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The business of everything else
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If a man yells in a forest and no one listens... is it a podcast?
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We march backwards into the future
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The pillars of wrestling's future
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SEC Theater
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This podcast contains a dramatic reading of correspondence between the Security and Exchanges Commission and World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

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Published Sep 26, 2020 at 4:12pm
The End of Pax McMahona
Show Details57min 40s
The bill's coming due
Show Details53min 46s
Secretary of Labor
Show Details58min 11s
Estimate the Thunderdome
Show Details57min 25s
No off-color comments
Show Details46min 36s
Passive engagement
Show Details1hr 10min
The Best of WWE Excuses
Show Details39min 1s
WWE Q2 2020 Earnings Report: Compelling Content
Show Details50min 11s
Why Comcast should buy WWE
Show Details1hr 26min
The life and times of the key demo
Show Details1hr 8min
WWE has a new Chief Financial Officer
Show Details57min 53s
The scales of Moxley and Cena
Show Details57min 36s
Wrestling before and after COVID: Speaking Out movement, COVID19 testing
Show Details39min 22s
Class-action lawsuit against WWE over MENA TV rights
Show Details1hr 13min
The importance of new stars
Show Details58min 19s
A letter to white innocence
Show Details34min 15s
Rumors of PPV's Death Were Greatly Exaggerated
Show Details49min 33s
COVID-19 Data in Florida and Japan
Show Details59min 10s
How WWE Network has made business harder for others
Show Details53min 41s
Coronavirus is a breakpoint for wrestling fandom
Show Details50min 22s
Will Wrestling Viewership Bounce Back?
Show Details33min 29s
WWE Q1 2020 Earnings Report
Show Details55min 25s
Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE releases & XFL shutdown timeline
Show Details53min 51s
Wrestlenomics Radio: The end of XFL 2.0, Wrestlemania Reception
Show Details38min 39s
Wrestlenomics 101: COVID19 can't stop WWE profitability, Cena on star development
Show Details51min 46s
Wrestlenomics Radio: 100th Episode, Investors' Understanding of WWE
Show Details33min 45s
Wrestlenomics Radio: Highest Attendances and Live Gates in Wrestling History
Show Details47min 14s
Wrestlenomics Radio: How much will COVID-19 cost WWE?
Show Details36min 30s
How and Why WWE's Popularity Declined
Show Details41min 57s
Wrestlenomics Radio: Streaming possibilities for WWE PPVs
Show Details40min 48s
WWE Q4 2019 report: PPVs moving to major streaming service?
Show Details19min 30s
George Barrios and Michelle Wilson out as WWE Co-Presidents
Show Details1hr 10min
Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE Q3 2019 Earnings Report
Show Details1hr 15min
Wrestlenomics Radio: NXT debuts on USA Network, Anthem acquires AXS TV
Show Details1hr 22min
91: Wrestlenomics Radio: NXT moves to USA Network, going head-to-head with AEW on cable
Show Details47min 23s
90: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE Q2 2019 earnings report
Show Details2hr 7min
89: Wrestlenomics Radio: What's the big deal about WWE in Saudi Arabia?
Show Details52min 33s
88: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE Q1 2019 Earnings Analysis, Vince blames talent absences for declines
Show Details1hr 51min
87: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE's independent contractor problem
Show Details32min 37s
86: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE moving headquarters
Show Details28min 16s
85: Wrestlenomics Radio: Wrestlemania attendance, Barrios on popularity, viewership demographics
Show Details54min 35s
84: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE Saudi money algebra, AEW Double or Nothing sells out, NJPW Google search
Show Details50min 55s
83: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE Full Year 2018 Report: Vince on star power, Rousey; Crown Jewel money; Barrios defends attendance drop
Show Details51min 24s
82: Wrestlenomics Radio: Mookie gets hired by AEW, adventures in Japan; "Buffalo Brothers" car accident
Show Details1hr 58min
81: Wrestlenomics Radio: History of the Streaming Era, 2014-2018
Show Details2hr 7min
80: Wrestlenomics Radio: Impact moving to Pursuit, most matches in WWE, biggest stories of the year
Show Details1hr 34min
79: Wrestlenomics Radio: New lows for WWE viewership, Eric Bischoff TED talk
Show Details1hr 26min
78: Wrestlenomics Radio: New WWE board of directors, Vince sells stock, Barrios UBS talk, trademark update, scholarly wrestling articles
Show Details2hr 7min
77: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE stock recovery, ROH signings, NXT Takeover moved to avoid MSG show
Show Details1hr 22min
76: Wrestlenomics Radio: Pro wrestling landscape, AEW trademarks
