
Show Details30min 54s
Panthers Punter Michael Palardy, Previously Cut by 7 NFL Teams, Talks Life As A Specialist | Ep 41
Show Details1hr 17min
Industry News - Week of Oct 22
Show Details10min 26s
Record Breaking CFL Kicker Lewis Ward Talks About His Season So Far | 4DE | Ep. 40
Show Details46min 44s
Golden Nuggets From Kicking Legend John Carney of Carney Kicking | 4th Down Experience | Ep 39
Show Details1hr 2min
Industry News- Week of Oct 7
Show Details25min 40s
First Female to convert a Field Goal in the Arena Leagues | Julie Harshbarger | 4DE Podcast | Ep. 38
Show Details24min 1s
Industry News- Week of Sept 23
Show Details10min 17s
New Cleveland Browns Kicker, Greg Joseph talks first NFL start | 4th Down Experience Podcast | Ep 37
Show Details32min 31s
Industry News - Week of Sept 16
Show Details13min 46s
NAL Kicker Ali Mourtada Talks Arena Football, Fitness Training & Being NFL Ready | 4DE | Ep 36
Show Details36min 6s
Industry News - Week of Sept 10
Show Details9min 52s
How to be a Pro with CFL Kicker Ty Long (BC Lions) | 4th Down Experience Podcast | Ep 35
Show Details31min 33s
NFL Journeyman, Nick Novak Reflects On Life As A Veteran Kicker | 4th Down Experience | Ep 34
Show Details34min 28s
Industry News - Week of Aug 27
Show Details12min 49s
Name-Sake & Founder of the Fred Mitchell Award Talks Kicker of the Year Selection Process | Ep 33
Show Details38min
IFL Rookie Kicker, Brad Hatfield Returns To Discusses Pro Rookie Season Experience | 4DE | Ep 32
Show Details46min 2s
2018 Arena Football League Kicker of the Year Mark Lewis Returns To Talk Championship Run | Ep 31
Show Details26min 33s
Cleveland Browns Kicker Ross Martin Talks Fall Camp Experience | Ep 30
Show Details26min 11s
4DE Nation We Are Back! Season 2 is HERE!
Show Details2min 20s
Eagles K Jake Elliott talks Rookie Year as Super Bowl Champion Kicker | 4DE | Episode 29
Show Details46min 17s
Punter Steve Weatherford Talks Post NFL Career as Fitness Icon (Pt 2) | 4DE | Episode 28
Show Details55min 13s
Undrafted Rookie Punter Mac Carrizosa Talks Browns Rookie Camp & Path as WO at SJSU | Episode 27
Show Details47min 56s
South Alabama Special Teams Coach Brandon Roberts Gives Recruiting Tips For Specialists | Episode 26
Show Details38min 56s
Steve Weatherford Discusses Long NFL Punt Career & Post NFL Fitness Career (Pt 1) | 4DE | Episode 25
Show Details28min 35s
Katie Hnida Shares Her Inspirational Journey on Becoming The 1st Female D1 Kicker | 4DE | Episode 24
Show Details54min 10s
Rant: Football vs Futbol | Episode 1
Show Details6min 54s
Pro Soccer Player turned Pro Kicker Josh Gable Talks Spring League, Manziel, and Journey | Ep 23
Show Details28min 31s
NFL TV Analyst and Former Pro Kicker Jay Feely | 4th Down Experience | Episode 22
Show Details48min 18s
Chiefs All-Rookie Kicker Harrison Butker talks NFL and ButtKicker Fans! | 4DE | Episode 21
Show Details36min 12s
Pat McAfee talks NFL career, Barstool Sports and Life as Comedian | 4th Down Experience | Episode 20
Show Details47min 21s
Drop Punts, Visas & More With Washington Redskins Aussie Punter, Sam Irwin Hill | 4DE | Episode 19
Show Details1hr 6min
Top 2018 Draft Class Kicker, Daniel Carlson, Discusses the NFL Dream | 4DE Podcast | Episode 18
Show Details1hr 11min
MN Vikings Snapper Kevin McDermott Talks Season, Scheme & Lessons Learned as Pro | 4DE | Episode 17
Show Details58min 26s
Australian born, New York Jets Punter, Lachlan Edwards, describes path to the NFL | 4DE | Podcast 16
Show Details44min 51s
Lessons Learned As An NFL Rookie Long Snapper W/ Thomas Hennessy of NY Jets | 4DE | Episode 15
Show Details32min 47s
NFL Long Snapper Matt Overton Talks Journey, Vinatieri & McAfee | 4th Down Experience | Episode 14
Show Details50min 29s
How Tampa Bay Bucs Kicker, Pat Murray, won the job! | 4th Down Experience | Episode 13
Show Details41min 54s
The Secrets to Trick Shot Kicking w Adam 'Chainsaw' Lenon | 4th Down Experience | Episode 12
Show Details1hr 7min
NFL Pro Long Snapper Danny Dillon Shares Valuable Training Tips | 4th Down Experience | Episode 11
Show Details40min 46s
NFL Colts Punter, Rigoberto Sanchez talks Rookie Season | 4th Down Experience | Episode 10
Show Details47min 32s
Desk Job to The NFL. Los Angeles Rams Kicker, Sam Ficken Explains | 4th Down Experience | Episode 9
Show Details30min 57s
Next Trick Shot Super Star Interview | 4th Down Experience | Episode 8
Show Details53min 11s
Arena K Brad Hatfield Discusses Nutrition, Exercise and More | 4th Down Experience | Episode 7
Show Details1hr 27min
NFL Europe Champion Punter, Ryan Dutton | Episode 6
Show Details1hr 14min
16 year All-Pro NFL Falcons Kicker, Matt Bryant | Episode 5
Show Details1hr 27min
Holder of the Year Award with Peter Mortell | Episode 4
Show Details1hr 21min
Saints Kicker Wil Lutz Discusses Life As A Pro | Episode 3
Show Details58min 31s
National Kicking Coach Tom Feely Gives Kicking Advice | Episode 2
Show Details1hr 23min
Legendary Arena Kicker Mark Lewis Talks About Arena Life | Episode 1
Show Details1hr 13min