How To Get Noticed by a Speaker Bureau with Gail Davis

Episode 179
47m | Jun 14, 2023

For the first time in the history of the show, Judi has a CEO of a speaking bureau, the super passionate and always fun, Gail Davis. Gail is the creator, founder, and owner of GDA Speakers, an impressionable, women-lead speaking bureau that caught Judi’s attention with its commitment to showing their clients honesty and kindness. In this episode, we hear from Gail about how the pandemic forever changed her business—and leadership style—and how to go about getting the ‘in’ with a top-notch speaking bureau like GDA.


Today on Yes, And:

  • How Gail got into the business of launching keynote speakers
  • The great reset: Positive and negative impacts of covid
  • Letting go of control until people ask for your help
  • Gail’s gripe with the assumption of familiarity from pitchers
  • What and what not to do to get in with a bureau 
  • The evolution of diversity within the speaking business  

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