Show Details1hr 29min
75: Wrestlenomics Radio: WrestleMania 35 ticket sales & capacity, Triple H NXT conference call
Show Details1hr 37min
74: Wrestlenomics Radio: Stephanie McMahon at Web Summit, Harold Meij on NJPW business with Uproxx
Show Details1hr 37min
73: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE Crown Jewel takes place, John Cena & Daniel Bryan don't appear
Show Details49min 52s
72: Wrestlenomics Radio: Crown Jewel casts shadow on WWE Evolution, WWE stock falls after Q3 report, NXT attendance, Roman Reigns
Show Details1hr 51min
71: Wrestlenomics Radio: Latest on WWE Saudi Arabia with guest Mike Sempervive
Show Details45min 30s
70: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE deal with Saudi Arabia government under scrunity after alleged murder of journalist
Show Details1hr 12min
69: Wrestlenomics Radio: Attendance updates for NJPW, WWE and ROH; UFC 229 incident
Show Details1hr 34min
68: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE Q3 viewership & female audience decline, Mixed Match Challenge views down, WWE YouTube power rankings
Show Details1hr 30min
67: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE CTE lawsuit dismissed, WWE tryout in Chile, return to Saudi Arabia, women's PPV, Impact officials meet at WWE HQ, WON HOF ballot
Show Details1hr 38min
66: Wrestlenomics Radio: CMLL Anniversary talk with live report from Will From Texas (goodhelmet)
Show Details1hr 41min
65: Wrestlenomics Radio: All In economics, interview with The Ringer's Mike Piellucci
Show Details1hr 39min
64: Wrestlenomics Radio: All In, employee/contractor issue, vision of WWE co-presidents
Show Details1hr 23min
63: Wrestlenomics Radio: Neville out of WWE contract, tracking indie stars, WWE Studios president leaves
Show Details1hr 12min
62: Wrestlenomics Radio: Triple H conference calls, Daniel Bryan contract status, Lawsuit updates for Punk/Cabana & Jarrett
Show Details1hr 15min
61: Wrestlenomics Radio: NJPW business and G1 Climax talk with @EvanDeadlySinsW
Show Details1hr 23min
60: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE social media metrics compared to Facebook, Twitter, Netflix; How WWE falls short of its economic potential
Show Details1hr 15min
59: Wrestlenomics Radio: How much did WWE make from Saudi Arabia deal?
Show Details1hr 26min
58: Wrestlenomics Radio: Hogan returning to WWE? ROH/NJPW MSG show, WWE Q2 preview, Sinclair-Tribune
Show Details1hr 35min
57: Wrestlenomics Radio: Part 2: WWE 1H 2018 Timeline
Show Details1hr 16min
56: Wrestlenomics Radio: Part 1: WWE 1H 2018 Timeline
Show Details1hr 13min
55: Wrestlenomics Radio: NJPWWorld subs, NJPW president profile, WWE TV deal, responsibility of promoters
Show Details1hr 55min
54: Wrestlenomics Radio: JPMorgan upgrades WWE stock target, All Us, Vader, WWE in Australia
Show Details1hr 42min
53: Wrestlenomics Radio: New WWE investor presentation, Australia PPV, India, All In, XFL
Show Details1hr 33min
53: Wrestlenomics Radio: CM Punk victorious in court, not in UFC
Show Details1hr 18min
52: Wrestlenomics Radio: CM Punk & Colt Cabana vs. Dr. Chris Amann trial
Show Details2hr 7min
50: Wrestlenomics Radio: What would a tiered WWE Network look like? SmackDown's new deal
Show Details1hr
49: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE RAW reportedly getting 3x raise, SmackDown moving?
Show Details1hr 36min
48: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE implications from UFC-ESPN, Brandon's modern wrestling talk, Total Divas renewed, Starrcast
Show Details1hr 31min
47: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE Q1 & macro business trends; NJPW Dontaku, Cow Palace ticket sales; All-In seating
Show Details1hr 18min
46: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE in Saudi Arabia, most recognizable pro wrestlers, BTIG upgrades WWE stock projection, All In
Show Details1hr 37min
45: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE business analyses from JPMorgan and Needham, Saudi Arabia, WWE Board of Directors
Show Details2hr 16min
44: Wrestlenomics Radio: Greatest Royal Rumble, Rusev, Ronda Rousey, Lesnar re-signs with WWE
Show Details2hr 12min
43: Wrestlenomics Radio: Mookie & Brandon's WrestleMania Adventure
Show Details1hr 52min
42: Wrestlenomics Radio: Louisiana athletic commission, Ticket sales update for all WrestleMania weekend events, MLW TV deal
Show Details2hr 7min
41: Wrestlenomics Radio: Daniel Bryan medically cleared by WWE, AroLucha funding
Show Details2hr 16min
40: Wrestlenomics Radio: WrestleMania 35 press conference, Moolah controversy, Jericho-Omega AXS rating
Show Details2hr 26min
39: Wrestlenomics Radio: Barrios at Deutsche Bank, Greatest Royal Rumble, WWE executive pay, All In
Show Details2hr 4min
38: Wrestlenomics Radio: Brock Lesnar no-shows, Fox Sports executives at RAW, NJPWWorld subs, PWG venue move
Show Details2hr 11min
37: Wrestlenomics Radio: Wrestling media, Ronda Rousey's effect on business, NJPW in Australia
Show Details2hr 8min
36: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE UK & International w/ Will Cooling, TV Rights, Bloomberg Business article
Show Details2hr 8min
35: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE 2017 top financial stories, Mookie's divisional scorecard, Mysterio in NJPW
Show Details2hr 24min
34: Wrestlenomics Radio: Ronda Rousey in WWE, Morgan Stanley analysis, WrestleMania in NY/NJ, ROH OTT service
Show Details2hr 12min
33: Wrestlenomics Radio: XFL official set to relaunch, Enzo Amore fired, RAW25 viewership, MMC
Show Details1hr 57min
32: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE talent contracts, Mixed Match Challenge, Lavie Margolin's TrumpMania
Show Details2hr 26min
31: Wrestlenomics Radio: RAW/SmackDown to Fox rumors, Wrestle Kingdom 12 follow-up, WWE stock price
Show Details2hr 25min
30: Wrestlenomics Radio: Wrestle Kingdom 12, NJPWWorld, 205 Live, WWE succession
Show Details2hr 2min
29: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE's Iron Man, injuries; Biggest stories of 2017; WWF 1984-1990 gross income
Show Details2hr 26min
28: Wrestlenomics Radio: Vince sells WWE stock for football, ROH record attendance, 2018 predictions
Show Details2hr 23min
27: Wrestlenomics Radio: Vince McMahon XFL rumors, Net Neutrality, new WWE Facebook show
Show Details2hr 26min
26: Wrestlenomics Radio: Triple H beats Jinder in India, Bagwell/Raven lawsuit dropped, 205 Live house shows, latest Barrios talk
Show Details2hr 22min
25: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWN's iPPV buys, WON HOF results, Broken Matt, Cody/Bucks show & merch
Show Details2hr 7min
24: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE & UFC TV rights negotiations, WWE’s reduced PPV schedule, Wrestle Kingdom 12 update, Brandon’s life in wrestling
Show Details2hr 7min
23: Wrestlenomics Radio: Jinder experiment done?, NJPW revenue, Zayn & Owens sent home
Show Details2hr 8min
Wrestlenomics Radio: Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame ballots
Show Details1hr 7min
22: Wrestlenomics Radio: Jericho vs. Omega at WK12, WWE releases, WWE popularity
Show Details2hr 7min
21: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE Q3 2017 Results & Analysis: WWE Network subs, attendance & more
Show Details1hr 28min
20: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE wellness policy, illnesses before TLC, & SMV partner
Show Details2hr 8min
19: Wrestlenomics Radio: Neville walks out, Jimmy Jacobs fired; GWN launch; Lucha Underground
Show Details2hr 7min
18: Wrestlenomics Radio: David Lagana on relaunch of NWA and future of media in wrestling
Show Details2hr 7min
17: Wrestlenomics Radio: Young Bucks get cease & desist, WWE RAW & SmackDown attendance
Show Details2hr 7min
16: Wrestlenomics Radio: FloMoney, FloProblems; WWE Network Survey; Jinder Mahal promo
Show Details2hr 7min
15: Wrestlenomics Radio: Fact-checking Roman Reigns and Vince McMahon’s recent promos
Show Details2hr 8min
14: Wrestlenomics Radio: GFW-Jarrett turmoil, Jericho book review, Kavita Devi, Baron Corbin
Show Details2hr 7min
13: Wrestlenomics Radio: NJPW Biz talk with @EvanDeadlySinsW
Show Details1hr 30min
12: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE Survey, Wreddit, Google Trends, Japanese ELO Ratings
Show Details2hr 7min
11: Wrestlenomics Radio: CM Punk lawsuit, Summerslam staying in Brooklyn, Triple H industry call, Daniel Bryan and more!
Show Details2hr 8min
10: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE Network in China, NJPW G1 Climax update, GFW, Ronda Rousey
Show Details2hr 6min
9: Wrestlenomics Radio: Cena vs. Nakamura, Brock Lesnar, G1 Climax Attendance and more!
Show Details2hr 9min
8: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE Q2 report, NJPW global plans, Reigns wins YouTube
Show Details2hr 7min
7: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE Q2 Preview, NJPW in the U.S.
Show Details2hr 7min
6: Wrestlenomics Radio: The Amazing Technicolor Bar Graphs
Show Details1hr 50min
5: Wrestlenomics Radio: Pro Wrestling's Aging TV Audience
Show Details2hr 7min
4: Wrestlenomics Radio - George Barrios' Technocractic Utopia of Entertainment
Show Details2hr 6min
3: Wrestlenomics Radio: Core of the Core
Show Details1hr 30min
2: Wrestlenomics: Cinco de Wrestlenomics (WWE Q1)
Show Details1hr 38min
1: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE Business Partner Summit 2017
Show Details1hr 2min
Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE 2016
Show Details1hr 43min
Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE Q3 Results
Show Details1hr 42min
Wrestlenomics Radio: July Update (UFC Sale, Brexit, Int'l Update)
Show Details1hr 18min
WWE Q1 Results, Emerging Markets Talk, KPI Switches and Worked WrestleMania #s
Show Details1hr 8min
Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE 2015 Results and 2016 Forecasting
Show Details2hr
Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE Q4 Earnings Report
Show Details26min 5s